Dangerously Able

We went to my adopted daughter’s wedding yesterday.  She was beautiful, the day was perfect and I am still reeling from over stimulation.  I’ve never met her friends before, and after a week of dentists, lunches and people?  I can say with resolve that I’ve never been happier to have my ass planted on my couch.

As of late, my self esteem has been non existent, my mood one of glum acceptance.  I believe it to be a combination of things.  Finding out that you are on the Autism spectrum in mid life is akin to discovering you identify with a Range Rover when all this time you were a beat up Chevy.  I am paranoid, watching others react to what I say, how I worship and present myself.

I just want to get back to the business of the peace that surpasses all understanding, and that is up to me.  I can let go and let God with the assuredness of Jesus having brought me through some tumult in my day; and He will bring me through this.  This morning’s sermon spoke to me in that the pastor spoke of true persecution around the world.  Did you know that 80% of the world may not worship as a Christian in public?  After taking in some hard, cold facts?  I cried salty tears of remorse and regret.

I simply will not rest until the situation described in the following video is resolved, resulting in the arrests of Field, Timothy and the other shills, liars and frauds who have taken the focus off of the real problem of pedophilia and human trafficking.  They are heinous, putrid pieces of shit in my book.  There are maybe a dozen of us out there, trying to raise awareness-this crap fest needs to be shut down.  In the following posts I will go further down this rabbit hole of narcs and psychopaths, social engineering and what I believe to be an epidemic of the same type that put us in this mess to begin with:  good people who want to help the movement, but are being misled in the biggest way imaginable.