A church divided cannot LOVE

The Hippy Chic

20100829163553!The_Scream The silent scream.

I am not sure how many of you will recognize the subject matter, however, I believe it to be widely known that our church, Zion United Methodist of Iona, imploded after the zealous pursuit by certain parishioners (who will be named in this article) to free the Methodist Conference of our pastor,  Frank Schaeffer.  After the prize winning film An Act of Love premiered last Friday at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania, I can finally address the hidden cobwebs of my aching heart.  I have kept the silence…the secrets, the invisible pain controlled; up until this past week.

It is hard to describe the heart wrenching pain one feels at the demise of their church family.  God was in the house and we felt Him each and every step of the way.  Frank initiated and developed a thriving ministry, bringing Miles Dissinger to the forefront, with his rocking…

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