Caution: The Choice to Know is Yours


Before I began this series on The Great Awakening, I want to properly prepare you for what you are about to read:  as Mary states in the above video, once you are “woke” you cannot be “unwoken.”  There is no going back.  Once you are truly awake, your life is changed-permanently.  I need to tell you that to this very day, my husband does not want to know.  This is his right, yet there are times when I feel desperately alone-I tend to resent the hell out of him when this happens.  I mean, he truly is a man’s man, no doubt.  But why allow your beloved wife have to deal with this alone?  And then my heart grows back, and I realize that he worries enough about everything.  Will this knowledge simply prove to much for him to take?

I won’t be the one to awaken him.  As the case will be with the entire population of this planet, he will be slowly weaned from the safety of a world he has known forever-where folks are good and only a lunatic would look for problems.

Enter me, stage center, crushing his dreams and pissing on his parade.  🙂  I try hard not to allow this to bother me because I know Jesus is a very good listener.  Today was not one of those days, as again my poor man is sick-for the third time in a month.  His crankiness added to my own, and before I knew it I was running out the door-to the safety of the wilderness.  I don’t have to tell you how Ludacris that sounds, but yes, the hikes in our area fill me with hope and peace.

Today was not a day, apparently, for hope.  Or peace.

Plagued by little yippy dogs, and BIG scary dogs-we made it approximately 35 feet before being accosted by a group of women, carrying their mascot-a face eating chihuahua.  Not feeling well myself, I wanted to use this as an excuse to turn back to my jeep.  Yet I pushed onward-into a pack of wolverines, disguised as rare poodles.  That was enough for me, but it wasn’t until a New Finland  tried to swallow Jesse’s face that he came around to my way of think.

The following video is how I choose to begin-the reason we were asleep in the first place.

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