Begin to Wake

The reality of what is going on in the world right now is so much better than what the MSM is and always has had to offer. The cognitive dissonance so severe, it has split families-lives have been lost over a Psy-op so incredible? Well, if you’re as confused and angry as I have been over the last few years you have come to the right place.

I have good and great news.

This is Raven Moonstone, and indigenous Canadian angel I stumbled upon just days ago. I should say the Holy Spirt and vibrational pull led me to her, but I won’t quibble over details. She is a Godsend.

I found this on Raven’s Facebook page, please follow her for the truth and nothing but!

If you are awake, you have been chosen for a reason. The powers that were, aka satan’s minions, have worked for eons to keep you from remembering your truths. God anointed president Trump to bring this world into our new, 5D reality. He fought to hell and back in a bloody, invisible war that most don’t know existed.

The children are safe, the demon underworld dwellers have been wiped out. What you are witnessing on any given MSM channel is a blatant panic on behalf of the Cabal-who are now sitting in GITMO. What you are seeing out and about are clones-as hard as that may be to believe.

What we in the QAnon movement must do now is heal ourselves, then work to heal those around us, or at least help them flourish-love is the answer my dear ones.

The following music has been proven to heal our DNA.

Please back me up with your own research, as that is the key.

We have every reason to celebrate! You are watching a movie.

Enjoy the show!

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