March 14, 2017


I have decided to blog daily about my experiences in coming out of the New Age and into the loving arms of Jesus Christ.  I knew I would face persecution, but it was pretty hard for me to take yesterday.  My husband and I wanted to enjoy the blizzard, but I had to face some cold hard facts first.  After reading the first in my series entitled The Rabbit Hole. my ex-Reiki practitioner was pissed.  Full on frontal pissed.  She said I had “slandered and abused her name.”  Ok, I didn’t mention any names.  “People know you have come to me before, I have never done any harm to you.”  I didn’t say she did, as a matter of fact, I remember trying to protect her.  Look, I said.  I apologized profusely for hurting her.  Told her she didn’t hold a gun to my head.  Told her I loved her and was worried that charlatans would be taking advantage, more advantage of her……..pled with her to understand.

“If you’re going to throw out the hiking stick I gave you I want it back.”

I told her my husband had just taken the poor, demonic black cat outside….to shoot it.  Turns out that poor thing had more than 3 lives, and it broke my heart, as well as my husband’s to have to kill it.  I had found it yesterday morning, laying next to our toilet in the bathroom.  Bad day indeed.  This person whom I thought loved me?  She got out the big guns.  “Don’t you dare play the victim.  We are responsible for our own healing.”

I felt so badly, I quickly wrote a blog to apologize.  But then I read her words again.

“Our suffering doesn’t make us special.”

Love can build a bridge, but you can’t fix stupid.





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