The Rabbit Hole

wonderlandcatgfairy002_vectorizedbThis is the first in a series of investigative journalism exposing the New Age and its deception:  I am in no way judging any person, place or denomination.  I am giving you my testimony, my truth, and the personal freedom that comes with knowing Jesus as the only source to God.  He is the WAY and the TRUTH and the LIFE.  The following is a true account of my fall from grace and ensuing return to sanity and faith.  Only you can come to your own belief system, however it is my sincere prayer that you break the bondage of this sinister, satanic cultism.

About a year and a half ago I was introduced, via a friend, to Reiki.  My entire life up to this point has been a process of wading through what I thought was an honest attempt at Spirituality.  I had been suffering for years:  depression, PTSD, anxiety, phobias, alcoholism, drug addiction-you name it.  Ten years ago, while on a hike, I fell onto my knees and asked Jesus to remove and forgive any and all sin in my life.  I was exhausted from trying to seek approval from everyone but my Lord and Savior.  I was hurting and I was looking for a way out of the pain.  Lost jobs, friendships and financial freedom all led me to the place of seeking answers, the need to let go of my past and to finally, once and for all be rid of negativity, mental anguish and what I deemed a loss of control over my life.

It is very important for me to come from a place of truth so I can bring even just one person out of darkness, fear or shame.   The people that I had come to trust with my very life are not what they appeared to be.  I also want to protect the practitioner I went to, as I believe she had good intentions.  Another soul who had suffered from a tragic past……I in no way wish to harm her.  It is a slippery slope, but I have decided that my salvation is more important.  The Holy Spirit has spoken and what you will read in the next few paragraphs is a painfully true account of the last four days of my life.

This past Thursday was my mother’s birthday-she passed away almost 25 years ago, on April 5, 1992.  My mother believed in Jesus and the Holy Trinity.  She insisted we go to Catholic church each Sunday, and thus began my indoctrination into God, Heaven, and all things Christ.  As a young child I believed in an angry God.  Plagued by OCD and anxiety, I lived in fear of upsetting him.  Now I know that there is no fear or condemnation in Christ.  He is the way, the truth and the life.  He is also the one and only way to God.  I can tell you that the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit) kept me from so much…..websites I couldn’t connect to, meditations I had no interest in, groups on Facebook that, in the place I was in at the time? Well, I should have had no problem with doing what they were instructing me to do…..but I did.  And I do.

The first red flag for me?  Months ago I was given a “sacred” prayer by a friend.  She had prayed it over me after a run in with a half naked stalker whom I “manifested” while hiking on a trail at the Middlecreek Wildlife Sanctuary in Kleinfeltersville, Pennsylvania. When asked what the Latin meant in English, she said she wasn’t sure, but that it was sacred and I shouldn’t give it to another soul.  It sounded familiar to me, so I looked it up-.    “In nomine Padre, et fili, et sancti, Abe male spiritus, Abe male spiritus……….”  I made out ‘In the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.’  When I googled it, I saw that it was very common.  I was perplexed, as she believed with her heart and soul that this was a sacred, healing prayer.  I would pray this prayer going from room to room, sage burning in my hand, thinking I was ridding the house of bad spirits or demons.  On Thursday afternoon God led me to a woman on YouTube named Jennifer Koller.  That led me to almost 72 hours of investigating the phenomena:  Why didn’t I do my research in the beginning, before I got into the witch craft, the lies, the treatments?  That, my friends, is something that I have been asking myself for the past four days.  I attribute it to my gullibility, my addictive behavior and the fact that I was completely and utterly lost on a spiritual journey that should have been filled with joy and wonder.

I had “Spirit Guides.”  Yes, the Raven and the Wolf, they were my animal totems, and I did everything short of praying to them.  I can tell you that wherever I went for a year and a half?  Crows and ravens followed me everywhere.  One day I found myself in my neighbor’s woods.  “Why don’t I hear the ravens here?,” I pondered.  I let it go, assuming I was having a bad day.  On Friday, after realizing the depths of the deception, I cried out to God.  Literally thrown down on my knees, I cried and repented for hours.  I contacted my pastor.  In church two days later, I went into the prayer room and spilled it.  “I don’t know what to tell you two,” I cried.  “I have been messing with some heavy sin, and I have only now realized it.”  I was despondent.  As the two prayer warriors prayed over me, I shook;  I trembled, I cried out in Jesus’ name to break the hold this had on me.  Feeling better but still very shaken, I joined the rest of the church for the service-my husband holding tightly to me as my body was wracked with sobs, freeing, healing tears rolling faster down my cheeks than I could dry them with a tissue.

Sunday was good-I wouldn’t move an inch without my husband, but I felt so much better.  Freed of bondage I had no idea had taken hold.  Previously in church, I had clung to every person I could, and they held me-  they prayed with me, they cried with me.  This morning I woke with a fresher perspective.  I took my golden retriever for a hike: gone were the maddening crows I had assumed were my friends.  I rid the house of every crystal, feather, and object that had been a part of my “journey.”  As I walked up the stairs to put away laundry, my golden retriever (who follows me everywhere I go) stood firm in protest. No matter how hard I tried, he would not budge.  He stood there, watching me go up the stairs.  As I rounded the corner to my bedroom, I saw a sight so horrifying that I’m just happy to be here to retell the story: laying in my room was a dead black cat, a cat who had ended up inside a week ago, very unfriendly, very spooky.  The other cats disliked him, but he was healing from surgery so I kept him inside.  The fact is that I couldn’t get close enough to  him to remove him, so I had let it go.  I ran downstairs and called my father in law in tears.  I left a message, asking him to come up (they live across the street) to gather the body, as I didn’t have the heart to do it.  Downstairs, I busied myself with cleaning.  I was none too happy when I realized that the pledge was upstairs-I had to walk by the poor cat, but if you know me, you know I am stubborn.  Again, my dog wanted nothing to do with upstairs~I ran with lightning speed and was stopped dead in my tracks-the dead black cat was alive, looking at me with…I can’t even go into it I am shaking so badly.   I should be making a new paragraph, but this blasted computer won’t let me, so here goes.  I ran down to my bible, I researched on YouTube, I grabbed my mother’s crucifix and prayed, three times in a row:  The Lord Rebuke Thee Satan.  The entire time the cat was staring….nothing.

Get behind thee Satan; thou art a an offense unto me…….(the cat is now mewing, twisting and crying) I command thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of him now.”

The cat has now passed away, but remains in my back closet area.  I am picking up the pieces of my sanity, and praying with the earnest heart of a child.  My color is back.  I am no longer ill.  I feel  a peace that surpasses all understanding….and for that, oh for that I am so incredibly thankful.














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