Epstein Island and The “Elite”

We are witnessing the global decimation of evil on this earth.  Whether you’re a satanic pedovore in seemingly high places, or a narcissist who ate people for breakfast but not literally-you are going to have a choice.

It’s up to each and every individual to make a decision:  to know the terrorizing truth, or choose to remain in Lala land.  You have a choice to make in the eternity department as well.  Don’t mistake this time for the end times, as it is written in the bible (Revelations) that a time will come when God will take his mighty sword and eradicate all evil on this earth.  He says that one third of this planet will be swiped away.  Those who choose to repent and turn to Jesus are protected.  Non believers are not.

We are headed for amazing times, watching the spiritual battle of good vs. evil take place before our very eyes.  God is using Donald J. Trump and John F. Kennedy, Jr. to eradicate the evil.  They are protected, and their anger is fierce.  Both touched by the cabal in ways too cruel to mention; both with a hard on for vengeance.

These people are evil.

These people are stupid.

Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.


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