Reach Out and Touch Faith…..


Oh the humanity…….oh the HUMANS….

We are fighting a real war here people, the battle between good and evil, Christ and the Anti-Jesus………and we are losing miserably.  One of the YouTube stars I watch occasionally,  Jennifer ______________, is one of the vloggers who helped me out of the Rabbit Hole, or the New Age, if you will.  I am also an “acquaintance” on Facebook, and her post this morning made me angry/sad/nauseous and freaked out to the point of almost saying something…….I didn’t want to hurt her, and I surely had no plans to judge her.

“90 percent of professing Christians are going to HELL,” she blogged.

Ok.  How in the literal hell can you call that “ministering” to people?  If that is your way of calling non believers to Christ, how do you think that’s gonna work?  I was told I was headed to hell by numerous nuns, my mother, and mother in law…to know that they were coming from a place of insecurity, not Christianity.    SERIOUSLY?  Where did she come up with the numbers?  And even more troubling, WHO THE HECK IS SHE TO JUDGE ANYONE?  Isn’t that God’s job?  This coming from a recovering heroin addict who wears a towel on her head to worship.  Literally.  She calls it a head covering, but it looks like a towel to me.  If she, and people like her, are running the air waves, how are we EVER going to challenge the idea that we, as Christians, are a motley crew who go around telling people that they suck and are doomed to the Lake of Fire?  If she has all the answers, what’s left for God?

These people drive me to the point of madness.  It took me years and years of unlearning what I thought I knew about God.  Growing up in the Catholic church taught me a lot, but nothing about the  living waters, or the grace and mercy that we find in Jesus.  There is no fear, no condemnation in Christ.  And HE ALONE has the job of  judging; didn’t He ask us specifically not to throw stones in his bestselling book, the BIBLE?

Sweetheart, do me a favor, take that beast of a log out of your own eye, before you throw stones at me. 

As for me and MY house, we shall serve the Lord…..despite our blemishes, addictions, and trespasses.

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