Everyone Knew Her as Nancy

As a child, I was never able to get away with anything.  Anything.  That being said, it was a shock to see a new follower this afternoon:  How to Get Into the Illuminati.  After I caught my breath, I went on a journey to nowhere.

His Twitter account didn’t exist.  He didn’t have a blog on WordPress.

But he knew that I had written about the death of Isaac Kappy-almost immediately.

The first time I wrote about Isaac, Tom Hanks himself commented:

I hope your husband finds a wife that’s not a lunatic…

Why would he need a wife?


Oh Lord!  Why have you forsaken me?  Kidding, of course.

The first time I was hysterical, and on a Saturday evening, whilst in bed in my pjs, I wrote to Sainted Anon (a valuable team player and friend) with the information.  Being the righteous man he is, he did a video including my information-ensuring  thousands of Twitter viewers would smell what I was stepping in.

Pig shit.


What I want [these people] to know is this:

I am protected by a loyal and jealous God.  He is much bigger, much stronger than the god you serve.  As a victim of child abuse I made a covenant with Abba two years ago: to bring this horrific, worldwide Satanic Ritual Abuse, human trafficking and pedophilia out into the light.  Many powerful people now have your information, and I ask that you cease and desist.  I will not allow you to intimidate me.

I have 400 and some followers, for crying out loud.

The news of Isaac’s passing has been addressed on innumerable vlogs, blogs and alternative news stations.

How could I possibly be a threat?

Bugger off.

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