Finding Nemos


This is the story I have been telling you about, and it’s a good one!  It may take me days to write this, and I’m okay with that.  Let’s just say, when you commit yourself to God and the truth-it’s a wild, wild ride.

I am truly enjoying this Sunday:  we made it to church, which always cheers me up in the dead of Winter, early Spring.  This time of year finds me cocooning, nesting deep within my she shed, only leaving for emergencies-such as hiking, or food.  Oh, and shed hunting.  🙂  Speaking of sheds, we went out for a hunt today,  my man, myself and my boy-Jesse Bocephus Happy Hoffmananoff.  The.  Best.  Dog.  Ever.  At least in this realm.  We find the mother of all antler sheds after an hour of determination and prayer.  Yes, I asked Jesus for a shed: as always, he answered-and in a not so insignificant way.  I hid the monster behind my back, and the look on Dwain’s face when I pulled it out?  Worth every sweaty movement.

Just moments ago, I receive a message from a dear friend, and one I have only known for less than a week.  I do not know his name, only his Twitter handle-and I trust him more than I probably should, but Jesus gave me eyes to see and ears to listen this week.  The tale I have to tell is as gut wrenching as it is nauseating.   In a time when it is virtually impossible to trust anyone?  After finding that our government lied to us about the moon walk, the wars, history itself and 9/11?  After one third of American women (and men) wear pink vagina hats (that’s FINE) but a red MAGA hat will get you thrown out of school, if not in jail!  If that wasn’t enough, we have the PAYtriots we took a chance on trusting the most?  Well, I am here to tell you that there is a very special place in hell for these monsters.  Some are just in it for money, but some are [THEM] and I cannot begin to scratch the surface, to muster a way to tell you how outraged I am at this very moment.

What was the message, you ask?  From your new friend?  I am not even sure if I should say her name, so I will not.  She is pretty much the official spokesperson for Satanic Ritual Abuse and SAVING THE CHILDREN.  Cute little bitch of a blonde, had a surfing accident recently in which she lost part of a finger.  If this is true (and my friend is UP there with #POTUS and #JFK, JR, so I do trust him) she is one of the most reprehensible human beings on earth (if she is, indeed, human.)

The week began with the announcement of the number one best seller on Amazon!  Q-The Great Awakening, written by Dustin Nemos (an “authority” on Q) and a few other authors ( McAllister TV, Praying Medic, Jordan Sather, Joe M, Sara WestallI watched Dustin’s video on the subject, saying that the people who were upset with him for selling out-were “angry, shill buttholes.”  He went on to say that not only did he have General Flynn’s permission to gather these twelve authors, but that there was a chapter written by Flynn himself!

He didn’t and no, Flynn most certainly did not write a word of that book.

The whole thing didn’t sit well with me, and after two days of praying I dug deeper.  I found that Dustin Nemos was really Dustin Craig Krieger.  A wealthy investor (we were led to believe he was destitute) who had a list of felonies, including trafficking heroin and selling “opium candles to six year olds.”  I found an article and sent it to one of the people on Twitter I knew I could count on, and the result was a spiritual and human connection.

@Morpheus, may you be blessed with all of the goodness that God has to offer.  


What makes these people despicable is pretty obvious.  They pretended to be concerned and vocal MAGAs who were going after the evil, the treasonous, the corrupt.  We felt safe and of course, many of us trusted them.  Have we as a nation not suffered enough?  How putrid these people are-the love of money, the very evil we are fighting against.

This is the video my friend sent me two days ago.  We have a choice:  choose to fix our eyes on the glorious good God has given this world; the bravest man in the world, accompanied by the best president in history, is going to avenge his father’s death.  Or give in to the disillusion, and allow these pukes to get away with it.

I stand with God.

I stand with Donald J. Trump.

I stand with John F. Kennedy, Jr.

This is the battle of good against evil, written in the book of Revelations.

We will have our books and movies, written by the heroes who lived this amazing and bewildering time of tribulation.

In the meantime, we need to know that this is not our burden to carry, it is His.  Ask Jesus to guide you in all your ways.  Put on the full armor of a God who sacrificed His one and only son to pay for your sins.  Rejoice.  Redeem.  Renew.

And don’t you ever give up!  FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!



