The Cluster…


Well, it’s a good thing I can laugh at myself, ’cause nobody’s laughing with me.  I am a moron, of the highest order.  Before you accuse me of being too hard on myself?  Allow moi to explain:

In an attempt at sneakiness, I took it upon myself to begin a new blog site, one where no man would know my true identity.  I thought it would be freeing,  I could write with abandon about my really personal issues, get it off of my chest, even hide it from the famalam.  

Well, well, well.  The joke is on me!  HaHa!!!

As I was writing my earlier blog, I sighed in relief as I tied things up.  Enjoying the music (HUGE Hank Jr. fan here)

May I interrupt myself to tell you how fucking hard it is to write on a non partisan site such as WordPress?   May I tell you that I’m facing ridiculous problems with simply typing one sentence?  I wonder if McCallister T.V. has these issues?  If so, she certainly speaks nothing of this.

Anyhooser, my intent was to write under a surname no one in my family would recognize.  And like I said, after I published the last blog, I simply looked up and saw this:

The Hippy Chic by Sara Hoffman.

You all know I smoke medicinal marijuana.  It helps with the PTSD.  However, there are pitfalls-one of them being that my usual air head self is just a dim bulb after the fact.  I should not write, let alone attempt a new, hidden endeavor.

So, between you and me-my name is Michele Elkins-Hoffman.

No time for charades, I have shit to do…:)


5 thoughts on “The Cluster…

    1. Yes. But I don’t know that she (narc) didn’t see that and write it down. Sara is the name I had for a girl, before Dwain and I lost the baby in 1993. It would be neat to write fiction from her point of view.


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