Public Enemy Number ONE

The gloves are going to have to come off. No matter the cost I must get the truth out to you and I’m going to ask you to do something I have never asked before: I want you to share this blog with everyone you know.

We are in the midst of a war of biblical proportions. This has nothing to do with a virus-and everything to do with a battle we know God will win. The mainstream media is finished, and I will be the first to say good riddance. The more of us awake? The better to fight this evil with everything in our mind, body and soul.

We all need to take a deep breath and come to terms with the reality that the times we are living in haven’t truly changed at all. We are at war against evil comparable to the times of ancient Babylon. There are ancient bloodlines, fallen angels and the fact that we are not the only people on this planet.

We have to put on our big boy pants my friends. We need to be vigilant in our mission to save humankind from the grasp of an elite so vile-well, it can and will break a person.

Those who know cannot sleep.

Everything that is hidden is about to be exposed. Project Mockingbird, the Hollywood/D.C. death cult who worship the Baphomet, take our children and yes, as hard as this is for me to say-torturing them in order to not only get high on Adrenochrome but as part of a satanic ritual. These “people” are not human. They are positively demons, and possibly reptilians. There are videos on the subject, and until I did extensive research I didn’t believe it myself. That is a topic for another day.

This is a go to channel. This is John F. Kennedy Jr.

There is literally no reason to panic. You are safe in your homes. The children depend on us all getting our acts together. We must awaken for their sake, time is of the essence.

The Cabal Fall Down

Folks, I want to preface this blog by asking that you do your own research. I am seeing so many vloggers, bloggers and Twatters-some that I have followed for years-put out faulty and even dangerous information as of late. It angers me beyond the point of reason-many of these so called Patriots are raking it in-and they’ll do anything to get you to notice them; including clickbait, which I find absolutely deplorable.

Speaking of Deplorables-Trump has ended the mainstream media. Rachel Madcow crying, on live television, was worth the wait. The very same asshats who screamed ORANGE MAN BAD are the ones who have something to hide-and trust me, it ain’t good.

It is my staunch opinion that these are the end of days under the festering, murderous regime of literal vampires who stalk their prey right out in the open, as if they are untouchable. Believe me when I say their days are numbered. Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, Courtney Cox and even Julia Louise Dreyfus-you can see them on Twitter, disheveled and withdrawing from Adrenochrome. Harrowing I know, but let’s look at this from a sane perspective.

I am not trying to frighten you, that is the last thing I want to do. Fear is a liar, and it will get you nowhere fast. The best thing you can do right now is have faith that we are in a biblical time in which God is wiping evil off of the face of the earth. You are safe in your homes. God is using this to turn his children to Christ. The Plan ( has been in place for years. Trust Donald J. Trump, trust the military. They will not let us down, this I know for sure.

So what can you do? I am getting my house in order, literally. Cleaning and organizing gives you a sense of control-desperately needed in times such as these. Check in on your elderly neighbors and family, reassure them with the knowledge you have gained-ask of their needs, and play nice with others. I have seen some ugly things over the past week, and although I put myself in the middle of more than an argument or two? I am now focusing on loving the crud out of people who appear to be unlovable. The general population (especially the normies) are frightened. Fear is often hidden by anger-you know how you felt when you first woke up-lost at sea. Find a way to love and comfort those around you.

Americans are overworked, overscheduled and exhausted. Here are a few ideas to help you keep hope alive.

