Invisible Son

I remember the beginning of this nightmare on roids. I was trying to comfort everyone I knew but secretly an anxious mess of nervous energy. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t afraid. I was unhinged, the same way that a ball flies out of a cannon: with a big noise and a shit ton of smoke.

I truly had faith that God was in control. I also knew that by following QAnon that I was witnessing the most transparent presidency-the information alone is worth its weight in gold. So it wasn’t me being gutless, I just couldn’t stop moving.

For, like a week.

In the very early days of the “pandemic” I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my husband. He was home, but working. Immediately after his lay off, he began displaying symptoms of depression. I spent my days and nights by his side, no matter where that happened to be.

Ever morning we headed for the wildlife sanctuary where we hunted sheds, hiked and searched for morels. Immediately afterword, there were gardens to tend to, orchards to prune. I am in a state of perpetual painting, remodeling an old farm house keeps me far from bored. Actually, please, bore me.

I have written much about my awakening, and each and every day I ask God to give me more: more knowledge, strength and wisdom. Oh, the things I have seen that defy any earthly explanation. Angels in my back yard, colored feathers from heaven and synchronicities galore. And then there’s the spiritual warfare-five minutes ago a rustic sheep on wheels flew off of my hutch. My husband jumped a mile in his loafers, and although broken I placed it back in its proper location. Just as I finally sat my derriere down?

It happened again, even though I had set it way back amongst the cookie jars.

I have become accustomed to the persecution, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fight back. I rebuke the demons in the name of Jesus. I tell them to get the fuck out of my house-I threaten them with my Holy Bible.

So here’s some good news-Donald J. Trump signed an executive order today, enabling him to deploy our military in fighting “the silent war” which is the battle against evil so wretched it defies every notion we have about humankind. The children are being rescued and cared for by highly skilled professionals. Trump has the gold. Flynn will be exonerated. China will be held responsible. Smelly Pants Clinton and all of the other reptilians will die a tortured death, for eternity.

Don’t listen to the MSM, they are desperate as a rat trapped in a corner. Many high profile journalists will be charged with Treason for lying to the world and plotting the takedown of a duly elected president. News will come out that will shock us all.

So put on your full armor, my friends. We are in an unprecedented time in history. Jesus is closer than you could possibly know.

Laugh at the absurdity when you can. Remember that the faith of a mustard seed can topple mountains into the sea.

Be a badass for the coming of the New Jerusalem.

Hauntingly Familiar

So I wandered through my gardens today, half heartedly. I usually love my time in the garden, but today I wasn’t feeling it. My mood was great, I just wanted to be sitting on my ass.

In the worst possible way.

I watched as my sister in law drove down are rural Mountain Road, top down on the sportscar.


It didn’t bother me one bit at first. My monster in law lives directly across the street, and let me tell you honey-there is no love lost. She is a narc if there ever was a narc, but since my recovery I see right through the Jezebel spirit. I didn’t speak to her for almost a year because her behavior became so outrageous, so toxic. I wanted no part. In an effort to keep the peace, I forgave her (I am way too forgiving) because it is virtually impossible for me to hold a grudge. She apologized, I agreed to Christmas dinner…

My problem begins when I let my guard down, which, with her anyway? She is so good at the manipulation that she reels me right back in. Don’t get me wrong, she knows I’m on to her-yet she continues her war on my psyche by playing inappropriate games she thinks will bring me down. That isn’t going to happen. However, it is getting to the point that I almost went loco today in front of her “company.”

You see, she had invited my husband’s brother, and my sister in law and her husband who live two hours away. As I pulled at the roots of an old hydrangea-the bells and whistles went off like fireworks on the fourth of July.

Are you fucking serious?,” I yelled in my husband’s direction.

I went on to say how infuckingcredibly rude it was of her to once again invite the entire family sans team Dwain and Michele. Did she not think we could SEE them? Were we invisible?

What in the serious fuckwad.

And then I got mad for my husband. I knew it hurt him, and I was livid.

