Reflections on Inauguration Day

dscf8037 Today, January 20, 2017 will be the first, ever, Inauguration Day where I will sit beside the television and watch every single moment.  I have so many mixed emotions, fears and hopes: that we, as a nation, can heal against insurmountable odds.  I am anxious, this is a very dangerous day for a man who has incited such passion in us; for better or worse.  I worry that Isis will rear its ugly head, or that there will be riots and even more people will be hurt.

Two hours later:

I am a flaming heart liberal and staunch conservative who voted for Donald J. Trump.  I will also tell you that I helped to vote Barack Obama in, not twice, but once.  I worked for a family (I am a CNA) who listened to Rush Limbaugh each and EVERY day at volume 76 on the Bose.   I wouldn’t have dared change the station, and indeed there were many, many days in the beginning that I wanted to.  Actually, what I really wanted was to run, screaming, from the mobile home: He was a strict, obnoxious and often abusive man.  I only stayed because my PTSD had made it impossible to hold down a job with a company, and I could only work a week before I would come down with the latest, stress-induced illness.

I regress, back to this momentous day!  I have completed my viewing of the live Inauguration and I would like to make an observation, or five.

It was amazing to see The Donald make nice with Nancy Polose, the amount of former preseidents who attended, the way the First Lady composed herself (although I did sense a bit of terror behind her eyes, which I attribute to the seriousness of the many threats hurled at her husband and family.)  She looked stunning and despite what people say, I like her.  She will be a fashionista the likes of which the White House hasn’t seen since Jacqueline Kennedy-and what an ethereal beauty she is, such class and nobility.

I thought Hillary Clinton looked beautiful, and showed true dignity, and I do not like this woman; if only for a moment our nation appeared to come together, put their bitterness and prejudices aside.  I cried when Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn walked in to take their seats.  I cried when Barack left the Oval Office for the last time, and  I cried when he shook Trump’s hand.  I wept when our new president took his oath of office.  I know deep in my heart that this is just a formality, he’d just as soon put a knife in Trump’s back, to be sure.  Michelle and Barack Obama showed such class, such diplomacy throughout this entire transition.  So, even if just for a moment, the world seems brighter.  The pomp and circumstance, the history making moment(s) of this day are mind blowing.  The little nuances of change that come with this new administration give some hope, and terrify others.  And I blame one entity and one entity only:  the horribly misinformed, libelous and lying media. 

I have lost people whom I thought were friends, whom I thought understood how my heart and mind worked.  The brutal intolerance of a party who screams for tolerance is a dichotomy that leaves me shaking my head, at a loss for words, saddened beyond belief.  As I sit here now, with my husband, I am watching a thousand or so people rioting in Washington, D.C.  They are throwing rocks at police officers, and taunting them to come forward, while they aim their phones and cameras as if to say, “Go ahead, make my day.”

This is only the beginning.  We are headed for a roller coaster of a ride over the next few days, months and possibly years.  I think the reason I was so emotional through the Inauguration is this:  the fight, the work, the stamina and balls it took for that team to win this election, purportedly for “the people” at a time when our taxes have increased to the point of making us choose between pet food and human food.  Spoiler Alert:  the pet food is first and foremost.  I have watched my husband bust his proverbial ass in a field that first took his commission, then his bonuses, and now turns their back  on him each year when it is time for a raise.  He has sold millions and millions of dollars for this unnamed company.  We cannot afford a libel suit, but let’s just say he sells lumber and appliances for a company that is a household word.  Not Home Depot.  Not Unclaimed Freight or Walmart.  Ok, I give, it begins with the letter “L.”

What I want to say is:  Really?  In a world where love “reigns supreme,” where hippies just like you and me pray and pray for World Peace, and where, as a country we are the UNITED States of America: frankly, I am going to go with hope.  Whether you are a democrat, republican, independent or don’t vote at all, we have one thing in common: we ALL need to calm down, reassess, take our collective feet out of  our  collective asses and practice tolerance.  We are not each other’s enemies.  I hope we can all agree that President Trump needs to make serious, necessary changes in a politically corrupt and dangerous Washington.  I pray we can learn to love one another, before it’s way too late.







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