All Alone-In Her Time of Need

It was about this time last year-Daniel Lee of Torah Restoration Ministries was getting ready to travel the East coast to preach at any university that would have him.  I had befriended the man, thinking him to be a good person.  I certainly never even entertained the idea that he may not be what he said he was: a street preacher with a hard on for pedophiles and the Illuminati.

Why don’t you stay here when you come to Pennsylvania?  I emailed him.

And with that, the date was set for April, when he would be staying at my humble abode for four to five days.

I know what you’re thinking…you don’t even know this dude and you’re inviting him to your home?  What were you thinking/smoking/rationalizing?  As God would have it, I came across a video by a woman named Rebecca.  She was hell bent on warning the women of the world about Danny boy.  I was in shock.

Riddled by doubt, and not sure what to believe-the months went by and on the evening of December 24, 2018 a chilling encounter with the man made me see the light.  I had said Merry Christmas to another sub on his channel.  All hell broke loose.

How can you SAY THAT?????  What is WRONG with you?  You know as well as anyone that Christmas is a pagan holiday and that CHILDREN ARE SACRIFICED on this day!!!-said the man of God.

What Danny boy didn’t know is that I was incredibly depressed, missing my estranged family and needing some peace and joy more than I can put into words.  I wept.  What in the world had just happened?  I quickly wrote to him, cancelling his travel arrangements for the coming Spring.

Daniel is working on his 6th wife, which perturbs me because she has been warned well in advance of her decision to marry this heretic.

Daniel doesn’t pay child support and his children have permanent restraining orders against him.  He has abused his past wives to the point of them running away in terror.  He is a misogynist, a grifter, a Jim Jones wannabe.

He is dangerous, with a criminal record as long as my Christmas list.  He is a blasphemer and a con artist who takes money from patriots who believe his song and dance.

As a matter of fact I would go so far as to say this man may have or be a demon.

So, word to the wise?  Stay far, far away from this evil and abusive, pitiful excuse of a man.




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