I See Dead People

In His infinite wisdom, God has seen to it that I retrieve my sense of humor from up my sphincter cavity; and to tell you the truth, I questioned Him.

Are you SURE?  I’m a withered nub of PMS, wrapped in a riddle of sinusitis and covered in the enigma of trying to somehow wade above the drama, and find out what the Harry is going on in this world.  I haven’t been able to write about the ridiculous and mind numbingly horrific news without throwing up on myself, let alone having a sense of humor about…well, anything, really.


This made me l o l the other day.  Just random and silly, but hilarious in its truth.  I honestly have no beef with the alt left, I just think they are on the verge of hysteria, at any given moment in time.

Speaking of hysteria, with my “awakening” has come a honing of my sixth sense, if you will.  So, imagine me-all whacked out because of the constant researching of the scariest truths known to mankind, no family relationship, paranoid after a run in with Michael Rockefeller, I mean, Tom Hanks.  Not an ideal situation for a gal with PTSD-and now, oh now, I am seeing what I hope to be angels (not ghosts) in my peripheral vision:  it’s as if the veil has been taken back a notch too far, or something.

That is absurdly hilarious to me.


Here’s some additional stress-within the next month the God’s honest truth, which I have been telling people for years (literally taken for the town crier) is going to come out.  I want my estranged beloveds to come to me, no questions asked!  This isn’t about me being right or wrong.  This is simply the truth.  I have s sort of survivor’s guilt going on, this heavy cloak of knowingness.   I simply cannot come out of hiding (robe and fuzzy bunny slippers, people) until the people in my life are aware-too hurtful this not being believed stuff.  I could write a book, but hey, I want to keep my vibe going, you dig?

Through this entire journey, I have not pitied myself or begged for mercy.  Believe me, if it wasn’t for Jesus?  I’d look like one of the poor psych ward patients in American Horror Story, Season Two.  Dead serious.  I’d be rocking myself in a corner, frozen in the Twilight Zone, drooling Oxycontin.  Lord!  But I can promise you this: the world is changing for the better, as we speak.  Sure, some of your history will be rewritten, and, quite possibly you will have night terrors for the next few months, but hey?  It’s nothing we haven’t seen in predictive programming, right?

At the end of the day, it comes down to biblical spiritual warfare in realms we can and cannot see.  God has control, Jesus will keep you safe and better times are ahead.  All evil is being brought to the light.  I can feel a safer energy, if you will.  And not the New Age energy, don’t get me started on that big fat lie.  Pisses me off, to no end.

None of us can live more than one day at a time.  God wants his children to live joyous and comforted-fear is the work of Satan.  And speaking of the horny bastard…5f8c58fc2befa0e23f7ccaea41ea7445fb935fe3991fbabb7839825ba5c1bbfb.png



Good morning, good morning, good morning patriots!

Today and tomorrow are marked for greatness. Keep your eyes on the ball-it’s going to be biblical.

What if I told you that nothing has changed and that there is NOTHING to fear?

Would you believe me?

Things are about to break, and you can all calm down because the information will drip out slowly, so everyone has a bit of breathing room. This is being purposely done, to save our nation from sheer panic. There will be no wars, no civil war especially and that is because Donald J. Trump is the Commander in Chief.

He loves you America, get over yourselves.

My girl Sol here. A digital soldier among digital soldiers.

You see, there is so much shilling and disinformation out there. Why do you think the MSM works so hard to discredit Q? I have the answers if you want to question the narrative. Simple really-[they] are petrified of you waking up-because when that happens the shit will hit the fan like, well, like it did when God took down Sodom and Gomorrah. Shouldn’t a Christian pray for these people? You ask.

Do you pray for satan?

Stick with me and I’ll give you some facts. Let’s start with the Mainstream Media and why they are lying to you.

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof. –Revelations 5:5

Who controls the MSM?
Who controls the world?

satan. satan. satan. satan. satan. satan. satan.

Now, this goes so deep I can’t address it all in one day. And although this assignment from above may be daunting? I think I’m up for the challenge. Coming to a blog near you: the entire QAnon phenomena will be laid out and explained-beginning with Q’s first post-in a series of blogs that will take me years, yes I said years, to write.

Even if you hate him, Donald J. Trump, our beloved president, was anointed for the job of bringing the world out of the darkness. I can say with one hundred percent certainty that God is taking His country back.


We Are Not Alone

The news is out, and it’s about time.

I would like to preface this writing by apologizing for my last blog, in which I stated that it was “no skin off my apple” what my readers believe. Quite the contrary, as the more of us who awaken to the truth? Let’s just say the world awaits-we are holding our breath until every crevice of this planet receives and acknowledges a thing called reality. You see, our vibrational energy matters-if you don’t do your due diligence as a human? You are bringing your brothers and sisters down with your ignorance.

