Don’t You Forget About Me…….

I am teary eyed today, and I saw it coming this morning.  While my entire family vacations on Lake George, without me, I mourn the loss of my nieces and nephew.  So many memories, so much lost time.

Do they remember the good times?  Were they told of the tremendous presence we had in their lives for the first ten or so years?  Could they possibly even imagine the unadulterated love we have for the three of them?  Do they know Aunt Michele and Uncle Dwain miss them terribly, yet can do nothing, absolutely nothing to change the situation?  Is it too late or was it written in ,the stars that we were not to be?  Do they understand the implications?

I think back and I shake my head, oh the pain, the anguish, the heartbreak.  We were there for every baptism, birthday,  and holiday.  We spoiled and treasured those children as if they were our own, and I never imagined the fallout we would face because I finally said enough, no more, I am my own person and you cannot control me for one more minute via your manipulations and emotional black mail to the woman who bore my beloveds.  I remember wanting to pick them up when I found out she locked them out of the house during snowstorms, had to hang up the phone to scream at them, complained about the inconvenience of having to stay with her baby, her son, while he was facing surgery.

She has left a legacy of pain, betrayal and ruin.  I will give this to God and pray for better days ahead.  Perhaps one day they will shake the hold she has upon them, and once again they will be my perfect Trifecta of love.


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