High as a Kite

Just beat my husband in a game of Urban Myth-if you don’t have it, get it, now. Lol. No, it’s not that good-but I cannot explain how deep my gratitude, how poignant my relief that we have settled into a lovely new normal. I have always loved nostalgia-my home is full of vintage jewelry, clothing and furniture. Antiques are everywhere-my parents bedroom suite, my grandmother’s golf clubs, granddad’s bow and arrow.

I have longed for a simpler life, almost leading toward Puritan beliefs. When I thought of heaven I just couldn’t imagine a place more suited to my needs.

But this IS Heaven Jesus.”

So many things are falling into place. Although the news is grim, those of us who know the truth also know that there is nothing to fear and that God will see us through this. I live in an Amish community, surrounded by the Mennonite population-last night Governor Wolf issued a Stay at Home order for Central Pennsylvania. Dwain and I sat fixated, waiting to see if there would be military ops in our neck of the woods.

We were the only county that had no such restriction.

What I’m saying is that God will protect you. He called you for such a time as this, and He alone can prepare you for the spiritual battle of a lifetime. I am almost looking forward to the Ten Days of Darkness spoken about by Q. While I am not remotely certain of anything-the rumor mill has it that the internet and cable system will be shut off in order to clean out any remnants of evil and to reboot the system with truth, fact and, unfortunately-it is said that there will be a GITMO television station featuring 24/7 testimony for the military tribunals. Evidence and proof for the citizens of America that Donald J. Trump not only cares for them, but that he fought a bloody war to bring us the very freedoms taken from our grasp. They took our children, our innocence-as if they were entitled to rape and pillage America.

My anger knows no bounds, I can tell you that. Yet I can’t unpack and live in a dark and angry space. Those of us who have CPTSD understand that by knowing the truth we are being triggered each and every day. This can and does cause rebound emotions-anxiety and fear playing a huge role. If you need help dealing with any of this information? Please contact the White House and they can lead you to professionals trained to help for this very time in our nation’s history.

So, getting back to simpler times and lazy Summer days. We have been given an unprecedented opportunity to stay in the comfort of our own homes, with the people we love most and get back to the way things were, the way God meant them to be. Giving up the internet opens the door to new routines that mean something: gardening, baking, and living off of the grid. There will be canning, and I will learn to knit-maybe even buy a sheep or two to go with my goats and chickens.

The possibilities are endless.

We only need to trust our heavenly Father. Easter will be glorious~

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