All Alone-In Her Time of Need

It was about this time last year-Daniel Lee of Torah Restoration Ministries was getting ready to travel the East coast to preach at any university that would have him.  I had befriended the man, thinking him to be a good person.  I certainly never even entertained the idea that he may not be what he said he was: a street preacher with a hard on for pedophiles and the Illuminati.

Why don’t you stay here when you come to Pennsylvania?  I emailed him.

And with that, the date was set for April, when he would be staying at my humble abode for four to five days.

I know what you’re thinking…you don’t even know this dude and you’re inviting him to your home?  What were you thinking/smoking/rationalizing?  As God would have it, I came across a video by a woman named Rebecca.  She was hell bent on warning the women of the world about Danny boy.  I was in shock.

Riddled by doubt, and not sure what to believe-the months went by and on the evening of December 24, 2018 a chilling encounter with the man made me see the light.  I had said Merry Christmas to another sub on his channel.  All hell broke loose.

How can you SAY THAT?????  What is WRONG with you?  You know as well as anyone that Christmas is a pagan holiday and that CHILDREN ARE SACRIFICED on this day!!!-said the man of God.

What Danny boy didn’t know is that I was incredibly depressed, missing my estranged family and needing some peace and joy more than I can put into words.  I wept.  What in the world had just happened?  I quickly wrote to him, cancelling his travel arrangements for the coming Spring.

Daniel is working on his 6th wife, which perturbs me because she has been warned well in advance of her decision to marry this heretic.

Daniel doesn’t pay child support and his children have permanent restraining orders against him.  He has abused his past wives to the point of them running away in terror.  He is a misogynist, a grifter, a Jim Jones wannabe.

He is dangerous, with a criminal record as long as my Christmas list.  He is a blasphemer and a con artist who takes money from patriots who believe his song and dance.

As a matter of fact I would go so far as to say this man may have or be a demon.

So, word to the wise?  Stay far, far away from this evil and abusive, pitiful excuse of a man.




Stone Cold Mother

I had just finished watching a vid about Asperger’s in which this woman was talking about how those of us blessed with this condition have a tendency to go from zero to eleventy hundred in a matter of seconds.  Mood swings set off by something as minor as banging your head on the kitchen cupboard, or something as major as being triggered by stupidity, ignorance or outright blasphemy.

This particular group of thugs work via YouTube, The Children’s Crusade, Abel Danger, Pentagon Pedophile Task Force…they are after your money.  Their targets?  Vulnerable or naïve “Christian” empaths.  Field says jump and they rally for the cause, dangerously armed with rocks for brains and no discernment.

None whatsoever.

I was minding my own business, I swear.  Making a fruit salad, when this abomination came to my attention.  I was so angry and twisted?  Why I had to have music and medical weed, and stat!  No time to waste.  The blood throbbed in my veins, my heart pounding a mile a minute.

See the woman in the middle?  She left Field McConnel months ago.  In my opinion she was getting out while the getting was good.  Actually, Field was supposed to join her-so there’s that.  Two grifters on a power high for what?  For taking hard earned money from gullible people to fund charities that DO NOT EXIST.  This is heart breaking in that it takes the public’s attention off of the real crime, the pedophilia, the plight of the veterans.

They have tried everything from advertising the Zim scam, the nonexistent Pentagon Pedophile Task Force (Roseanne spoke about it, people) and a cause entitled the Children’s Crusade which was supposedly going to the victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and needy families.

Nope.  Doesn’t exist.

Where  is all of the money going?  Field and Denise deem themselves above the law, and haven’t paid a mortgage or tax bill in ages.   

We have channels such as Sainted Anon and even You are Free TV, among others who are willingly going with this narrative.  These people are either in this LARP together (social engineering and much worse) or they are close to criminally negligent in doing their research and calling themselves a “news channel.”

This is spiritual warfare.  These people are demons.

That’s all I got~


In your darkest hours, in your finest grief-this is where Jesus does His absolute bestest ever work.  Of course, when you are adrift in a sea of confusion, rage and betrayal?  You don’t want to think about how strong or wise or ethereal His love-you are way too busy crying, railing or even vicariously throwing inanimate objects at the wall.  Your heart hurts so bad you swear it will break, the tears so salty dehydration sets in.

The lights are out.  There is nothing of comfort, you can’t see your way through the pain.  But here’s the rub:  the only way around the feels is through the feels.  In other words, to quote Richard Gannon, “you gots to feel the feels.”

