I am the Cult of………….

Woo Doggy, I am in the middle of it, people.  The middle of it-I say.  Trying to understand what makes me tick, on any given day, why, why, that’s a job for God and him only.  Yesterday, after a morning in which I went where the Holy Spirit led me, I was wrung out, strung out and I hung out for all of my Facebook friends to see……or should I say witness?    God opened my eyes not too long ago, as I went from the New Age to the hope of Christ, well, it has been a journey.  I vary between finding my dilemma humorous, and wanting to strangle myself with my computer chord.

In the book of Ezekiel, which is where I am currently led, there is a main theme.

Tell them, even if they do not listen, speak loudly son of man, for if you have warned them and they heed not your warning, your job is complete.  At least they have been given the truth of the need for repentance.

I do not relish the position I am put in-not on most days, anyway.  I am not a conspiracy theorist, but a truther, and I have faced some pretty heavy persecution.  I care not, care not I say, about what people think of me; but I know that some of my friends are concerned, alarmed perhaps at my trumpet blowing.  In a rant I have since taken down, I raved, and this is true, unfortunately:

Don’t be lazy and lib………………………….

Yeppers.  The word was supposed to be glib-as I have many liberal friends who I love profusely, and I am a libertarian, not a republican or democrat.  I love my gay friends, am a member of PETA (much to my husband’s ire-hey, he hunts) have thirteen outdoor cats and work with the homeless, for crying out loud.  I love humanity, the black, the white, the tied died………

What it comes down to is this:  we are living in the end days.  Stephen Barncarz, who was huge in the New Age movement and is now a born again Christian, brilliant, gifted, and the former founder of Spirit Science (a notoriously New Age organization) gives us 50 years, and the deception is so very real.  But no one knows this because they watch mainstream media.  And when someone like myself, a generally popular girl with a flare for bizarre, ironic, yet thoroughly researched propaganda-well, when we come out of our hidey holes and speak our truth?  We know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that y’all are gonna think us bat shit crazy.  We know……………………

Listen, don’t shoot the messenger.  If you don’t want to hear it, unfollow me.  I have a job to do and I answer to Yeshua, thank you very much.

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