Your Dirty Tricks, They Make Me Sick


Yes, indeedy do, I am awake.  Actually, I am awake as I can be at this point in history.  The QAnon boards will tell you that there is more to come, that we are not even close to being red pilled.  Frankly, I am sick to my stomach and exhausted from doing research.  I live and breath the Great Awakening, and I will tell you my personal story.

It started with numbers, about a year and a half ago.   555, 11:11, 222.  Currently, I awake at precisely 7:07 a.m., if not 7:17.  All through my day I see the numbers: 5:05; 1:01; 2:32.  I am shadow banned constantly, currently I can’t type certain numbers, my computer won’t work correctly…it is awfully frightening stuff.  But hey, Five Eyes-I ain’t afraid of you cowardly bastards.  We are on the side of truth, God, and all that is pure and right with this world.  The Deep State is losing, and for that I thank POTUS, the military and QAnon.  Some say it’s a lark, the greatest cy op ever attempted on the American people.  But I submit to you this:  we are in the safest place our world has been since WWII and the Nazi infiltration this country colluded with after the war.  That’s right-Nazi doctors, Nazi scientists, Nazis….murderous, traitorous sickos…that’s where it started.


So, after the numbers, God began leading me on a journey I didn’t ask for.  At first I thought it was my quest for truth, but now I’m like a sponge-I breathe the MAGA movement, and today’s information was over the top-I am literally sick to my stomach, my heart is palpitating.  The truth is that those of us who are awake must be there for each other and those who will be learning soon of the depravity and evil that people we trust are perpetuating.  Pedophilia.  Cannibalism.   Human trafficking.  Murderous Pope.  Massive satanic infiltration.

Why am I telling you this?  Are you scoffing, thinking I am bat shit crazy?

There are true patriotic heroes, working every day to enlighten and educate.  Here are a few channels I recommend, for research.  They are brilliant people who have a knack for bringing you earth shattering news in a way that (most of the time) you can digest.

McCallister T.V.

Sainted Anon

Dustin Nemos

Praying Medic

The Patriot Hour 

Tru Reporting

Why am I putting myself in this position?  Why am I subjecting myself to ridicule?  Because I love you-each and every one of you reading this.


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