Stone Cold Mother

I had just finished watching a vid about Asperger’s in which this woman was talking about how those of us blessed with this condition have a tendency to go from zero to eleventy hundred in a matter of seconds.  Mood swings set off by something as minor as banging your head on the kitchen cupboard, or something as major as being triggered by stupidity, ignorance or outright blasphemy.

This particular group of thugs work via YouTube, The Children’s Crusade, Abel Danger, Pentagon Pedophile Task Force…they are after your money.  Their targets?  Vulnerable or naïve “Christian” empaths.  Field says jump and they rally for the cause, dangerously armed with rocks for brains and no discernment.

None whatsoever.

I was minding my own business, I swear.  Making a fruit salad, when this abomination came to my attention.  I was so angry and twisted?  Why I had to have music and medical weed, and stat!  No time to waste.  The blood throbbed in my veins, my heart pounding a mile a minute.

See the woman in the middle?  She left Field McConnel months ago.  In my opinion she was getting out while the getting was good.  Actually, Field was supposed to join her-so there’s that.  Two grifters on a power high for what?  For taking hard earned money from gullible people to fund charities that DO NOT EXIST.  This is heart breaking in that it takes the public’s attention off of the real crime, the pedophilia, the plight of the veterans.

They have tried everything from advertising the Zim scam, the nonexistent Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (Roseanne spoke about it, people) and a cause entitled the Children’s Crusade which was supposedly going to the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and needy families.

Nope.  Doesn’t exist.

Where  is all of the money going?  Field and Denise deem themselves above the law, and haven’t paid a mortgage or tax bill in ages.   

We have channels such as Sainted Anon and even You are Free TV, among others who are willingly going with this narrative.  These people are either in this LARP together (social engineering and much worse) or they are close to criminally negligent in doing their research and calling themselves a “news channel.”

This is spiritual warfare.  These people are demons.

That’s all I got~

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