In my case, God saw to it that I was unable to work due to Chronic Lyme. That was key as it is my belief that He wanted me awake and informed. How many people have the time or energy to research the facts? Not many, and that is what the [powers that be] count on-you and me, asleep at the wheel, completely and utterly brainwashed to ensure their narrative prevails.

For the past three years I have tried my hardest to wake my friends and family up to the truth of the matter, the crux of the situation if you will. The Holy Spirit guides my discernment in a way that ensures I speak the truth and nothing but. Sadly, not a soul believes me-my husband included.

In the coming weeks and months, you will hear about what our government tried so hard to keep us from knowing: there are forces in this world who are here to help us, not harm us-they were here first, and frankly it would be the height of ignorance to believe that we are the only life force on planet earth.

How can we fight the good fight if we don’t know who our enemy is?

What I am about to say may come as a shock to many, but must be said. [They] have lied to us, forever and a day, and their agenda was to ensure we were fast asleep. The music, the movies, the comedy? Designed to keep us fat and happy, mindless sheep following “the world” to keep up with the Joneses.

Who owns this world?

Think about it. Their biggest fear? An enlightened world, unity, the sheeple awakened are a mighty force. So much so that the algorithms have changed-what you are seeing is the spiritual battle prophesized in Revelations. Do you want to be a part of this world, or a part of God’s kingdom?

Now, let’s say our beloved POTUS decided to wake the world at once and reveal the secrets, secret societies and hidden knowledge? What would happen if he spewed it all at once, for all the world to see?

Massive panic. According to the pros? 91% of the population would be hospitalized if the truth came out right now. The news of this knowledge will surface slowly, deliberately and with such force that those not in the know have a choice.

Jesus gave us choice.

No, we are not alone, but these “aliens” are here to help us. Don’t listen to the Elon Musks, nor the Illuminati masons. Forget about the news, as satan himself OWNS the media as we know it.

Do your own research. I am here to help you, pray for you, even love you into awareness.

I will deoccult America, one day at a time. 🙂


Addicted to the Shindig

“…that’s right, Facebook lied to you, Google lied to you! Ain’t nobody coming to your rescue. Ain’t nobody gonna fight for you…” Kanye West

Whether you acknowledge this or not, there is a war being waged for your mind: a melodic pull towards black and white, the Matrix and globalist elites are at the top of the, cough, pyramid. They think themselves “illuminated” by the “light” which is to say, satan.


I have been fighting the war for three and a half years-the same length of time that the book of Revelations tells us will encapsulate the tribulation. I will not fight a losing battle-but the way I figure? Jesus will gladly fight it for me-all I have to do is allow Him to use me as He sees fit.

It is no skin off my apple-I simply couldn’t care less what you believe. None of my business. May I ask you to expand your mind and at least keep the door ajar a crack, while I provide you with facts that we have been manipulated for the benefit of the global elite.

They want you dead. You are nothing, nothing but sheep for the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Michael Robinson, Joe Biden and BO. I call him that because it’s been said that the stench the Obamas left behind was so bad? Melania told POTUS that she dare not enter the building before it was completely exorcized. A team of professionals came with holy water and bibles, to cleanse the building of maleficent forces.



The choice to know is absolutely yours. The information is on the internet, all of it. Do your research, pray to Abba for discernment.

It’s over Pocahontas.
The true light of the world has taken over.

After the Lesson, the Blessing

I wrote this blog last Spring, while in the heat of the horrible moment.  Devastated by an argument with my step son, I simply could not see the forest through the trees.  There was never an apology rendered, but I have forgiven Bud and he knows this.  I like to call this phenomena Grace-but really I just did it for myself and my husband.

Dwain, interestingly enough, has not forgiven him.  Yet there have been great strides towards healing, and rather than trying to be his son’s best friend?  He has risen to the challenge of being a father, i.e. no more tolerating arrogance or disrespect.  I believe we are all closer as a result of his temporary insanity.

When God puts you to the test, and you pass with a combination of trusting His wisdom?  Oh my dear friends, this is when the miracle happens:  a peace that surpasses any understanding-inner joy and self love come out of hiding.  Often, the hard part is recognizing the blessing.  With practice and determination, you can take the gifts from above and pay it forward.   Grace abounds, indeed.


I have been having what some would call “hearing hallucinations,” and I know they are real, as real as the grass in the yard, the puffy clouds on the horizon, and the Spring peepers who cry out their mating call at this time of year.