Haunted by Sheeple


I am mildly disturbed.  Some would say deranged with rage, and I am surrounded by Sheeple at each and every turn.  How does a girl, who suffers from PTSD, get to the bottom of it all without terrorizing herself, her dog and even, yes-even the mail lady?  Poor Tammy.  She slid into our mailbox yesterday, and I wouldn’t have even noticed if my pup hadn’t sounded the alarm.  Does that ever happen to you?  You’re in the middle of deep concentration and the dog barks you out of your stupor?  Scares the red blood cells right out of me, I swear.

The poor girl was traumatized, as her truck was hanging on the very precipice of an embankment.  As I leaned in to see if she was okay, it was clear to me that she was in shock.  Once I had her in the house, we needed to wait for my husband to arrive and pull her vehicle out.

“Did you know that President Trump is saving the world as we speak?”

“JFK, Jr. is alive and well, and I think he’s Q, and Trump is Q+.”

I stopped talking when I saw the fear mounting in her eyes.  She had absolutely no idea what I was speaking about.   I’m quite sure she went home to her husband and bitched about the “crazy lady” that bent her ear with nonsense-and that is the point of this blog:  Q is 100% real.  The Great Awakening is 100% real.  I live in a town of 300 people, and aside from my friends Sherry and Scott?  Not one of them believes a word I say.

No more redpilling for this girl.  I try to understand and practice patience, but I have to say I am frustrated more than not.  And with so very much at stake, I remind myself that day by day (maybe not in the sleepy town of Kleinfeltersville)  the masses are truly awakening.

Recently, I have had a hard time keeping up with the news; an even harder time at making the distinction between truth and crapola-so, I cancelled most of my YouTube subscriptions and now get my news from the horses mouth, on 8 chan, of course. The SGT Report is real news, and Q has confirmed this.   I have to be honest, I am not quite sure what to think of the new QAnon book:  we were warned a while back-be careful who you follow.  You see, there are Patriots and Paytriots-those that are trying to profit from the Great Awakening and Q movements.  As it turns out, the people who wrote the book are the very same who helped me to make sense of it all-and I am torn between supporting and condemning. 

I suppose we all need to understand that false information is necessary-there are bad people, even our enemies, on this board.

I agree with Sean; ask those questions of God himself.  He is the author of our reality, our past and our precious future.

He is the Alpha and Omega.  Abba won’t censor, ridicule or abandon you.

This is a war that is gaining momentum, good vs. evil, a shift in consciousness, a new world-God wins in the end, and that, my friends, is all I need to know.

For now.

Hunger Strike


Here I sit, fresh off of 8chan, and my mind is blown:  not that I didn’t know that Chris Cornell didn’t kill himself, I knew alright.  And here’s the shocker:  Chris knew, and maybe he knew too much.  Pay attention to the words:  I am a lyric junkie, yet in my wildest nightmares, I had no idea.  I had no idea that the Illuminati ate children.  Never even heard a rumor to that affect.  They say that only those with “eyes to see” can understand the severity and depravity of these facts.

Chris was telling us that he wasn’t about to join the diabolical crowd.  Is that why they murdered him?  I simply do not know.


The Illuminati has infiltrated governments across this planet.  Latin for ‘enlightened ones’, the Illuminati was founded in the southern German state of Bavaria on May 1, 1776, by a religious law professor named Adam Weishaupt.  The 20 year old believed that through enlightenment, society would have to become more orderly and efficient.  He incorporated mysticism, to add intrigue and make the group a mysterious enigma, wrapped in cloaks and daggers.

This system was based on the Freemasons’ structure of orders and ranks.  His first group contained five members, all given aliases to provide a modicum of anonymity.  Weisthaupt  chose the name Spartacus.

Professor Weishaupt, as it turned out, was a huge control freak.  The initiation rites prospective members endured included bizarre costumes and chilling ceremonies.  By 1779, there were only 54 members.  Everything changed when Baron Adolph Freiherr von Knigge.:  a renowned diplomat and Master Mason occultist with connections to numerous secret societies.  Von Knigge was very successful in his recruitment of new members, including royalty, powerful politicians and leading Freemasons.

The Illuminati Hierarchy

Weishaupt’s model for a New World Order involved three basic classes:

Class 1-he called this the “nursery,” consisting of Noviciate, Minerval and Illuminatus Minor.

Class II-the “blue lodge” (Masonic) categories of Apprentice, Companion and Master-separated from the higher “Scottish” grades of Scottish Novice and Scottish Knight.

Class III-the Mysteries: Priest and Prince, followed by the more enigmatic Mage and King.

So, in essence, when Jim Carrey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to discuss the “Illuminutti” conspiracy freaks, his agenda was clear-to disparage and discount the very organization that donned him a High Priest of Satanism.