I grabbed the pup and went for the orchard in the back. I knew damn well they could hear me at the shindig. My Tourette’s kicked in.


I didn’t care at that point, in my mind it was far better than appearing like Medusa and hurling the bitch to the ground. I mean, could you just see it? I thought it far better to hurl insults from seven acres away, than to bludgeon her to amidst the catsup and relish.

Instead I stormed into the house. I smoked some medical weed.

Folks, I have found the cure to sobriety amidst the mayhem that is family: cannabis and a Shark vacuum cleaner.

With attachments.

Stop Acting Crazy

This man is not only my lifelong crush, but a genius as well. David Byrne! Marry Me!

Ah, the lovely #ImpeachmentHoax-as if America-the world!-hasn’t suffered enough. Watching that clown is so distressing to me I can only handle it for milliseconds at a time. My Gawd! Put your eyes back in your head, Adam. Really, so inappropriate!

The Nancy Pelosi voice, it kills me every time.

If America wasn’t pissed off enough, the lying, corruption, murderous pedophiles, oh it’s all too much! Ever since our duly elected president has been in office we have had to deal with these insufferable, albeit hilarious clowns. When the country awakens to the reality that their entire lives were basically a mirage? Oh, please. The media is nervous, the democrats are hysterical, and the increase of suicide rates in Hollywood tell me they know something’s up. Their hours are numbered, the “days” ship has sailed.

They don’t hate our beloved @POTUS. They hate US.

In other news, the veil is thinning to the point that my dog and I shot thirty feet out of our sneakers after one of my cat’s tunnel toys came to life last evening. I was chopping beef, and the noise startled us badly. I assumed one of my four indoor cats was playing-and when I bent down to tickle the feline? Nothing, and I mean nothing was there.

I tell my husband this as he enters the kitchen.

“Great. Just effing fantastic.”

Poor Dwain gets spooked very easily, which cracks me up because he isn’t afraid of anything. I have literally stood behind our front door, wheezing at the thought of scaring the bejeepers out of him and despite my best intentions? Not once did I come close.

He has zero startle response, but when it comes to the paranormal or spiritual warfare? He absolutely hates it. There are reasons for his terror: for the past three years I have been on a spiritual journey that has granted me access to the other side. I don’t know how else to explain it. Dwain has seen things man, and let’s just say he would rather unsee them.

He can watch IT repeatedly but if I pray out loud he runs.

Check out some of my older blogs in which I describe his terror in detail.

Back to the story. When I realized that it was one of my “experiences,” I felt an unease. Pets have shown up here, and even the science will tell you that we are in the midst of a great awakening-but something was off. God took the spirit of fear from me not long ago, but I wondered…

I walked upstairs to grab a sweater. As I entered my bedroom I stopped dead in my tracks. All four cats were freaking out-mewing, running, and each of four was strategically placed in a circle, as if they were trying to corner something.

I had read about cats warding off demons, but I had never, ever seen my cats in this state. I looked at the pup, and then I looked up.


I reminded myself of exactly whom I was in Christ. I threw my head back and roared.

Year of the BOOMERANG II

I probably shouldn’t be writing to you, in the mood I’m in. Call it righteous rage, but I am fed up to my eye teeth with the lies, the manipulation and the cowardice. It has occurred to me that us Anons speak until we are blue in the face-any yet the grim statistics tell us that only 5% of Americans are awake. We didn’t have it like the normies, God woke us up for a reason. Many of us have lost families, friends-even careers over speaking the God’s honest truth. At what point do we pack it in, call it a day-go home with our tails between our legs?


The fact is that the “conspiracy theory” called QAnon is nothing less than the Kingdom of God, speaking to us through their keen insight and love for humanity. I’m not trying to sell y’all on anything-but I can tell you this: the world needs you to wake up. If you are listening to any mainstream media or taking the notion that Donald J. Trump asked America to digest bleach or IV Lysol?

The average measurements lately have been 83-84. Yesterday? 95
Jesus is coming, trust me.

You just may be too far gone. Good luck to you.