Okay, how do I explain the inexplicable?  I’ll have to go back to the early days, circa 2013, after an incredibly stressful demolition of our church, by Christian Hypocrites who simply took over, spewed their venom and caused one of our pastors to turn to Atheism.  I was distraught over what I then thought to be the end of my life as I  knew it.  I got sober in this chapel, every single person knew my story and they showed me love and grace, not harsh ostracism.  The travesty is, we were beginning to do some amazing spiritual work……we were in sync, and you could feel the Holy Spirit-lifting us up and out of our day to day lives.  And then:  Kaput.

I began to experience a strange, but lovely thinning of the veil, if you will.  I began finding feathers in crazy places-different colors and hues.  I collected twenty of them and put them in a crystal glass.  No explanation for how they came to be in the middle of my bedroom floor; no cat toys missing pieces, no feathered anything to be blunt.  I did not realize they were feathers from the Angels at the time, no not until the last feather was gifted me:  a large, purple beauty, somehow I knew that this would be the last one, and it was.  I have brought these feathers to bedside vigils, to give others the hope of better days to come, when we are once again home, the complete and unwavering love of God, His mercy and forgiveness.

Shortly after the last feather appeared, I had been toying with the New Age.  I came out of that nightmare unscathed, but now things were getting downright eerie.  Five minutes before I was stalked by a half naked man, causing me horrible PTSD symptoms, I heard my angels wings.  So loudly, I turned around as I expected to see a Vulture, or other huge bird looking at me.  Instinctively, I knew what it was.  I believe I was guided by the heavenlies that day, and I have good reason:  the Conservation Officers were doing their annual trail checks that day, and I had the good fortune to run out of the woods and into the arms of the officer who took the case.

One day, I was absolutely driven to get up off my buttocks and take a picture of my back yard.  It was a dreary rainy day, and there was nothing to see…..but listen to myself I did.  As I brought the camera to my eyes, I saw 6 or 7 white crosses-along the garden plot.  If I took the camera away?  Nothing.  Each time I brought that camera into focus, I saw the white crosses, and I felt protected, if not a little shaky.

This picture was taken when I was nudged by the Holy Spirit to snap a pic in fog and drizzle.

Yesterday, while getting out of the shower, I heard those wings again.  I knew the angels wanted me to know they were with me, which scared the bejeepers out of me.  What now?  Why now?  I had to sit for a spell and calm myself down.

So, it is evening and my husband and I are preparing dinner.

“Honey, you know if you need to talk about the Bud (formerly known as my stepson) debacle, I know how much you’re hurting.  I want you to know that I am here for you, and if you need to vent, please do so.”

What he said next was so crazy making, so vile and putrid and everything that goes along with the loss of a child.

“I text him, last week.  I jacked him up and he said there will be no apology forthcoming.

No apology?  That man-child stood in my garage and screamed cruel and untrue things, called me a freak, told me the whole family thought I was a freak.  And, as it turned out, he was plenty pissed that I am on SSI, as “it’s not fair I have to pay for her income with my taxes.”`  He was this close to hitting me and when I went to go inside, he came after me and I just waited.  If he hit me, then I could go to court, get a Protection From Abuse-hey, I’ve suffered worse things, believe me.

I have made the decision that he is dead, dead to me for all intents and purposes.

You see, what seemed to irritate him most? That I had suffered CPTSD, and depression.  Apparently he thinks I made it all up; that after owning my own businesses and working (often two jobs at a time) for 40 years, I just decided, as if upon whim, to close shop, be lazy and ruin my husband’s life.  How could he be that cold?

And then the inevitable kick in my aching groin:  “Bud will be at mom’s for Easter, with his gal pal extraordinaire, the woman who was the icing on the cupcake of his disaster, the woman who so eagerly took what was not hers, her best friend’s boyfriend.  Don’t get me wrong, Bud is responsible for his own actions, but being the raging narcissist that he is?  He will never take accountability.  He ruined his own life and he should have thought about that before he let his penis do his thinking.  Sorry, I’m a bit rough around the edges today.

Father, forgive him, he knows not what he does.

She talks to angels, they call her out by her name.

War Pigs

Blame it on my gullibility, Autism or even my tendency to give folks the benefit of the doubt-matters not, as I have finally learned how to do my research before writing about the subject at hand.


I didn’t want to write this, I wanted to step off, into ubiquity-but then I was reminded of my call in this thing called life, and hesitantly I relented. So here you go, or here I go…shit.

A few months ago, I was alarmed to see a follower by the handle Illuminati.com appear on my list of subscribers. As I have done nothing but write about this disgusting organization, I panicked and blocked him/her. I had already been threatened by Tom Hanks, and frankly? I don’t need this crapola! But as any follower of Christ will tell you-we must push fear aside and do God’s bidding. We are His hands and feet, without us there is little to be done in the war against evil and secret societies.