  • Play outdoors. Not only will this give you a much needed break from stress, the oxygen the trees and fauna give off are rejuvenating.
  • Break the rules-eat that donut, take an extra piece of pie-go for the shot of tequila. Not every day but some days. A little self indulgence is liberating.
  • Journal-you’re living in the most amazing time in the history of the world-next to Jesus’ overcoming the grave. Beautiful things are happening all around us-perhaps a gratitude journal? It helps us to see just how well God has provided for us.
  • Reignite your sense of humor-playful people have more resilience.
  • Do nothing. We are not meant for unrelenting stressors. The very act of doing nothing is important.
  • Activate your vagus nerve-the key to calming down. The vagus is the longest of the 12 nerve fibers emanating from the brain. A cheap way to do this is by cold-water face immersion. This reduces your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Take a hike! Pay attention to God’s creation wherever you are-refigure your relationship to everything around you.
  • Learn a new skill. Always wanted to learn a new language? Paint? Each time we acquire a new skill we strengthen our brains.
  • Get more sleep! According to a new Gallup pole, 40% of Americans report getting less than the recommended 7 hours per night. You may just see a dramatic difference in your physical abilities in three to four years.
  • Emotionally connect with family and friends. Mood follows action. Call an old comrade, send a cheery note to your great Aunt Jane-you get the drift.
  • Get your hands dirty. Exposure to biodiverse soil is good for your microbiome-scientists correlate this with improved mood and sleep.
  • Ask your physician about CBD oil for anxiety. Be wary if a product claims to cure anything-you may be eligible for a prescription for medical marijuana if you have one of several medical conditions. I was diagnosed with CPTSD-there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to wax profane on its ability to help me cope.
  • Focus on one thing, one day at a time. Multitasking is a myth-it simply doesn’t work.
  • Want to relax? Learn how to knit. There are many websites devoted to teaching skills we never had the time to learn before.
  • Try Tai Chi-again, a marvelous way to center yourself.
  • Plan a dream vacation. You may not be able to book it, but the dream of better days ahead is a panacea to the soul.

And last but never least-pray. Read the Psalms, the New Testament, any scripture you find brings you solace.

Read Psalm 91-not only my favorite, but a Psalm for miracles-

For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Sugar Mountain

You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain, though you know that you’re leaving there too soon.

I apologize for not getting to my audience sooner, but the fates combined to leave me with no electronics. Long story, and let’s just get down to it, shall we?

I want to preface anything I say with a caveat-if you don’t believe me, have trust issues or think I have time to bullshit you?

This blog isn’t for you.


The Wuhan virus was patented by the Deep State to create an Armageddon: while they fled for underground tunnels and Antartica-caviar and only the best champagne will do, thank you very much-[THEY] were going to kill as many of us as possible.

The Trump administration, the nation’s military generals, and especially God Himself thwarted that plan. What you are watching in real time is the systematic destruction of the deep state cabal. Our beloved, duly elected president needs time to arrest thousands upon thousands of very, very evil people. He wants us safe. Donald J. Trump cannot shout out his plans because the enemies of our state would be more informed than he wants them to be. I am telling you to trust the plan, take a break, and look to God for answers and self reflection. You will have plenty, plenty of time on your hands in which to do so.

In 2017, the Holy Spirit saw fit to convict me of one thing and one thing only: that #QAnon was real. Over the past years, I felt God moving mountains for me: He gave me everything I needed to prepare for the job I excel at-and that is encouraging, loving and comforting people.

What you are watching on television is Public Enemy Numero Uno: the mainstream media conglomerate run by the likes of George Soros and major network talking heads who will not only be indicted? [THEY] will face charges of treason, punishable by death. It is they who caused this panic, as they are in bed with satan. It proves a point, one that we have been trying to tell you for years: don’t believe a word you hear.

I lost my shit over the years, on the people I loved the most. Uncontrollable fits of rage and frustration, combined with an exhausted and withered psyche, led me to turn to Jesus in a way I never had before. Through the miracle of faith I was guided by discernment the likes of which I have never experienced before. The great Comforter was way ahead of me, to be sure.

There will be executions.

There will be blood shed.

There will be mass arrests.

This storm is biblical, my dear beloveds. If there was every a good time to pray, it’s now. We are SAFE. The patriots are in control. I will be blogging all weekend, as there will be an upcoming 10 days of darkness in which our entire internet system will be rebooted.

