Sweet You Rock and Sweet You Roll

The Dave Matthews band-last concert I attended and for good reason.  Santana was due to open and they didn’t, I lost our tickets and I caused a near riot with the traffic control.  It wasn’t until my husband screamed “COPS!!!” that I calmed my indignant ass down, and got back in the truck.

You have been with me through my journey to the other side of despair-and I want to give you my humbled thanks and in return, the love you have shown to me.  God asked me to do a 180 on my life.  He asked me to be my authentic self, speak my mind and be bold in my approach to life in general.  I shed every friend, some family and pretty much society as a whole.  I found it increasingly hard to be amongst the sleeping.  I quit exercise class.  My social life was the grocery shopping-I had become my mother.

Until very recently, I felt quite comfortable in my own, awakened cocoon.  I am so keenly grateful for all that God has blesses us with-a beautiful, Norman Rockwellesque town-complete with chapel.  Less than a mile behind us is the Middlecreek Wildlife Preserve-a panacea for the soul on speed.  

My cup overfloweth. Jesse Bocephus Happy Hoffmananoff

We have each other, Dwain is the biggest gift I have ever been gifted, and as we grow together in Christ?  Our love deepens, he is truly my bestest ever friend.  We have a century old farmhouse that finally feels like home.  I have more years here than I did in my former life in Philadelphia.  But much more than that-the isolation, the sadness and the pruning days have led me to all out rejoice for the time that is now, the time that remains to be seen.  A darkness has lifted, my soul rejoices-I feel lighter, shinier, the most hopeful gal in the room, for sure.

And I have seen the worst of the news to come, have known it for years.  God designed a life for me that enables me the time and resources to write about the greatest time in this nation’s history!  God is separating the wheat from the chaff.  The end will not be for everyone, no-but for those of us who allowed the Holy Spirit to drive us, unflinchingly towards the truth?

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.                                                                     -Colossians 4:2

Well, we are going to experience Heaven on this earth.

Evil will be eradicated.

So, a few months ago I had prayed for a true friend.  As I had walked away from every toxic relationship, my self esteem improved.  After a water baptism, the Holy Spirit felt more vivid and tangent than ever.  I grew impatient with my faults, tried harder and repented.  Hey, I sin each and every day in thought or deed, but I have a Savior who died for my sins-we all do, all we have to do is call out his name.


I asked for one true friend, He gave me so much more.  Abba always gives me more than I ask for-such a loving father is He.  I am not very good at praying for myself, as I said before, but whenever I do?  Jesus comes through in His timing and His will-but I have never gone with prayer unanswered.

I have a community of family, a support system-a tribe if you will.  I have men and women in my life who love me for me, and what more does one need?  Two of my closest friends have resurfaced in my life; we have all grown in small and grand ways-the reunions are joyful.  We know how very rare a true friend is, and because of that we appreciate each other so much more.

And so, at the end of the day, we are all facing persecution.

You simply cannot go it alone, us humans were designed to love and be loved.

It’s going to be so thrilling, so peaceful-just like Heaven on earth.

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