Crippled Mankind

Just give me the seventies back and no one gets hurt!!!!!!!

Seriously, what the Harry is going on with this world?  I want the peace signs, the chubby little girls and boys on the sour cream containers, the bell bottoms, the kindness.

I suffered emotional abuse from my mother in the seventies-and I still bemoan the fact that those were the days, the good ol’ days-yes, we were a bunch of mindless hippies, wandering the planet under the influence of weed, acid, psychedelic mushrooms….the list would take me forever-but there was love, real, precious, unadulterated love.  Tie died people pleasers out for a good time, good sex, and to put it mildly-some craptastic music you could lose yourself in.

The Stones, Grateful Dead, Nina Simone, Simon  & Garfunkel, Yes, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin and my all time favorite-Led Zeppelin.  Not to say we don’t have amazing music now, it’s just that that it’s almost impossible to find it, even on YouTube.   And, when I do stumble upon it, I hit the subscribe button ‘STAT, or I know I will never remember the song, artist or decade in which I found it.

Aurora, Rag n” Bone Man, Mumford & Sons, The Verve, Dave Matthews, David Crowder, Alanis Morsette, Lucinda Williams, Puddles Pity Party, The Lumineers, Decemberists-to name a few.  There is more angst, anger and disassociation than ever before.  I now know why my parents wouldn’t tell me who they voted for that fall evening before Nixon was elected.  I was pretty put out about it, but they refused, flat out refused to let me in on their dirty little secret.  And no wonder, Mary Lou had a history of flinging the good china across the dinner table, and my father was usually the one who walked away bloody.

There is so much rage, and yet, good things are happening.  Despite the rising threat of a Civil War, we are eons ahead of our time in medicine, science and robotics.  Not that I want a robot.  With my luck, I’d end up with R2D2 on crack, and let’s face it, if I can’t get my house cleaning done, well, he’s not doing it either.  I have some pride left.

So here’s an idea:  when you see someone that irritates, saddens or even threatens you?  Open up a can of compassion-sprinkle that shit everywhere.

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