As I hike the Spicebush trail, I wonder at the miracle that God still loves me, despite my Irish sighing and in spite of my ineptitude. I am an Israelite, awash in the desert of my own making-complaining about this or that.  I catch myself, and ask forgiveness of Him.  I have always had exactly what I needed at every turn of the page.  In recent times, God has blessed us beyond measure-my husband’s new job, my Social Security disability granted, and, more importantly?  We are in love and, for the most part, healthy.

I always turn to Jesus, eventually.  I have struggled with depression and anxiety my entire life.  I wish I had learned to practice this habit much earlier in life.  Perhaps it may have spared me the alcoholism, drug addiction and suicidal ideation.

I wanted to end my life because I thought myself a loser.  A miscreant.  A nobody.

I couldn’t keep a friend, let alone a job.  I knew I was different, that I didn’t fit in, and that for the most part I wouldn’t be missed.  The emotional abuse endured at the hands of the people I loved and trusted the most would prove to be a deal breaker.

I broke, into a millions little pieces not unlike the mess you leave when you break a Christmas ornament.


woman holding broken mirror
I lost my friendships, my family, my identity in Christ.

I thought I was coming out of the woods, and I convinced myself that nothing bad would ever happen to me again because I was a child of God and I figured He’s seen me through the worst of it.

I was dreadfully wrong,

With the help of a mighty God I made it through each and every hairpin turn, but just as I was getting my bearings-another tragedy, another slip into isolation and chaos.  I noticed this, yes, but I also paid mind to the fact that with each and every arrow flung in my direction (the persecution comes from Satan, but God has the control) the more courageous I became.

One evening I called out His name, I couldn’t take another self sabotaging thought-my depression had resurfaced.

Please, Psalm 91…the arrows that fly by night…all that sort of thing.  HELP ME JESUS!!!!

And just as if I were taking out the trash, my body arched-my head flew back.  I had momentarily thought of that lion, the one who roars at the enemy-

I.  Am.  The.  Storm!!!

I.   Am.   The.   Storm.

I roared quietly, then not so quietly.

Together, Jesus and I are building my life back up-brick by brick.  He sustains me by the Living Waters and wipes the tears from my furrowed brows.

And then…I rally my senses, join forces with my soul and pick of my cross.

For I am His and for that?  Oh for that I am well pleased.

Copperhead Road

This is more than likely the most important blog I will ever write: I have chosen to take the coward’s way out-well, I wouldn’t call myself a coward; let’s just say I like blogging on WordPress, and it’s hard enough to write an article about, well, anything-oh the inhumanity, sticking computer keys and the site going down multiple times as I try to get my point across.

I took a hike this morning, per my usual.  I am always leery, after my stalking experience a few years back, and the murders and suicides that take place in our park.  I have eyes in the back of my head, carry mace, a rape whistle, a huge stick and a 100 pound golden retriever.  No surprise then, when I jumped three feet out of my boots after hearing a man’s voice.  He ended up being from Ohio, and Jesse liked him, so I stood and talked.  Yada, yada, yada and he says:

“But president Trump is such a buffoon.”

Cue the music from Damien II.

I guess you know, after yesterday’s blog, how I’m feeling about having to justify Donald J. Trump’s position as POTUS-let alone any stupidity from complete strangers.

I started with just the facts, ma’am.  When I got to the point of talking about HRC and Frazzledrip (you’ll know soon enough, and this subject isn’t up for debate) and then I said:

“JFK, Jr. is alive and well.”

Suddenly, he ended said conversation and ran from the crazy lady.

I lol’d, for about thirty minutes on and off-until I saw the snake.  At that point, the joke was on me, and I ran like a cartoon character, convinced that the bloody thing would follow me henceforth, and slither up my back wearing a Cheshire grin.

We have had no voice, as we (patriots across America, including POTUS) have been avalanched on every side. ABC, FOX, CBS, PBS, NBC and CBS-they are a product of Project Mockingbird. If you watch these news venues, I can 100% guarantee you that you have no idea what the real news is-I only know because of the path God led me down, after a brush with the New Age. Slowly, but oh so steadily the scales were taken off of my eyes. We have been lied to, stolen from, silenced and betrayed on a scale so tremendous that most of us don’t see the forest through the trees. The DEPLORABLES of this awesome nation have had it up to our eye teeth with FAKE NEWS. We know what the CABAL is up to, and it ain’t good. No, it is EVIL of the greatest magnitude.
Below is a video that explains this illegal, deadly and evil process.