As it happened? I was following a story about Field McConnel (see library) and came upon a video from a man I had angered by coming to Field’s defense. That very man was Mr. Illuminati.com.

As it happens, while doing my investigation I came across a few videos that Mr. Quest did on the subject and somehow convinced myself that I was wrong about good old Monty-slowly but surely I came to appreciate what I thought was his candor, his desire to out the Pharisees of the world-and that I was wrong about his monster status.

That is what black and white thinking does to one. I simply cannot break the barrier. If you dislike the same people I do, doesn’t that mean I can’t dislike you? Autism, baby. Only now am I realizing just how gullible I truly am, but that is a tale for another day.

So, I still believe that Abel Danger is a collective group of money scamming pedos-but my opinion of Mr. Stephen Quest, aka October Reinz, aka Montagraph, aka Dale Bennet has been cemented in all time, and for eternity.

I want to assure you that this is my opinion, which I am entitled to, correct?

So, please, don’t shoot the messenger.

I will allow you to make up your own mind, of course.

So, why do I care? You be the judge.


Please, be careful whom you follow. Or, be like me and unfollow everyone.

For Those Who Find Holidays Hell

I wasn’t sure if this was the version of the song that I wanted, but man am I glad I thought it through.  Miss K.D. Lang hits ever note, and then some.  I love her range, her twang-she’s chicken soup for the soul music.

Speaking of souls.

Mother of God this was a rough one-and I didn’t see it coming, to be frank.  Giving God alone the glory, I have managed to raise my head above the raging river that is my life.  Mercy me, shook me right out of my loafers.

I want this blog to offer hope to those who are suffering this season; I want to pick and choose each word, so I know that the love of Jesus that flows into me will then trickle on to you, beloved.


I lay in bed, for five straight days.  Not so sure, but pretty sure it was the flu: I haven’t felt like this since, well since last year’s flu season.  I won’t even whisper about getting a flu shot, and would advise all mothers to educate themselves on the horror of what they are injecting into our children.  I pray with each passing day that Donald J. Trump will make headway in the battle against evil, transhumanism and genocidal ideations-you get my drift?

Sorry, I get worked up about it.  Anyway, my husband and I did not attend my mother in law’s Thanksgiving.  In an effort to end the abuse, I have gone no contact and have felt much better ever since.  My husband appeared to be supportive, but the day came and he was forlorn.  Still angry about a miscommunication between us, he let me have it the other day.  Twisted every word I said, and slew nomenclatures I would prefer not to share-making turkey day the winner of the most God awful holiday ever award.


My husband doesn’t do sick.  He says that seeing me sick makes him think of my mother in the final days of her life.  I mean, I was dehydrated and depressed, wrapped up in a ball of wet sheets-nothing to eat for three days, nightmare.

And then I felt well enough to open my King James bible.  I sought solace, comfort and wisdom.  Yet because of the trauma inflicted?  I felt as if God were angry with me, that Jesus didn’t love me anymore.  I am just now shaking that notion out of my head, as satan  is the father of all lies-and this was persecution in the form of spiritual warfare I have not experienced thus far.  It was if there was a struggle for my soul.  I fought back like the tigress God taught me to be.  I asked for prayer, I actually told my loved ones that I was struggling-and I never do that.  I don’t trust people, but let’s just say that Jesus showed me that the beloveds in my life are real and true and precious.


One evening, I stared at the ceiling and thought about what Jesus went through on that cross, even hours before.  Jesus was persecuted for the very same reasons that His believers are persecuted.  Immediately, I thought of the martyrs-the people all around this world who are suffering in the name of Jesus Christ.

In the year 1948, on a Sunday while I went to church I was kidnapped by the Communists.  I knew that even in the van of the secret police, I am in the hands of the Almighty God, and this gave quiet to  my heart.                                                                                                                        – Richard Wurmbrand, Voice of the Martyrs

For three years, Richard Wurmbrand sat alone in his prison cell set 30 feet below the ground.  Aside from short interactions with his guards, he saw and heard no one.  Yet in that dank and dark cell, he cried out to God and dreamt of beginning a new ministry that would serve Christians in Communist countries.  Within days of his release, he wrote his best selling memoir, Tortured For Christ.  Not long after he founded a mission called Jesus to the Communist World, which eventually turned into the organization Voice of the Martyrs.

I needed to pick up my cross, no matter the shape I was in.

I am reaching my arms out to father Abba, and He will catch me, this I know.




