Make Me an Angel…


This will be my last writing-at least until I finish up the Mystery Blogger Award, so it may be a few days.  Every time I sit down to complete my nominations, a strange wind blows in from the East, and I find myself frozen, unable to write; it becomes a virtual impossibility and I set my sights on something else.  This is the perfectionist/procrastinator’s way of doing things, and we all know what happened with the Liebster Award-as soon as I began writing, my access to my blog was cut off-another story for another day.

Today I went hiking for the first time in a few days.  It’s HOT and HUMID in the Northeast right now, not my kind of weather, even on a good day.  Luckily, Jesse and I have a plan on these days: a lovely trail called Deer Path, with plenty of shade and water; the lake adds to the cool atmosphere, and we are in business once again.  This is the trail I was stalked on, two years ago.  To this very day I walk protected, in prayer and armed-I walk like I mean it, own the trail and know what’s behind, aside of or ahead of me at all times.  I carry mace and a HUMONGOUS stick, my golden retriever leads the way.  After the incident, in which a  red haired, half naked lunatic was found masturbating (I saw him well into the hike, and I motioned to my dog-we ran for our lives.)  Jesse never forgot this, and if he senses a person on trail?  He literally turns around and blocks me from whatever lies ahead.  I always pray for Divine protection, and I can literally feel God’s comfort-I will not be a victim.  Fear will not rule my life:  not this time, anyway.

As we were packing up to leave, I saw a woman (who turned out to be a child) pull into the parking lot.  She sprayed herself with bug spray, then began her trek, until of course, I interrupted her.

Honey, do you have protection?”

She stared at me like I meant condoms, and I broke out laughing at the absurdity of the question.  How do you warn, but not terrorize?  The fact is that a month ago, I was heading out to Middlecreek for a hike, on a different trail-Spicebush.  We usually go first thing in the morning-to beat the heat, but it was 9:30-we were running late.  As I sat down in the jeep, a voice from deep within (aka, the Holy Spirit) said:

((Why are you skipping your exercise class???))

I turned around, and drove toward the church-where the ladies in waiting were warming up in the parking lot.  Later in the evening, my husband and I sat down for the evening news, and I felt as if I’d been shot from a cannon.  (I did look for the video, but they have since taken it down)

“This morning, at 10:00 a.m. a woman reported that a man attempted to grab her off of her bicycle, she shook him off and called 911.  This is the trail she was on, in broad daylight.  She is shaken, but okay.”

They panned to a detective who announced they were looking for him; then they shared the trail she was on.  Spicebush.  I was shaken, as I should have been there, not her.

So, back to this morning.  I clarified my question:  DO YOU CARRY ANY WEAPONS?

We spoke for a few more minutes, this precious child and myself.  She said no, that she would be just fine without a weapon.

I went into my backpack and retrieved my pink mace cannister.

I taught her how to use it, and instructed her to be careful not to mace herself.

And as she turned to leave, she thanked me profusely.

It wasn’t me.   She had her angels to thank…..

Divine protection?  Indeed.





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