Trump is a Freaking Genius

Just another tricky day, compadres.  Just another tricky day.

In one breath I am steadfast in my faith, steadfooted and strong; assured in the knowledge that God is in the house, Trump’s been anointed, The Plan in place.  An hour later, I’m on the phone with my bestie-dishing on how hard the truth is going to be for the people we love.  And then it hits me, in the funny bone-I mean, as hideously evil and twisted as the hidden reality is?

Well, maybe I’m just experiencing hysteria, but darn it, we must see the humor in this situation-that or we’re doomed.  Effing doomed.


“I think there’s a way you can teach yourself to shape shift, I’m going to learn,” Kat stated, as if she were speaking about a yoga class.  I won’t go into the details, but it has been proven (a fact, non negotiable) that there is a line, a DNA if you will, that runs in the bloodlines of many of the elite, most notable the royal family.  They are Reptilians, and excuse me, but no one wants to see one of these people shapeshift.

I immediately thought of my husband, and how he would react to this information.



Thanks WordPress!  Maybe you could make my inserts a little smaller, so, you know-people can’t see them.  Pff.  I literally can NOT change the size of these (I have no mouse, but there is another way) and I PAY for this freaking blog.  Holy Socialism that pisses me off.  I am so looking forward to the day that each and every smug ass politician, news correspondent-oh, I’m talking to you, Madcow, movie star or Bono, I mean satanic pedovore skank.  Can’t wait for the day when you people have no platform, and/or are locked behind the heavy metal doors of GITMO, baby.


OMG, is this one literally smaller than the last?

Oh the humanity, the struggle is realer than real but you know what?

I am so incredibly thankful that I awakened when I did.  And you know what else?

Because of my faith, I didn’t faint, fart, fall over or commit Hare Kari.  I am of sound mind and body, and smarter than the average bear-if I am to be honest.

Oh and one more thing-

Trump is a fucking genius.


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