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Today, July 7, 2019 – time to edit this About page.   I am simply not the same human being I was back in December, the last time I edited this page.  I am stronger, my heart is guarded, and my mission to comfort and enlighten you registers full speed ahead on the Richter.

I blog for a few reasons.  Personally, I find it very therapeutic.  I want to spread the Good News to as many as will listen.  I am driven to help others who have suffered similar journeys: I have a history of narcissistic abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, anorexia, bulimia, cancer, Lyme disease, depression, anxiety and CPTSD.  Each day is a beautiful journey, albeit in the valley or on top of the mountain.

I know how terribly hard life can be-and I am blessed to say that my journey with Jesus has led me to a place of a peace that surpasses all understanding.  If you had asked me twelve years ago, I would have told you I would die young; I would also have told you that my so called life was in ruin, and that I thought of suicide often, as it was the only solution I could even comprehend.  I had hurt myriads of people whom I love, and the facts were that I was drinking to medicate a horrible self loathing and overwhelming pain.  Recovery was daunting, but I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.   Jesus has stood by me through it all, and for that-oh for that I am joyous.

I live on a small country road, in an old farm house on seven acres of property in Lancaster County.  It is here where I seek Him-and try my best to hear what He is saying.  I putter in the garden, grow herbs and lavender-and roses, my favorite.  I hike almost daily with my beautiful dog, Jesse Bocephus  Hoffman, who was named after Hank Williams, Jr.   God brought me into this world with a golden retriever attached at my hip, and I have no doubt that is how he’ll take me out.  I love everything vintage, photography, laughter and elephants-actually, any farm animal will do.

Recently, Abba has healed me of Lyme disease-and I believe the combination of my faith and the prayers of friends and church family contributed to that healing. I now advocate for natural treatment for any disease, with the consent of your family physician. If they tell you “alternative medicine” doesn’t work, please find a new doctor.

I am a Patriot through and through, and have tremendous hope and faith in the Trump administration. I often write about The Great Awakening, QAnon, and the Deep State Cabal-the information will be made public soon enough, and I am here to answer any questions you may have, to the best of my ability. Public enemy number ONE is the Mainstream Media (CNN, Fox, CBS, NBC et al.) The powers that be, including the Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama, the Bush family, Rothchilds, George Soros (you get the picture) want a “New World Order” in which they wanted to decrease population: the fire in Paradise, California was caused by Direct Energy Weapons. 911 was planned by the Bush legacy, and many other false flags have been perpetuated against our nation, in order to distract us from what is truly happening. I do my very best to bring you the latest and most factual news on the fight for our freedom.

We live simply, we love purely and the best thing that ever happened to me sleeps by my side at night.  Jesus has led me through the darkest of days, and He will do the very same for you.  Just call out to him-he will answer!

I would love to hear from you, and would be more than happy to point you in a positive direction~

Contact Me:  dylanlover1@gmail.com

I pray you well~

The Hippy Chic

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    1. I just read your blog, I can’t even tell you what I am feeling right now. Your story is MY story, and suddenly, I feel less alone. You are so brave, and I will be reblogging your work in the very near future. Please give me a way to contact you. I couldn’t comment on your blog.

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