Tomorrow, we will be at these polls-across the country Patriots will be monitoring the circumspect behavior; tour groups or random buses pulling into voting booths-we have been alerted to the means and ways of DNC corruption, and we are prepared. I myself will be out and about, have mace-will travel. We need to come TOGETHER, as one nation, and fight the corruption that tried to rob us of our dignity, morals and children in a Sex Trafficking scandal that involves Barry Santoro, HRC, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and many, many more. The evidence is overwhelming.

Please, do everything you can to get out and vote. As we speak, there are three separate caravans heading to our borders. American troops have been deployed to the border, NOT BECAUSE WE ARE INTOLERANT, RACIST OR UPTIGHT. Absolutely none of that is true for the majority of us. If you want this country to become a corrupt, Socialist, baby killing machine, by all means, vote blue. They want this caravan full of MS13, ISIS, ANTIFA and other terrorist factions here to get the votes from illegals.

Do yourself a favor-take a look at San Francisco–Nancy Pelosi’s territory. She lives in a million dollar mansion-have you seen what they have done to California? Is she or any other democrat with the power to do so cleaning any of this mess up? Of course not, THEY DON’T CARE. They got what they wanted, these people have been used and abused. They were PROMISED the world, and this is what was given to them.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Take your country back, put God back in business, VOTE RED.

You Fucker, Get up!

I know the band members of Disturbed are pretty scary monsters, but they wrote this particular song about child abuse.

Unless you are QAnons or an extremely woke Patriot?  You won’t know the following facts, and I believe, with God’s permission-it’s time the world knew.  No denial.  No fear.  No flaking out.

WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA!  The powers that be are taking our children, selling, raping and terrorizing our children, then murdering them as a satanic ritual to Molech and Baal.

I live in Lancaster County:  it’s human nature to think these things do not occur in our backyards, but sadly-they do.  Harrisburg is a mecca for human trafficking, and after a talk with a local teacher who warned me that SRA is alive and well in our area?  After finding single shoes, and a little boy’s underwear at the lake down the street, after trying to make sense of my irrational fear of white vans?

It all came together in one tumultuous awakening.

This is why I’m here, isn’t it God?

I won’t lie to you-after the supposed death of my friend Isaac Kappy?  I went rogue.  I ran up the stairs, did a nosedive into the abyss that is my bed, and didn’t get out for three days.  If I was awake and vertical, the daymares hit me at a velocity I could not control.

It was the worst few months of my life.  Because I am a recovering addict, I had to knock myself out with Benadryl, or Nyquil cold medicine.  When like a Medusa I rose to get a drink, in my fuzzy bunny slippers and torn robe, my husband appeared to be alarmed, to say the least.

They got him, they got to Isaac,” I wailed.

Who the hell is Isaac?  my husband retorted.

I ran like a harry canary up to my bed once more.  No one understood.  No one.

I still cry, like right now.  I can’t see the keyboard through my tears.  It took all I had to watch this video again.

Isaac exposed pedophiles in Hollywood.  The last time we interacted was right before he went on the Alex Jones show, and I was worried about him.

“I got this.  I know he’s going to try and discredit me, but I got it, don’t worry.”

I’m in no shape to tell the rest of the story.

Don’t let his death, at the hands of the cabal (Tom Hanks, we see you) be in vain.

Isaac was fighting for your children too.

I Must be Hercules…

What is up with the folks who say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle?  I mean, even Moses couldn’t handle His mission without losing it, and as a matter of fact?  David deemed himself unworthy for his tasks as well.  Who handles a cancer diagnoses, the death of a child, or even the loss of a career?

Hey, you have the wrong person!!!

We cry out to God, then have the unmitigated gall to suppose that He doesn’t know what He’s doing.  That being said, the world is full of beautiful and very horrible things: the only way, truth and life is literally the only way.

I will be writing about my testimony in an upcoming blog, but for now I want to talk about what we do when our world, as we knew it, comes crushing to a bitter end.  How do we pick up the pieces?  How do we not put a bullet through our skulls, or have the faith that our persecution has a distinct beginning and end?

God will not ask you to suffer indefinitely.  

We need to know that there is always a purpose for trials, persecution.  When I think of how my life has been completely transformed (no, not saying I’m a saint) after a lifetime of abuse, despair and hopelessness?   My gratitude for the peace He has given me knows no bounds.  I mean, I went my entire life without a diagnoses of autism, which looking back?  I still catch my breath when I realize that not one single adult, teacher, doctor or family member caught this?  I grieve for the child and young adult who struggled so badly she turned to drug and drink.   Like my brother says, mom and dad were in the midst of their own struggles, their personal demons.  But how, you ask, how in tarnation can a child grow to become a woman and then some without the skills necessary for a healthy and productive life?

The answer will always be Jesus, no matter the question.


