Sister Abel, Brother Cain

This writing will be more cathartic than you could possibly imagine.  The inner turmoil and shock that wraps around my heart is ruthless.  I need to tell you, but when will I get to the computer, let alone have the time.  Between the Autism diagnoses, Scott’s death and today’s dentist appointment?  My head is a candy apple on a stick, growing by the minute-my blood pressure soars.

I went to a new dentist today, always an anxious endeavor for me.  My husband’s insurance had changed, but I had loved my last dentist, whom I saw not eight months ago.

Doing great!  Keep up the good work.

You can imagine my shock when the hygienist turned to me and said, 

I’m afraid we need to send you to a specialist.  You need to have your gums scaled and planed.  There is bone loss, I am so sorry.

I came home in a daze, angry with the last man to put his fingers in my oral cavity.  What the actual fuck?  I mean, can I sue him or should I just drive my jeep through his office door?

I was angry with God for a moment, the unmitigated gall!  As if Jesus hadn’t brought me through days and valleys that would crush most people-and the strength I have gained through these trials wasn’t enough to get me through discovering that I have been following a lie.  An evil, twisted plot that combines social engineering with the dregs and I mean dregs of society.


This is more of a Public Service Announcement, until I can go into more depth, right now I don’t have the time nor energy.

If you are following Abel Danger, Field McConnell, Timothy Holmseth or Daniel Lee?  What you are seeing is FRAUD.

There is no such thing as the Pentagon Pedophile Taskforce.

There is no such thing as the Children’s Crusade, and please be sure you have good web security before you try to click the link, as I did.  Field is data mining and using your information for nefarious purposes.

In a nutshell?  Field McConnel and David Hawkins (among others) have libeled and maligned Field’s sister, Kristine Marcy.  They have libeled many others, including Kim Picazio, the attorney from Florida who has been stalked by Holmseth for the past ten years.  There are warrants out for Holmseth, and soon perhaps Field himself.  They are bilking the elderly and naïve out of hundreds of thousands of dollars-in the name of abused and tortured children.

Please watch the following video.

There will be more, much more, to come.