When Doves Cry…


As I have mentioned before, I am prone to seeing, smelling and hearing things that other people do not.  The sensitivity began when I quit using, and the phenomenon grew the stronger my faith.  I have asked God for this gift, or at least the honing of it-I want the Holy Spirit to guide me in each and every way.  This is profound for me-a woman who suffered a great deal of trauma and anxiety, leading to CPTSD-let’s just say there is no way I wouldn’t be in a straight jacket if not for my precious Jesus.

There is a lovely pair of doves who frequent our yard.  I see them on the barn roof, telephone wire, and most recently?  On a bottle of perfume.  Let me explain:

For the past two years, in which I have become one with nature (or at least more observant) my very best thinking/praying is done out in Mother Nature.  My gratitude runs deep, as I know God put me here, out in the ethereal mountains of Central Pennsylvania.  No, I did not appreciate the raw beauty, nor the quaint ways of the Amish.   I was blind to everything when I self-medicated.  I try not to dwell on the years I have lost.  

The doves, crap.  Okay, well I have come to think of these particular lovebirds to be my mother and father.  They greet me knowingly, bringing with them comfort and a deep peace.  My mother wore L’eur de Temps perfume.  I go for the woodsy, sweet types of spritz.  Grace, Tabu, Channel No. 5, Obsession.  I bought a bottle of her favorite to remind me of her, and remind me it does.

One afternoon, I could smell the aroma of my mother.   The scent of L’eur de Temps thickened the air, in a pleasing, soothing way.  Now, I have only used this scent a very few times.  It smelled wonderful on Mary Lou, but not so much on me.  I would smell the bottle often, and immediately I was with her, all those years ago.  I took the bottle and looked it over, but this time?  I studied it.  I was shocked to see the bottle near empty, as I said I used it rarely.

“Could it be?,” I said out loud to myself.

And as I gazed at the glass bottle, I let out a sound of alarm combined with awe:  right there they were, so delicate-two doves, floating weightlessly, hopelessly in love~


2 thoughts on “When Doves Cry…

  1. What a beautiful blog post. I understand so much about the loss and the signs others do not see. I can relate to going back to a place with your mother as I too have lost mine too soon. I found this blog tonight from a link on your Twitter which I found from a tweet on the economy from Trump’s twitter. I am scared that even though tonight I see such beautiful things like our servicemen remains coming home from North Korea and how precious that is but the media is mashing it into something bad. How can they take away a moment like this? The families waited 60 years and they don’t get their sacred moment… Such sadness and it makes me wonder who we all are. Then the economic numbers are so great and the numbers for unemployment of blacks and women so low yet they refuse to say anything good. They are putting our President in the fire with all the rhetoric about paying women off and lawyers and Russians and lying. Instead of having any peace or joy during what should be a great time for our country or is all negative… So I am scared tonight… What do you think are we all going to be alright?

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    1. Sweet Jenny, I am absolutely confident in God and His support of POTUS. I know things seem scary, but may I suggest watching the SGT report on youtube? We are winning. We are going mainstream. Trump and Q have a master plan. Did you know that JFK, Jr. is alive and well? He faked his own death because he knew Hillary was after him. She wanted to win the New York senate seat, and he was going to be in the way. It’s all good news, the black hats are running scared. Please contact me any time you need to-frightened as I have been, I never lost my hope. God bless you, sweet Patriot.


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