Chicken Little Does Crack


I remember my mother in law speaking of THE END TIMES about ten years ago.  Right before I sobered up.  I distinctly remember wanting to throat punch her.  I mean, SERIOUSLY?

“Everything that the Bible prophesized has already taken place,” she  touted.

This would put the literal fear of God in me, and I would usually nod my head, walk back home and begin the process of terrorizing myself into an anxiety attack.  If I could go back in time I would say to myself, “Kid, you better take heed.  This is nothing compared to the Tribulation.”  After weeks of  re-indoctrinating myself into the Holy Bible and the end times (with a little help from my friends at Philia Ministries.)  Shout out to James and Lea D for witnessing and teaching with love in their hearts and your salvation on their minds.  After leaving my church and looking for the last place I saw Jesus (we will have to really be discerning, but I have a few in mind) I am ready to say that these are indeed the times the Bible speak of and I am absolutely okay with this.  We don’t know the hour, but we do know it’s coming.  Just look at the state the world is in.

I am doing my darndest, but let’s face it-studying the book of Revelations has given new meaning to my diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Just this morning, after spending some time with the Lord and a few YouTube videos, I set out for my morning hike with Jesse, my golden retriever.  We hunt antler sheds every morning, whether we feel like it or not.  I so enjoy these adventures, but today I was so anxious heading into the woods…..hard to explain.

As we approached the creek, I saw what at first appeared to be a lamb-looking at me through the trees.  After instructing Jesse to stay (sometimes he does, and well, sometimes he does what he wants) and inched forward on my own.

“Holy Mary, mother of God it’s a bobcat!!!!!!!!!!,” I screamed at no one in particular.  “What do I do now?  He could kill my dog!  Craptastic, the sky IS falling………” on and on I went in my thought cloud, sure that neither of us would make it to tell the story.  Bravely, I crept closer still.  Our eyes locking, the white house cat gave me an irritated meow and ran for the hills.

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