An Open, Heartfelt To The Broken Girl That Hasn’t Been Feeling Like Herself Lately | Journey2Motivate — Journey2Motivate

An Open, Heartfelt To The Broken Girl That Hasn’t Been Feeling Like Herself Lately | Journey2Motivate Beloved human who has actually just clicked on this article, Precious lady who has had her heart damaged often times, Beloved individual that has actually shed their heart as well as hasn’t been seeming like herself in a while,…

An Open, Heartfelt To The Broken Girl That Hasn’t Been Feeling Like Herself Lately | Journey2Motivate — Journey2Motivate

I opened this blog after the most trying week of my life. I was feeling broken, I wanted to give up, let go, sink-not swim. Thank you Journey to Motivate. This season can be brutal for those of us who can’t be with loved ones during the holidays: due to death, political differences and depression.


Know that you matter.

Know you are His beloved.

Know His comfort and peace.

Call on Jesus, His office never closes.

Watch Him as He Goes

To God be the glory, always and forever.
We come humbly before you, with love and thanksgiving. For You have anointed this man to save humanity.

I am out of carrots. I am out of sticks. I am out of my mind exhausted, and the probability of me popping off is too close to one hundred percent. My week was brutal. I have to be honest and tell you that I was looking up in question, more than ever before in my memory. Yet on all levels I knew that Jesus was with me.

See something, say something.

I fear my maker, don’t know about you-but let’s just say I was doing a lot of repenting today. I had an aha moment about two hours ago, when I realized that I am never, ever going to force myself to do anything that I don’t want to do. And it was the slogan ‘just say NO!’ that ran through my head this morning, at half past the crack of my ass, whilst driving on icy country roads on a mission from hell. You see, two months ago I made an appointment for my new kitty Maybelline (the one I found in the cornfield, or should say he found me) not knowing that she was a he. Without flinching I belt out the new name:

Abel Danger.

This was immediately before I discovered what a piece of crap Field McConnel appears to be-if you’re not up on the news? Field, in addition to his wife, Timothy Holmseth, Kirk Pendergrass and Dr. Goodvibes were on a mission to “save the children” through a scam entitled The Children’s Crusade. Turns out? I wanted to get involved and began asking questions about how to help, as when I clicked on the link? My security system wouldn’t let me in.

That’s funny, I said to myself.

Turns out? It wasn’t amusing in the least. Field and his team were bilking good people, specifically elderly Christians, out of donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to a porn hub.

That’s right, I said it.

In a classically narcissistic move, Field told the world that his sister, Kristine Marcy, was a sex offender and worse-the entire story made up and projected by a possible pedophile and hoodlum.

Poor Maybelline Abel.

So now I had to come up with yet another name. I said fuck it and kept the Maybelline and that is the end of the story…

I know all about the smear campaign. I know about the flying monkeys and the Jezebel spirits out there-they’ll find out what you can’t live without and make sure you do, all in one breath.

The MOAB is coming, trust me. The news will not be good, but remember: the enemy wants you divided! Together we are stronger, and much more dangerous.

Add to that being blamed for some serious backstabbing by a woman I deplore? A woman who deserves an entire blog devoted to her alone, well, I shut that shit show down and quick. It was the he said, she said game and, turns out? I had absolutely nothing to do with the rumors, nothing whatsoever. If this was my world? I would drive through her home in a Hummer and paint ball her to death.

And THEN I had the inevitable (no, we don’t argue often) argument with a family member, who shall remain nameless. I have felt responsible and achingly protective of this person since his birth. There was alcoholism, emotional abuse (unwitting, but there) and a raging dysfunction in his life. I shared these things in common, and perhaps due to or brought on by Autism? It has never left me-diminished at times, but always, always there. A compulsion to ensure his safety.

As I was showering, the Holy Spirit spoke to me: you cannot carry him through this, he is a grown man and must make his own decisions-or it doesn’t count. That’s why God gave us choice-we aren’t coerced into believing in Jesus-and He alone knows who will turn to Him, who will turn his back on Him. You need to butt out and let go, let God.

Faith and love is what this world needs most.
Turn to Jesus, change your life and your eternity.

Oh, and I almost forgot! My personal hero, Donald J. Trump, is turning the tables on the elite, the cabal, the Illuminati. There will be news, in the very near future-that will shock the world. In due time, the man ordained by God to bring us out of the darkness will be seen as the man he is-a warrior for justice, a force of nature. He and his team of anons are working overtime to protect what is precious and true in this world of impurity and strife.

This video will bring you up to date.

He wasn’t impeached.

He is NOT guilty of a crime.

[They] will get the full wrath of God. I promise.