This blog is dedicated to the earnest men and women throughout the world: from the digital soldiers like myself, to those of you who simply want the real truth. You are all my heroes, everyday Joes and JoEllens like myself, who put their love of Christ and their fellow man before their own happiness and fulfillment. It was a debilitating three years, yes. Yet as so often happens He has blessed us beyond measure.

In spite of and possibly because of what I now know? I am freed to live a life of blessings and true family and friends. I grew up, I suppose you could say. As bleak as the days often were, I came away with a new appreciation for Jesus, a new comprehension of myself.

Does Pizzagate exist?


This is now fact, despite the cabal’s best attempts at hiding the truth. The following video contains disturbing information. I will be honest and tell you that I didn’t get through it today. Please don’t watch this if you are likely to be triggered, or don’t think you’re up for the buzzkill.

Behold, I have made thee small among the heathen: thou art greatly despised. The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?” OBADIAH 1:1-3

Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

Sugar Mountain

You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain, though you know that you’re leaving there too soon.

I apologize for not getting to my audience sooner, but the fates combined to leave me with no electronics. Long story, and let’s just get down to it, shall we?

I want to preface anything I say with a caveat-if you don’t believe me, have trust issues or think I have time to bullshit you?

This blog isn’t for you.


The Wuhan virus was patented by the Deep State to create an Armageddon: while they fled for underground tunnels and Antartica-caviar and only the best champagne will do, thank you very much-[THEY] were going to kill as many of us as possible.

The Trump administration, the nation’s military generals, and especially God Himself thwarted that plan. What you are watching in real time is the systematic destruction of the deep state cabal. Our beloved, duly elected president needs time to arrest thousands upon thousands of very, very evil people. He wants us safe. Donald J. Trump cannot shout out his plans because the enemies of our state would be more informed than he wants them to be. I am telling you to trust the plan, take a break, and look to God for answers and self reflection. You will have plenty, plenty of time on your hands in which to do so.

In 2017, the Holy Spirit saw fit to convict me of one thing and one thing only: that #QAnon was real. Over the past years, I felt God moving mountains for me: He gave me everything I needed to prepare for the job I excel at-and that is encouraging, loving and comforting people.

What you are watching on television is Public Enemy Numero Uno: the mainstream media conglomerate run by the likes of George Soros and major network talking heads who will not only be indicted? [THEY] will face charges of treason, punishable by death. It is they who caused this panic, as they are in bed with satan. It proves a point, one that we have been trying to tell you for years: don’t believe a word you hear.

I lost my shit over the years, on the people I loved the most. Uncontrollable fits of rage and frustration, combined with an exhausted and withered psyche, led me to turn to Jesus in a way I never had before. Through the miracle of faith I was guided by discernment the likes of which I have never experienced before. The great Comforter was way ahead of me, to be sure.

There will be executions.

There will be blood shed.

There will be mass arrests.

This storm is biblical, my dear beloveds. If there was every a good time to pray, it’s now. We are SAFE. The patriots are in control. I will be blogging all weekend, as there will be an upcoming 10 days of darkness in which our entire internet system will be rebooted.

Buh bye Zuckerberg.

See ya later @Jack.

Don Lemon? It’s been real.

What can you do? Ensure you have plenty of food, water and, er, toilet paper. Cooperate with your president. Have your prescriptions filled for three months if possible, stock up on whatever it is that you simply cannot be without-for me, Nicorette gum and pet food.

Comfort your friends and neighbors. Remain CALM, and please-look up. He’s holding you. He’s loving you. GOD is in control.

Constant As a Northern Star

Constantly in the darkness?

I was minding my own business the other day when I received a text from a friend. Clearly upset, she reached out to me for advice.

“Sally’s husband is going to a church where they DON’T BELIEVE IN JESUS.”

Well, I Sherlocked the shit out of that church, and she was correct. The saddest fact of the matter is that a few of the people at our old church are now members of a New Age, Prosperity church. The first thing that caught my eye?

The building.

