Sisters (The Apology)

The Hippy Chic

When I sit down to write, I usually go with what my most pressing emotions are at that particular time.  Today?  Well, besides being pissed off at my husband’s incessant nagging about my smoking (I literally smoke between two and four cigarettes a day.   I literally have nothing else left after sobriety cleaned me out.  No booze.  No Oxycontin.  Even my suboxyne is the very lowest dose, so, please excuse me if it makes me crazy.  Most days, I am fine.  But there are those other days, the ones that tear your heart out-I am releasing a life time of pain, and facing the scary monsters I drank to avoid.)

I can tell you that whilst in the shower this afternoon, I knew I would be writing about two things:  my sister and gratitude.  I don’t know about you, but writing cripples me emotionally.  There is the nervous, stomach churning…

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