On Truth and Persecution


I remember telling you that God had wanted me to stop digging, and that is how I had interpreted His words-however, I don’t think He was telling me to stop investigating; it was the subject matter I was researching that was leading me down the wrong rabbit hole.

One caveat:  be very, very careful who you get your information from, as some of the PAYtriots on the world wide web are just that: men and women of dubious distinction trying their best to make a buck off of the most momentous and inspiring time in our nation’s history.

I was on the Q boards this morning.  This is public information, folks.   Here is a link for the site:


Now, I don’t recommend going on and trying to decode Q, as I have tried in the past, and although I get some of it correct, there are many posts that stump the chump, meaning me.  I have listed reliable sources in the past, but nothing works like good old Twitter:  it’s who you follow.  Here are a few to trust-

Joe M. @StormIsUponUs

In Pursuit of Truth

The Patriot Hour

You Are Free TV

McCallister TV

These are a few of the channels I trust implicitly, but please feel free to do your own research.  So what was Q talking about today?  The fact that coming out with the truth will be a daunting task, as many are still brainwashed, thanks to Project Mockingbird and Mainstream journalists who are being paid by the Deep State to follow their narrative, which is a bunch of lies and perdition.  Treason, some might say.  Only POTUS and Q know the timeline, but after reading his current drop, I’d say we are in a war for the TRUTH.


Why haven’t we had the mainstream media told Americans the truth for over five decades?

Where did the Nazis go after WWII?

What is MK Ultra?

What is Project Mockinbird?

Is RBG dead, and if so, why are they using her vote to overturn rulings concerning infanticide?

Stay tuned friends.  Like Q said, who has the time to do all this research anyway?

The Citizen Journalists do, and we will stop at nothing to bring you the real deal.

Be blessed.  Do not fear or become discouraged.  FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!










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