Buh bye Zuckerberg.

See ya later @Jack.

Don Lemon? It’s been real.

What can you do? Ensure you have plenty of food, water and, er, toilet paper. Cooperate with your president. Have your prescriptions filled for three months if possible, stock up on whatever it is that you simply cannot be without-for me, Nicorette gum and pet food.

Comfort your friends and neighbors. Remain CALM, and please-look up. He’s holding you. He’s loving you. GOD is in control.

The River of Deceit

Ah, as He would have it this song just popped up out of nowhere-one of my favorites as it speaks to my own personal pain, self chosen. I’m not quite sure how all of this happened-the knowing, the peace I felt at every turn. It was a bunch of little, then not so little things that cracked my very foundation, then led to a joy I can’t put into words. Almost like childbirth, I would suppose.

You don’t get the miracle. No-not until your body has twisted inside out, every single cell of your body transformed with the life and truth of something so big, so biblical? It literally brings to mind the phrase-

“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

And then, when you’ve learned the ABC’s of it? When you think all is lost and the world is crumbling at your feet, a stroke of the painter’s brush and you see it, you see the LIGHT. You have come home, beloved. Discernment is a very touchy thing: water it with love and care-your truth and power are directly tied to Christ. After the desolation and despair, I come to the part where it gets good-really, really good.

I want to share it with you, but I must be careful in how I do this as these are touchy times in which the word misspoken can break the fragility of Christians around the world who are troubled, unsettled, panicked even. So I will leave the writing to God, although I know what it is I have to say to you.

I received a text from my close friend Jay. He is suffering on a daily basis: you guessed it-the Corona Virus. Now, [they] have been trying to silence me for years. Can’t have the truth out, now can we? After writing my blog entitled Who is Somerset Belanoff? my computer blew a gasket. Prior to that, I had been banned for life on Twitter. After sneaking in the back door so to speak, I realized I had a conundrum.

I could tweet on the phone, but not write my blogs. I had access to so much information that simply can not be shared with you all-without my pc my world became much smaller. I chalked it up to God wanting me to take a break, rather than beat my head against the wall trying to stop the censorship.

Back to the worm moon.

This video is a must watch if you’ve ever wondered, Why God?

Okay. This is what White House Photos had to say on Twitter about this #SuperWormMoon:

You are the mother of all life/

when we lived only in thevseas, you gave us hope/

You caused tremendous waves to tell us ‘leave the sea’/

You ordered us to go to land n build the paradise on earth/

You have been sailing for us in the universe’s ocean.


Now, we all know the number 144,000 spoken of in Revelations. Would it shock you to know that there are approximately 144,000 sealed indictments awaiting unsealing. This is key. What states have the highest concentration of the Corona Virus? The following video contains the information: the areas of highest concentrations of CV are the exact same areas for the highest number of indictments per state.

Let that all sink in.

Gives a new meaning to Q’s constant phrase: [These people] are sick.

Just suppose our beloved president is a 5D chess player genius. What if the Corona virus, patented in China before the outbreak, was a false flag, a hoax. What if the deep state colluded with the Mainstream Media to create a pandemic and hysteria of mass proportions to take our minds off of what is happening in real time: Trump is using this faux virus as a boomerang right back at the feckless cabal?

So, then @POTUS could turn it around to play the deep state. He can use medical martial law to contain the masses, lessen the threat of rioting in the street, looting, etc. People would stay home, and he could use the border closings and flight restrictions to round them all up, with minimal wear and tear on America’s psyche.

I laid in bed this afternoon, exhausted by grief-it’s my father’s birthday and I miss him terribly. I watched Fox News talk of precautions one must take to protect themselves from the “virus.” The more they talked, the higher the Dow Jones rose. I was transfixed in time, knowing that I was a part of something so big, so amazing and so biblical. I nodded off and slept for hours; deep, restorative REM.

