Enter Sandman…

God is asking, He is asking her to fight, fight, fight…in her dreams she is a warrior, with Gladiator skills and she garnishes a sword.  She knows they are coming, the satanic pedophiles…yet she is not sure of the form this war will take.  Will it be through her blogging?  Or will it be personal, meaning in person, mano et mano.  She has known for at least a few years, but shock and CPTSD had taken its toll-the more she learned, the more frozen in fear she became.  Stifled.  Helpless.  No-one-is-going-to-believe her mode.

I just received a phone call from my friend, Helen.  She is a dear, dear woman, and when I hear the words, “Now don’t be alarmed,” you can bet your sweet ass cheeks that I am going to be alarmed!!!!”  She was calling to speak to me in person about an email she had sent out to the Worship Team; (I am on that team and I work at the Welcome Center) the police had put flyers everywhere, warning a dangerous sexual predator had moved to the area. 

“Be careful, ” she said.  I laughed out of shock, I am sure.  No one wants a predator in a neighborhood with churches and schools-yet that is where you are likely to find them.  I hang up the phone and sit.  Stare.  Let it all sink in, every emotion, every thought.

I am not worthy, nor do I feel prepared for the task.  I only know what the Holy Spirit has been whispering for the past two years:  I have known you were coming, EVIL, and I will do everything in my earthly power to make a difference.  I will go slowly, heeding Abba’s call.  But when I meet up with you?  Oh sweetheart, you won’t even see me coming.

Fight.  Fight.  Fight!

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