Jezebel Ain’t Singing Dixie……

I have spoken of the ties between narcissistic personality disorder and the Jezebel Spirit before.  I am learning that, at least with a large percentage of  narcissists-they are, at the very least, demonic.  They are psychopaths. Some are sociopaths as well.  Jezebel raised hell in her day, the epitome of evil, the personification of the Anti-Christ.  She devoured any one who stepped in her field of vision, and she died a horrendous death…to be sure.  And we are told in the bible that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood, but evil entities and the powers that be (Satan.) That fucker can have his fun now, (I get beet red just thinking about the evil I see every day, the news, the internet, my cat Damien…) but, as we all know, he’s going to Suckeyville where he will burn for eternity, yes, but in a special place, reserved just for him.  Even he knows how the story ends.

Twenty-four hours ago, I hung in limbo after sending my brother 3 videos on NPD, and my entire life story that I had heretofore kept to myself, rather than burden him.  The entire gist-leaving out large parts of the story-in a Reader’s Digest version. It was incredibly sad, yet incredibly mind blowing when I realized John did not know my story, because, in some sick victim of Stockholm Syndrome way, I not only wanted to protect my sister, but had a strong gut that when I did confide in him; well, Sarah had already been there and as early as a week ago he could not, for the life of him, understand what was happening.  Neither did my husband, but he was schooled, you can take that to the bank.

I was sick with worry about reading his response.  It was a busy weekend, one that included being the photographer for my friend’s lesbian wedding.  I had kept busy with a Father’s Day cookout with my in laws, and swimming in the pond afterward.  And then it came:  the moment I could not put off or excuse one more second…..First, I read his email response…which touched my heart and soothed my soul.

“Michele, it looks like you have been through so much tragedy in your life, and that you are still dealing with this grief, this may be the hardest time yet…….I read everything, I hope that you can trust enough to call me.”

And that’s just what I did, and I am feeling a bit beyond blessed this day…….ladies and gents….I have family….and I will tread lightly, in hopes that he will not tread on me.


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