Be blessed beloveds~

What’s In Store

Would I lie to you?

Typical week for me so far-run through every gamut of emotion from pure joy after Sunday’s service, a spirit of forgiveness and then? Cold acceptance of the way things are and will be from here on out.

Once you know the truth? You simply can’t go back to the hive mentality. You know the truth, lost sleep over the children and basically have grown your ass up and chosen ostracism and stigma as your daily bread; because the truth is more important than anything else. Your experience of this awakening has changed you, yes, but more importantly? You now know you have a voice and can throw all caution to the wind, be a badass-it just doesn’t matter what the naysayers think. They lack a certain fortitude, the courage to stand alone even if it means losing everything.


The truth tellers, the voices of silenced minions who know the pain of being the Scapegoat, the oddball-we have something to say to all of you in “the club.” Our experience and hours of research count for much, as does our integrity and quest to be at peace at the end of the day-knowing we have done our best, raised awareness and hopefully loved like there were razors in it.

Due to my lack of access to a computer, I want to share a few videos updating you on current events. A bit of a collage so to speak. If you are awake and you feel isolation or pain at the hands of the ignorant, please join a group or go to for support. You can’t shut down or isolate-you need people and your loved ones need you.

Be blessed my friends. Be blessed.

News you can use.

Here’s a great series by my girl Amazing Polly for those who feel persecuted by friends and family members, society in general actually. She pulled me out of more than a few bad hair days.

Start here. Thirty two other episodes follow-good stuff.

I Walked Alone

Dark to a light so bright!

I have so very much to say to you all, yet my time with Dwain’s computer is so limited, and I apologize. That being said, if you are a freedom fighter, human being or Patriot? If you know about the extreme spiritual warfare in the recent years, have had your faith rocked or are concerned about the headlines-sit down, set a spell.


I am going to try to summon as much compassion and love that is possible to help guide the normies into the truth and nothing but. There is no longer a doubt in my mind-God has shown me through the last years with discernment. I doubted myself awhile back, with the Field McConnel/Kim Picazio debacle-it saddens me, because my gut was correct and Field is a patriot-more details to come.

This is the moment(s) I have been waiting for the last three years. The road less travelled is often the road less taken-a siren’s call for this girl, but hey-to each his own. I have news and it’s all good-especially if you have believed word one from the Lamestream Media.

The coronavirus is NOT a threat to Americans, far from it. Do not buy into the fear and frenzy-between that and the stock market dive? Many of us are panick stricken, just waiting for the next shoe to drop. If you have made things right with your Maker, have given your life to Jesus (the way, the truth and the LIFE) and fought for some semblance of clarity-this is your time baby!

Evil has met its match.

This is a fabulous source of the real news.

The rage within is seething. You would think, now that the war is coming to an end, that I would have calmed down somewhat; in fact, the complete opposite is happening. I intend to sue my censors, each and every one of them. I will sue anyone and everyone who has made my life a living hell for the last three years. Verizon. YouTube. Twitter. Facebook-you name it, I’ll sue it. Relax, the money will be going to animals and children-you have my word.

The world is experiencing the plagues of the bible-locust infestations in Africa and Saudi Arabia, rivers turning blood red in China-signs in the sky, the very ones He promised would be evident in the very last days.

Good has overcome the despicable evil, the worst the world has ever seen.

Everything that is hidden will come out into the light. Liars will be exposed, and evil will get what it has coming-nothing can stop what is coming, has already begun.

The meek shall inherit the earth.

Imbecile Wind

WARNING              WARNING                  WARNING             WARNING            WARNING

Please proceed with caution.  I am triggered and that means there’s a good chance you may be too, so…don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I was wondering when the dam would break.  Just yesterday I was marveling at the fact that I am not, in fact, in a mental institution after the stress of the past two years.  I say this entirely serious-as a heart attack.  If I had known what lay ahead?  Let’s just say it’s amazing what Jesus can do for one’s health.  Amen!

