The Remnant

As I walked the shore of the lake this morning, I wrote this morning’s blog in my head. Many of us Anons are preparing for total disclosure, and that means people are going to awaken on a mass scale. We have ventilators, even hospitals built for the specific purpose of helping people cope with the truth.

I didn’t ask to lose my family. As a matter of fact, I didn’t choose to be alienated, tread upon or disparaged.

I chose this journey, before I was even in the womb. I would die for this country, or any child in harm’s way. I am not a saint, or even close-but I am a part of the REMNANT that God chose to awaken you.

We are indeed the chosen ones, and if you’d told me what that meant years ago? I would have buried my head in a bottle of tequila. Fear is a liar, a useless tool to keep us oppressed.

It’s on like Donkey Kong.

And to those of you who have trash talked, thrown the first punch or insisted on political correctness in the guise of morality?

May God have mercy on your souls.

While you were all wrapped up in the hate?

We were saving your children.

I wish you would have listened, but now you have no choice.

The Human Mall

Breaking News-Truthstream Media

This Can’t Be a Thing

If you are watching television, or getting your news from ANY MSM venue, including FOX? You are being deceived. America, the QAnon community is here to give you the truth. We ARE the news now. In a matter of days, perhaps hours? The entire WORLD will be forced to awaken.

The news is disgusting, demoralizing and frankly-terrifying. The evil so enmeshed in our every day world? It boggles the mind.

Every mother fucker who burned a flag, hit an elder or murdered an innocent human being in the name of George Soros and the DNC funded BLM will be mowed over like so much fluff. They are conspirators, traitors and they are evil to the core. George Floyd died from an overdose, the entire movement was a LARP and you fell for it, didn’t you?

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, sold to Tom Hanks by her own father as a child. Repeatedly raped and tortured by her Illuminati family and their cohorts. Not a pretty story, and she has been put through hell for telling it-rest assured. But she is about to be vindicated, and rightfully so.

To the demons and dregs of society-fair warning.

You’re about to get your mother loving asses kicked off of the face of our planet.

Anderson’s brother never died.

All That is Hidden Will Manifest