I Got It Figured Out (NOT)

If you are one of those still in the dark, then maybe this is the blog for you.

Then again, maybe not.

I have run out of carrots, no sticks left.  I write this in the hopes that it helps awaken even one person, as the times have changed-to the point that ignorance is dangerous.

I also understand how it is to be given information you don’t want to hear, as I have a friend who brings doom and gloom, and in the guise of educating me-God bless her she is almost always wrong-and that is because she is gullible and trusting.

I don’t trust anyone, with the exception of my Jesus, my man and my dog.  Period.

I used to trust everyone.  I am like my father in this way.  His life was ruined by trusting the wrong person, and I took that kind of personally.  He was always being taken advantage of and it broke my heart.  After numerous therapist betrayals, ended friendships and broken family?  I like it just fine by my lonesome, sad, but true.

If you are still believing any mainstream media, including FOX, you must know that you are putting yourself and those you love in jeopardy.  Frankly, I get tired of writing about this subject-no one comments, no one reads me.  I attribute that to stupidity and cowardice, there, I said it.


Oh, and find yourself a safe city to live in-it matters.

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