Stop Acting Crazy

This man is not only my lifelong crush, but a genius as well. David Byrne! Marry Me!

Ah, the lovely #ImpeachmentHoax-as if America-the world!-hasn’t suffered enough. Watching that clown is so distressing to me I can only handle it for milliseconds at a time. My Gawd! Put your eyes back in your head, Adam. Really, so inappropriate!

The Nancy Pelosi voice, it kills me every time.

If America wasn’t pissed off enough, the lying, corruption, murderous pedophiles, oh it’s all too much! Ever since our duly elected president has been in office we have had to deal with these insufferable, albeit hilarious clowns. When the country awakens to the reality that their entire lives were basically a mirage? Oh, please. The media is nervous, the democrats are hysterical, and the increase of suicide rates in Hollywood tell me they know something’s up. Their hours are numbered, the “days” ship has sailed.

They don’t hate our beloved @POTUS. They hate US.

In other news, the veil is thinning to the point that my dog and I shot thirty feet out of our sneakers after one of my cat’s tunnel toys came to life last evening. I was chopping beef, and the noise startled us badly. I assumed one of my four indoor cats was playing-and when I bent down to tickle the feline? Nothing, and I mean nothing was there.

I tell my husband this as he enters the kitchen.

“Great. Just effing fantastic.”

Poor Dwain gets spooked very easily, which cracks me up because he isn’t afraid of anything. I have literally stood behind our front door, literally wheezing at the thought of scaring the bejeepers out of him and despite my best intentions? Not once did I come close.

He has zero startle response, but when it comes to the paranormal or spiritual warfare? He absolutely hates it. There are reasons for his terror: for the past three years I have been on a spiritual journey that has granted me access to the other side. I don’t know how else to explain it. Dwain has seen things man, and let’s just say he would rather unsee them.

He can watch IT repeatedly but if I pray out loud he runs.

Check out some of my older blogs in which I describe his terror in detail.

Back to the story. When I realized that it was one of my “experiences,” I felt an unease. Pets have shown up here, and even the science will tell you that we are in the midst of a great awakening-but something was off. God took the spirit of fear from me not long ago, but I wondered…

I walked upstairs to grab a sweater. As I entered my bedroom I stopped dead in my tracks. All four cats were freaking out-mewing, running, and each of four was strategically placed in a circle, as if they were trying to corner something.

I had read about cats warding off demons, but I had never, ever seen my cats in this state. I looked at the pup, and then I looked up.


I reminded myself of exactly whom I was in Christ. I threw my head back and roared.

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