I did my research, and came to an article about the original church. Upon further investigation I came to the conclusion that this was not only New Age, but a New World Order church. A cult, not unlike Scientology. I know quite a few of the parishioners: they attended my first church, Zion United Methodist. I became very close to quite a few of them. As I began the journey to loving myself, I discovered just how codependent I had been with some very controlling women. I let them all go and never looked back.

Now, as an investigative journalist who works for free? I wanted no part of the rabbit hole. I didn’t have the time, access to a computer or even the energy to do my research. I sat down with my cup of coffee and the nudging came…the Holy Spirit said, “Not so fast, you have a phone.”

Now, I don’t believe in coincidence. I don’t worry anymore because I know that if God draws me to it, He will see me through it.

And that is most certainly what He did. While shopping on Friday-I came across a book that I had been unable to afford. Although the store had a vast selection? This was the only book I took note of, and I grabbed it before another soul could see it-I knew right away that this was the answer to my prayers about how to discern and understand the times we are living in-the religious worldviews of our day, and the Search for Truth.

When we understand the ideology behind the battle for our hearts and minds, we have a firm foundation from which we can better navigate the secular world. I dove into the non fiction with a passionate furor-and immediately knew that the information would be shared in the next day’s blog.


  • Theology-Atheism.
  • Philosophy-Naturalism
  • Ethics-Ethical Relativism
  • Biology-Darwinian Evolution
  • Psychology-Monistic Self Actualization
  • Sociology-Non-Traditional World State Ethical Society
  • Law-Positive Law
  • Politics-World Government-Globalism
  • Economics-Socialism
  • History-Historical Evolution

I understood why God allowed my venturing into the New Age four years ago. Pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was being given an opportunity to share a complex but key part of the puzzle. I must note that the book, written by David A. Noebel, was written in 1991.

You mean, I could have figured all of this out in 1991?

No, I couldn’t have. I was too busy shoving my cranium up my anal cavity: partying, paying attention to what other people thought, but giving no credence to my own intelligence. This is key, because I want you to understand that Jesus leads us in His timing, not ours. We simply don’t have the time to beat ourselves up for the mess we as a people allowed to slip through the cracks. And because of Project Mockingbird we were not given the truth, far from it-that is the Illuminati’s biggest fear! The last thing they want and the thing they fear most is us waking up.

News you can use.

Now let us compare the above information to that of Biblical Christianity :

  • Theology-Theism
  • Philosophy-Supernaturalism
  • Ethics-Ethical Absolutes
  • Biology-Special Creationism
  • Psychology-Dualism
  • Sociology-Home- Church- State
  • Law-Biblical/Natural Law
  • Politics-Justice, Freedom, Order
  • Economics-Stewardship of Property
  • History-Historical Resurrection

What is the dominating worldview? Secular Humanism. We find this in our colleges and universities. We as Christians considering higher education must be well versed in the Humanistic worldview or risk losing our Christian perspective by default.

In the words of Dr. Fred Schwarz-

The colleges and universities are the nurseries of communism. The ranks of the communists are replenished each and every year by the equivalent of the college draft that maintains the supply of professional football, baseball and basketball players. In every country, the leader of the communist forces is almost always the one recruited as a student.

Included in this Globalist network? Universities, news media, entertainment industry, judiciary, federal bureaucracy, business medicine, law, psychology, sociology, arts, public schools and Congress.

We are all given a choice in this human landscape-far too many young Christians are ill prepared to lead. As it was in my case, the vast majority have no concept of the components of their world view and stand in darkness perpetuated by left-wing professors.

What is the answer?

In darkness there is no choice. It is LIGHT that enables us to see the differences between things; and it is CHRIST that gives us LIGHT.

-J.C. & A.W. Hare

Who Can You Trust?

This movie was written and directed by Stephen Spielberg in 2011. It proves my point that the “elites” have known about COVID19 for years. Of course they know-and they had everything to do with planning a worldwide pandemic.

It didn’t turn out as they planned, and we can thank Donald J. Trump for this, after we thank God Almighty for giving him to us.