I have always cared, a bit too much, for people who don’t give a flying fig about me.  It’s my nature to love, and in fact, I find it close to impossible to say anything that would hurt someone else’s feelings.  I cannot stand for bullies, and I just can’t stomach malice.  There is an exception to every rule, and today has been coming for a very long time.

I have always had a cause or two, animals, battered or abused women and children, banning Sharia Law from this country…LGBT rights.  When it came to the real news?  I had not a clue, as I was busy living my life self centeredly; it’s what addicts do best.

Biden, Pence, G.W., Obama, Clinton and their wives were given an envelope. It wasn’t good news.

Here’s the thing.  I woke up in 2015, when working for a client who listened to Rush Limbaugh at volume ear bleed on his Bose.  Religiously.  I was a Democrat at the time and a feisty one at that.  As the days and weeks went by, I learned horrifying details of what Barry Santero and Michael Richards were doing.  I would yell out loud, and ask John, an 85 year old Italian, who had an opinion,  about everything, what in the Harry Belafonte was GOING ON?

“This can’t be, they’re ruining the country.”

“I think he’s the antichrist.”

“Yep, it’s deliberate.  He’s a muslim.”

I conservatized my butt then and there, on the spot.

“Why do you hate that guy?”

I didn’t want to step on any toes, but I began trying to get the word out to my friends and family.

market 04
Here they are, yup, they’re all there! My nearest and dearest…

My situation changed, and I could no longer work due to my PTSD.  Praise God we won my disability case, as to this day I can’t commit to a haircut, let alone job.  The Lyme disease reared its putrid head around this time-I had long days of resting, and I took to the Truther ropes with relative ease.

At first it was Alex Jones, who ended up being a bad actor.  To this day I am unsure of the real truth about some of his theories-he is paid disinformation, don’t forget.  I slowly found my way, with Jesus’ steadfast love and encouragement.  What I learned I can’t unlearn.  And yes, there are days when I wish I could-my life is now pre and post red pill.  I get teary watching certain shows, dreamily thinking of the days when we took life at face value.  When women weren’t men, and presidents didn’t cause race wars, or fund the terrorist militias, or murder innocent children.

That absurd bill for hotdogs that you and I paid for?  It was code.  Code for prepubescent boys.  And yes, Pedogate is real-as real as it gets.  Did I want this information?  NO!!!!  Yet the combination of my dread of being snuck up on and my drive for the truth (it may be a hard pill to swallow, but it will set you free) set me on a three year journey of unpleasantries, life changing belief systems and absolute night terrors.


At each and every opportunity, I gently tried to tell the people around me the truth.  It took my husband two years, two years to realize I knew a lot more than him-he did the research himself and came to his own conclusion.  But the years of “Oh honey, you’re hilarious” took its toll on me.

What do you think it does to a person’s soul when no one around them believes one word that comes from their lips?  I can answer that, it ain’t pretty.  And so it was that I phoned my acquaintance Bea today, upon her request, with news of Mike Pence.

I’m really sorry, but it doesn’t look…”

I don’t believe you!!

That moment I felt something growing within; a rage and fury I had yet to know, and it rises again in the retelling.  Who are you going to believe, your friend of ten years of the MSM?  What on God’s green earth would be my motive to lie?  Please, by all means, shed some light on the situation.

I don’t claim to know about the economy, or the plight of today’s farmers; but what I know for certain (that’s what research does folks, it enlightens one) I share.  I don’t go out into the Twilight Zone blindly nor naively.  I had to learn the hard way whom to trust, and how to get at the truth-I have sources with high military intelligence clearances.  John F. Kennedy, Jr. follows me on Twitter-along with some two thousand other people who just happen to assume I have half a brain-and a good one at that.

From this day hence, I shall banish these people from mine kingdom.

If your first name starts with STUPID?  You’re shit out of luck.

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