Don’t let anyone call you a conspiracy theorist if you mention Secret Societies.

They ain’t so Secret any more.



MoJo Rising


Good Friday afternoon to y’all.  I write to you on this dreary, but freakishly exciting Winter’s day from my sick bed.  It takes a lot to get me into bed, especially because of the years and years I spent in bed because of depression.  The common flu or virus, the catch o’ the day, so to speak.

Yesterday was ROUGH on my husband, poor Dwain.  I get really, really, really mean right before I get sick.  I remember two years ago, when I was going through a bout of Lyme: I was standing my the trash can, picking up clutter, when my husband spilled the brand new bag of French kitty litter all over the driveway.  When I say it’s French, I mean it’s from Paris-I get it at the local bent and dent, for $5.99 and it’s the best cat litter I have ever used in my 51 years of cats.


Yep.  I can be the biggest beatch  this side of the Pacos.  So, getting back to the story-I was filled-not only with rage but superhuman strength.

“I.  Could.  KILL.  You.”

I ran at him full force and scared the shit out of both of us.  Well, yesterday can be likened to that scenario.  I had to go for a Suboxone pee test.  I had put this appointment off approximately 5. 457 times.  Between the shady weather (sleet, snow, jackasses) and my current bug du jour?  I didn’t feel like driving 30 minutes to have someone irritate me-and, sadly for her, that is exactly what happened when my doctor’s receptionist screamed:

“You have to CHECK OUT!!!!!!!”

First off, her name is Rocky, I kid you not.   Short for Raquel (?), this woman earned the nickname:  two hundred pounds of Hispanic attitude on crack, having a bad day.  (No, I am not prejudice against Hispanics.  Pleasssssssssssseeee.  The politically correct can go blow their horn, this is my blog.

Okay, I admit I try to escape the time consumption of checking out of my physician’s office.  I do it, almost every time I go-but you should have seen her face!  Honestly, she looked like she had just swallowed glass.  And,  she looked like she could cut a bitch.  She messed with the wrong altar ego, I can tell you that.  Right there, in front of everyone, I retaliated:

“Jesus Rocky, do you have to be irritable 150% of the time????”

I don’t know what happened next, as the other receptionist was having such a hard time unlocking the door, for me to CHECK OUT, that I got caught up in the drama, and hey-she kind of deserved it.

That’s what I wanted to say. “BITCH, PLEASE!!”

Prior to that, the doctor declared my “weight was up a few pounds.”  The very same doctor who threatened to hospitalize me if I didn’t gain weight ten years prior.  I can’t begin to tell you how badly that pissed me off.

“What’s up with that blood pressure, anyway?,” he laughed.

Wrong.  Move.

First of all, I have my period.  Secondly, my clothes fit just fine, thank you very much, and C.  why do I still go to this Douchebag, anyay?

Hours later, after shelling out $100 on prescriptions, I find myself beginning to relax, whilst shed hunting with my main dog, Jesse.  I revel in the fresh air, the snow covered inlets and bubbling brooks…my phone rings, it is my husband.  What fresh hell appears on the horizon?

“Please deposit my check today, you already spent 175 bucks!”

You poked the bear, Mister.

I drove to the bank, leaving all thoughts of hiking behind.  I cried at said bank, then drove home to write my husband a hate-mail.  I went on about rolling pennies when we first met, to not having a vacation for the last two years, and only God knows what else.

See what I did there?  You can ignore an email.  And I had no desire to see the results-I was too busy crawling under the sheets, and turning the people off.

I’ll have a new blog written for tomorrow, about QAnon, the global agenda that is Q, and the news keeps getting better and better.

Now, back to bed.


My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain….


I had no intention of bringing any kind of politics into my blog arena. I needed a place to just be, and didn’t want to dissuade a single soul from reading my writings. Politics are just that. I could care less about politics. But the battle of Good versus Evil? Now that has my attention, and we are in the midst of the culmination of two years of hard work, unswaying devotion and a refusal to give up. The powers that be, unseen and unrecognized by most, have been waging a war on crimes against humanity. The good news is in, we are safe, our children are safe…..and the good people in high places will not stop fighting for us, no, not any time soon.

The news is out. Barack Obama? Yep. He has committed atrocious crimes, and he will be indicted-as will many others, Republican and Democrat alike. 9/11? Why don’t we ask George Bush, Sr. and Jr. about that day….hmmm. Hillary Clinton, Huma, Michael Pence: take notice the next time the president gives a State of the Union address. NO ONE wants to be near the man, and they have good, very good reasons.