As we drove to church this morning, I thought of my first day of kindergarten.  My golden retriever, Chipper, was so distraught that after she and mom dropped me off?  She ran back to the school and jumped through the screen window-  this happened twice, and after that she was no longer allowed to accompany us.

To my surprise, a tear dropped down my cheek to my chin, from my chin to my poncho.  I believe that Chipper knew full well that her human had some disabilities.  I also believe God sent her for that very reason, to love and nourish and protect.  She was the love of my life, and it is no surprise that her little brother lay at my feet, Jesse Bocephus Happy Hoffmananoff.  His love and devotion to me is not unlike his predecessors, but Jesse is special in a way that defies explanation; and he has been loyal and true and beloved, during the hardest six years of my life.

I slowly succumb to the nurturing only Jesus can orchestrate, my sweetest boy at my side.

I marvel at what my beloved Jesus has brought me through-yet I know that this newest storm will not be the last.  As followers of Christ we will know the pain and isolation Jesus knew at the foot of the cross.

There is a beginning and an end, the pain does not endureth forever.   If we pick up our cross with the foreknowledge that we have the Holy Spirit in the stead of Jesus, and what the power behind that truly is?

We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.

After church I did some researching and finally reached out to a complete stranger on Twitter-I know I was led to him, because he gave me answers to questions that have plagued me for the last few years.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. is dead.

Dwain find me in the kitchen, regrieving Junior’s death, and beating myself up for my lack of discernment when Jesus whispers-you had hope, there is nothing wrong with hope.

The stranger tells me I should take a break, leave the truther community for a bit.  I am pondering this when my husband runs into the house.

You are NOT going to believe this!!!!

It is 42 degrees here in Pennsylvania.  My husband had given me a set of dragonfly and lights, of the solar variety.  I keep it outside during the day to charge, then bring it inside for the light show at night-red, blue, violet, yellow, red, blue…so surreal.

“Look honey,” my husband says.  “I was getting your light out of the garden and look what flew out of the ground!”

With that said he released the most beautiful red dragonfly.

This is how it has been for years-His presence made visible through the eyes of a child.

The Shining Face on Your TV


Before we discuss the oddities that have become Field McConnell, Kirk Pendergrass and the ever growing web of lies, lust and murder to be found on social media?  Let’s take a look at what God has to say about such matters:

Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of its place, unless thou repent.                           2 Revelations 

This sordid reality became apparent to me months ago, when catfights ensued after I questioned Field’s narrative on Twitter.  I was called Deep State, among other nomenclatures-but I realized that this group of tardettes had one thing in common:  they weren’t telling the truth.  I wrote to Diane Essengil when I discovered Lestat wound up with Field’s Abel Danger channel.

“what the FUCK is this?  What the FUCK is this?,” she screamed in bold face writing.

Something is up with Field and LeStat, I naively wrote back.   And listen, doesn’t LeStat sound an awful lot like Tim Holmseth?

Field is a hero.  Nothing to see here.

I shrugged her answer off and went about my business.  I wrote to the White House when the Zim bond scam became out of control.  The social engineers that be had wound people up with talk of wealth and forgiven debt.  I repeated Field’s statement that the IRS would be dismantled by last August to my brother.  Thankfully?  He never responded.

As God would have it, proof that Field and his merry band of idiots resurfaced-I found myself hanging on every word I could find.  Only recently did I accept my calling to join forces with those who were out to prove that Field had lied about his sister Kristine Marcy.  David Hawkins had been paid $500 a month, by Mr. McConnell, to spout fairy tales and slanderous lies against Field’s sister.

Field called her a malignant narcissist and murderous pedophile.

And thousands and thousands of people believed him, including myself.  And then came the biggest, bestest   validation a girl could get via Montagraph, Kevin Mardsen, Agent 19 and Rebecca 1965 (all YouTubers) who were willing to speak real truth-a dying art in this day and age.

I approached Mark Ellis yesterday, asking for his side of the story.  Mark had started a pedophile investigative service in Canada, and he thought it good and great to have Field share his information, thus the nonexistent Children’s Crusade was born.

Scammers, fraudsters and much worse- the merry band of numbskulls CONTINUE to spread outright lies in the name of green.  This is just the tippy top of the iceberg folks, and I hope you will join us for the ride of a lifetime.

Be careful who you follow.

I would like to thank the mother loving folks at WordPress for making this blog nearly impossible to write.

Below, a sample of the cluster fuck this thing has become.   My thoughts and prayers remain with Kim Picazio-the attorney from Florida harassed for no less than ten years by Mr. Holmseth himself.

The beat goes on~