Anybody else feeling the need to strangle something, anything? Sick of the Fake News, or even the Trump pressers? I feel you, I feel your pain. As much as I love our duly elected president, I am fed up to my eye teeth with the propaganda, the disinformation, the cranky Fox News reporters. Even our local news is a shit fest of Corona numbers and rules that make zero sense to me.

I digress.

You see, The Donald is playing the MSM, the doctors, and even Mike Pence. Not that Mike has been around, what you are seeing is a body double. I won’t go as far as to say he’s a clone because frankly? That nonsense just irritates the crap out of me. I think we have enough on our minds, and to the YouTubers that push the outlandish? Shame on you!


I told my husband we are moving to another country. A place that isn’t infected with celebrity vampires and crooked asshat politicians. I want out, I want out, I want OUT.

Stop the madness! Stop believing anything the MSM tells you because they’re liars, thieves-corrupt, demon infested Shills. Dr. Fauci worked closely with Bill Gates (Mr. Vaccine) to develop a cure for future generations. Yep. What a fucking hero!

Just say NO to any vaccine. NO to the flu shot, and a big fat NO to anyone who tries to tell you differently.

You do know that the globalists want to eradicate humanity, right? The [powers that be] want you enslaved, dumbed down and then six feet under-human trafficking exists because these twisted psychos use the children they traffic for sex, blood and organs. As a matter of fact? You are no more than a food group to them.

But Sara, you say, God has already won the war! And you would be correct. As hard as it is to have patience, I advise that you trust #ThePlan.

Trump is a genius, don’t believe me?

You see #ThePlan was Abba’s to begin with, and The Donald will carry it out to a tee.

Operation #SaveTheChildren

I am sorry my blogs are so short as of late, but it is almost impossible for me to write-[THEY] don’t want me to, trust me. I’m using my husband’s computer, and after what happened to my pc after writing about Somerset Belenoff? I don’t want to push the envelope with my husband’s pc. Actually, I’m pushing it as we speak.

Parents, please, I beg of you: please make sure you watch your children around the clock. The enemy is cornered, pissed and capable of anything right now. That’s why the National Guard has been deployed-to keep us safe. However, they cannot be everywhere at once.

Two weeks ago I pulled out of my rural road, half asleep. I’d given up coffee and to say I was a dim bulb would be putting it kindly. As I looked to my left I let out a scream of terror.

“Citizen’s arrest!,” I called out to no one in particular.

It was one of the windowless white vans the FBI has warned us about. Clearly, Jesus had taken the wheel as I clocked myself going 90 on a windy country road. The son of a bitch in front of me knew I was following him. I narrowly avoided two head on collisions as he passed on the right, dangerously putting all around him/her at risk.

I lost him, but I did retrieve the license plate number. I pulled into the local Speedway and dialed 911.

“What’s your emergency?”

I went on to explain the situation and began to give her the plate numbers.

“I’m sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. White vans and children…….”

I interrupted her to say, please, stick with me-you could save a life.

That was the Pennsylvania State Police-they didn’t know about the children. I wondered out loud if the operator would send out an APB. I cried. I prayed. Today I still wonder if the van was stopped, if lives were saved. I don’t let myself dwell on it, I did the best I could.

Please take this seriously. Every child matters and every life is worth saving.

Bad Reputation

It’s true. I have never, EVER cared about what people think of me. I remember my poor mother inciting a near riot, every other day, with my teenage self.

Keep your voice down, what will the neighbors think.”

I don’t give a FUCK what the neighbors think.

I would scream at the top of my lungs.

From the front yard.

It is of the utmost importance to me that I bring you the TRUTH and nothing but the truth. From the very beginning I have insisted that we have been played, and that the WHO, the CDC and Dr. Fauci have been lying in order to shut down our beloved president’s booming economy, get the Christians out of the churches and ensure that America is cut off from their friends and family. Enter Bill Gates and the entire vaccination scam and we have what you would call a big, fat, fake news event.

Well, as it turns out?

Always trust the still small voice in your heart, for that my friends is the Holy Spirit.

Hold onto your hats, the shit is about to get REAL.

Q sent me.