The horrifying truth is this: the elite, the NWO, the Illuminati if you will-they have been deceiving us for years. Many of them pedophiles, committing acts of treason, rape, murder………how long were we to put up with this duality world?

The time is now and their time is UP. Batman wants us to take our country back. And he will face the darkest forces of evil to do so~

Copperhead Road

This is more than likely the most important blog I will ever write: I have chosen to take the coward’s way out-well, I wouldn’t call myself a coward; let’s just say I like blogging on WordPress, and it’s hard enough to write an article about, well, anything-oh the inhumanity, sticking computer keys and the site going down multiple times as I try to get my point across.

Tomorrow is election day. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. For those of you in the know, or awake-you know the importance of a Red Wave across this country. And for those of you who may be sitting on a fence or on the left: this article is not meant to insult, condemn or even belittle you. I need you all to know the truth, as the truth will set you free!

We have had no voice, as we (patriots across America, including POTUS) have been avalanched on every side. ABC, FOX, CBS, PBS, NBC and CBS-they are a product of Project Mockingbird. If you watch these news venues, I can 100% guarantee you that you have no idea what the real news is-I only know because of the path God led me down, after a brush with the New Age. Slowly, but oh so steadily the scales were taken off of my eyes. We have been lied to, stolen from, silenced and betrayed on a scale so tremendous that most of us don’t see the forest through the trees. The DEPLORABLES of this awesome nation have had it up to our eye teeth with FAKE NEWS. We know what the CABAL is up to, and it ain’t good. No, it is EVIL of the greatest magnitude.
Below is a video that explains this illegal, deadly and evil process.

Tomorrow, we will be at these polls-across the country Patriots will be monitoring the circumspect behavior; tour groups or random buses pulling into voting booths-we have been alerted to the means and ways of DNC corruption, and we are prepared. I myself will be out and about, have mace-will travel. We need to come TOGETHER, as one nation, and fight the corruption that tried to rob us of our dignity, morals and children in a Sex Trafficking scandal that involves Barry Santoro, HRC, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and many, many more. The evidence is overwhelming.

Please, do everything you can to get out and vote. As we speak, there are three separate caravans heading to our borders. American troops have been deployed to the border, NOT BECAUSE WE ARE INTOLERANT, RACIST OR UPTIGHT. Absolutely none of that is true for the majority of us. If you want this country to become a corrupt, Socialist, baby killing machine, by all means, vote blue. They want this caravan full of MS13, ISIS, ANTIFA and other terrorist factions here to get the votes from illegals.

Do yourself a favor-take a look at San Francisco–Nancy Pelosi’s territory. She lives in a million dollar mansion-have you seen what they have done to California? Is she or any other democrat with the power to do so cleaning any of this mess up? Of course not, THEY DON’T CARE. They got what they wanted, these people have been used and abused. They were PROMISED the world, and this is what was given to them.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Take your country back, put God back in business, VOTE RED.

Tom Girardi and Erika Jane


This one is rather personal, in an eerie kind of way.  I want to begin by saying I am a lowly blogger, who contributes what she can to the #Q movement-I am not making accusations or jumping to conclusions.  I am simply showing you the information at hand, and I am sure there will be more to come, but this story?  It goes back two years ago, when I had been receiving Reiki Treatments and experimenting with the New Age.  At that point in my life, a rook of crows followed me everywhere, even on vacation in Potter County, a three hour drive from here.  I remember my 55th birthday, as my husband was flipping the burgers, he said:

“There’s your crows honey, they really do follow you everywhere!”

This is the same vacation that had me drinking, (recovering alcoholic) anxious and heaving with crying jags.  Brrrr..  I can’t go back there right now.  Suffice it to say, Jesus pulled me from the muck and mire that is the Satanic New Age Movement, convicted, forgiven and redeemed.  It was about this same time that I swore off Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Real Housewives of New York after seeing a party in which Miss Erika Jayne Girardi threw such a grotesquely lavish birthday party for herself-I had to turn off the television.

At that time, I knew the Holy Spirit was up to something, because after the lesson comes the blessing.  I was addicted to these reality shows in which women try to out dress, out spend and out drink one another.  They’re vicious vipers who would sell their soul for a buck.  This was when I was beginning to awaken, and as much as I loved those stupid shows?  It was nothing to give them up.  Nothing.


So, after taking in that video, I stumbled upon this.

Nothing to see here folks.