He isn’t finished with me….

I am a recovering anorexic, bulimic, cancer patient, alcoholic and struggle with depression, ADHD, OCD, PTSD and, depending on the day, low self esteem.  I have people pleased my way through life, forgetting the ultimate necessity:  self love and self care.

I thought I had it licked.  At least the depression and low self esteem part.  A few months back I was at the funeral of a friend’s son.  He was her only child.  She cherished him and had suffered debilitating symptoms from Lyme disease.  The funeral was at a small town church, the church I used to attend.

My husband and I were siting in the balcony, and when my friend entered the church, visibly leaning on her husband, it was all I could do to stifle my scream.  I dug my nails into my husband’s legs.  Startled by strange hands on the back of my neck, I turned around and discovered a friend of my husband’s.  I had never met her before, but knew she was “famous” in our neck of town. She made beautiful felt purses, and her creativity knew no bounds.  She was an artist, a dreamer, and, it turns out, a Reiki Master in training.

As we exited the church, she spoke to me about Reiki Healing…and how she felt I would benefit from it.  She was training, and there was no charge.  My first visit left me a bit uncomfortable, as it was up close and personal.  By the third session I was hooked, and on the way to healing.

For the next few months I soared.  It seemed that there was finally an end to the depression and I saw beauty in all things.  Until a member of my church, and someone I truly trusted, began to tell me about praying to angels and how that isn’t an option.  We need to pray to God.  Jesus has always and will always be my Lord and Savior. I don’t remember ever “praying” to an angel.  But something changed in me the minute I heard those words.

I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday.  One by one the precious necessities of life seemed to elude me.  Was it my negative thinking and desire to off myself with my husband’s hunting gun?  Could that be the reason I burned a hole in my robe, didn’t make it to Easter Sunday service, and had to call off to a job as a nanny I had just started last week?  I do not have the answers I once thought I did.  But this I know, He has taken me this far for a reason, and once I figure out what that is, well, I will be unstoppable.

So for this minute, I will nurture myself and get down on my knees.  Please stay tuned, as I intend to help as many people as I can, to find the life they so richly deserve.



21 thoughts on “He isn’t finished with me….

  1. Thank you for sharing so candidly Michele. Ive been having a rough couple of days and it helps knowing im not the only one. I look forward to hearing more about you. 😊

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  2. Michelle, I know I said this before but you can pray to Angels if you want to. Know one has the right to judge you for whom you pray to,for or whatever just be you and forget about what people think. It took me along time but I am going through a tough time now and I put it I. The lords hands and I can ho stay say it has helped and being with church family really helps so get you butt out of bed on Sunday mornings and get to church and I don’t care which church just go because that is the only way you will come through this. Sitting in bed and dwelling on past gets you know where and I know that for a fact. So. Pick yourself up and get moving my dear friend!!! April 23rd big church clean and I expect to see you there on time. Breakfast at 7:30 and cleaning g from 8 to 11. No excuses accepted/!!!! LOL!! Get out and enjoy life!!

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    1. No Reiki for me, Robert. 🙂 I am a very spiritual, sensitive human being. I was quite devastated by the results. Look up the beginnings of Reiki, what it is and what God thinks of it……..in my case demonic energy was released.


      1. LOL LOL LOL. It has been a crazy ride, allow me to explain. I was deeply involved in the New Age for about a year. I had a friend who performed Reiki, and she wasn’t charging as she was still in school. One day last February, I was led to a vlog called, “Out of the New Age-Into the arms of Jesus.” At the time I had a black cat, and he was inside this particular day. After doing my research, I was filled with grief, I went down on my knees and sobbed-and sobbed and sobbed. Wailing, literally. I looked at the cat, and he was dead. I was frantic. I ran down the stairs, as he was in the bedroom. My poor husband came home to a mess, and I have to laugh now, thinking of how bad I was. Long story short? I asked him to get the poor black cat and we would have a funeral-what we do out here in the country-he came down and said, “The cat is fine, he’s upstairs playing.” Later that day, I found him dead again. When I went to bed? He was drinking water. The next morning, the poor thing was next to the commode, and this time I was getting ready to call the vet-what the hell was going on? So, my husband went to get the cat, again. He walked past me with him in his hands. I watched him from the window, and as I turned I heard a gunshot. The cat had come back from the dead again, and I spent the next few months praying. Still blows my mind, but the demonic energy in me was transferred to the cat when I asked for forgiveness.

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      2. What’s yours? I make a fruit salad every week. I put every fruit I can in it, and have found that frozen fruit is a perfectly acceptable and delicious alternative in the Winter months. Then I throw some Pakistani figs, a can of whole cranberry sauce, a cup (or two) of walnuts. Then I grate ginger and cinnamon on top. DELICOUS. And mango is a must. 🙂

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    2. Oh Robert, don’t do it. The Reiki goes back centuries, and it summons demons. After each treatment, my life would take a turn for the worse, and I mean crazy bad. The Reiki Master summons beings of light who are disguising themselves. There is so much research done that tells me it is not good, bad ju ju brother. 🙂


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