Unpopular or Strong

The author of this blog is so on point. Fence sitters are not your friends. In order to live a life with meaning, stand for something-or you may fall for anything. Be a badass for Christ~

Welcome to My Life-Rhyme

who was unpopular

when you were just 4

and you did something wrong

same as you did before

and the person that scolds you

and says you were wrong

and teaches that lesson

so that you don’t belong

in a hospital bed

with no fingers attached!     (all the moms of the world say amen)

who is that person

the one that is matched

with the same person who

defends right from the wrong

the one in the uniform

so that you don’t belong

behind the cold bars

that prevent you from doing

what you would like

steadfastly pursuing

you that you would learn

and never repeat

the lessons she taught you

standing in 4 year old feet

when your mom taught a lesson

you’d feel shame right away

and shame lead to hate

and anger dismay

so far from the love

you should really feel

oh human nature…

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