[They] Want You Deaf, Dumb and Blind


I apologize for not writing more often these days, but the truth of the matter is this:  conservatives are being attacked and censored on every level.   I have spoken of this in previous blogs, but now the Cabal is desperate, unhinged you might say.  They are desperate to keep you brainwashed, terrified that the truth will have a domino effect on evil players, demons if you must know.

Perhaps 10 to 25 percent of you are woke to the truth, maybe not.  I can tell you that my awakening came after years and years of drinking, drugging and messing around with the New Age.  My story is not unique, not by a long stretch.  Sadly, there is a population of vulnerable, impressionable peeps out there-they have been abused their entire life, be it physical, emotional, sexual or circumstantial.  They fly to the “answers” they have searched for their entire lives, and I was one of those victims.

In 2015, I attended a funeral for a young man who happened to be my friend’s one and only son.  We sat in the balcony, and when Sherry walked into the chapel?  Every muscle in my body tightened.  I dug my nails into my husband’s thigh, trying to stifle the scream I felt surfacing-Jason was her only son:  an expert on motorcycles, a truck driver found him in a ditch, on a sunny day.  Sherry received the news while grocery shopping, when a friend called to voice her sympathies.  A part of my heart died that day, and my life took on a frenetic rush to prove that life on this planet had purpose.  

“This can’t be it, Jesus.  Why are we here?  Seems a tad more like hell on earth, not life.”

trees in park
Already suffering from CPTSD, my life became smaller by the day. I had no hope, no courage, no vision.

During the funeral, I was startled to find the woman behind me had placed her hands on my neck.  She began gently massaging my scalp, and I retreated in a not so nice way-as if to say-look lady, I don’t know you and why in the harry are you TOUCHING me?

“Honey, this is Lydia.  I went to high school with her,” my husband whispered.

The very same Lydia who sold gorgeous, handsewn purses made from old wool sweaters?  That Lydia?  I had heard of her wares, and she was quite renown in our sleepy little town of Kleinfeltersville.  Everyone loved Lydia.

As an artist, I am drawn to others in the field.  I envied her, it seemed she had an idyllic life.  But why was she massaging a stranger’s neck?

photo of person holding crystal ball
I’m studying to be a Reiki Master. Why don’t you come by for a free treatment?

Lydia explained that she was studying for her Reiki Master license.  All “treatments” would be free, at least for the coming month.  As a victim of narcissistic abuse, I had plenty of healing to do-was this what I had been looking for?  I jumped at the chance to see her home, let alone receive Reiki (I had no clue what it was, but my mind is always open)  I was not disappointed on my first visit.  Lydia sat down with me, I glanced at her kitchen table and noticed a deck of what I thought to be tarot cards.

Ten years prior, I had been at a superbowl party in which there was a “psychic” in attendance for the party goers.  Hounded by the host to go up and be “read,” I finally caved.  I had attempted to have my palm read years and years ago, in a tiny flat on South Street, in Philadelphia.  She read my sister well, so I was excited (and terrified) of what she would say to me.  She took my palm.  The look on her face said stranger danger, and before she could scream GET OUT, we headed down the steps, taking two, three at a time.  My sister laughed the entire way home, but I was tormented.

Why would she kick me out?  She told me to call her and she would explain, but that she could not be in my presence.  It wasn’t until years later that I realized a very, very important fact:

Practitioners of black magic, fortune telling, Reiki, or witchcraft simply can’t deal with the children of the Most High.  They know who we are, and they don’t mess around with God-even if they worship satan, they know who we are.   It’s as simple as that.

My visit with the super bowl psychic proved disastrous as well.

“I don’t like tarot cards, or having my palm read,” I explained.  I told her of my past experience.

“Oh, I know why she did it, but that was cruel.  You must have been frantic,  Nothing to fear, let’s get started.”

As my heart began to pound out of my chest, she shuffled the cards.

“Pick one.”

Long story short, I picked the death card.

“Within the week, someone will die in your home.”

Well, that made me fly up out of my seat and run to my husband.

Honey, I thought you didn’t believe in psychics, that isn’t going to happen.

Two days later?  My beloved Dalmatian, Chipper, began having a series of strokes.  By the third day we had to call the vet, and he lapsed into a coma in my lap.  I sat there for five hours, legs numb, railing at God.

The poor dog was diagnosed with encephalitis, a brain swelling.  The trauma hit us both in the face, like a bowl of ice cold water.  In my grief, I had more questions than answers.  I will never forget that day, the darkness, the heartache.

After a few Reiki “treatments,” I found myself becoming more depressed by the day.  I would have days that were so dark?  I couldn’t move, get out of bed, even feed the animals.  I tried to reach out to others, but no one had a clue what I was talking about.  Black crows followed me everywhere, and I mean a murder of crows.  Snakes were found in my kitchen, one dead, with his head sticking up as if he were warning:

Something wicked this way comes.

To be continued.

Some New Truth

The censorship is so bad, that YouTube won’t allow you the privilege of sharing their videos.  It sent me into a tizzy, for approximately 5 minutes.  I quickly realized there are many different ways to access music, and I am the better off in the long run.  Screw you YouTube.

I have taken my case to Abba, and asked that I not suffer the bleak blackness ever again.  You see, if you are a follower of Christ trying to spread spiritual truths?  You’re going to come up against heavy prosecution, it’s just the way it is.

I remember, in 2017, when I was coming to the realization that my family would never, ever be the codependent train wreck it once was.  It was debilitating, overwhelming and a bitter pill to swallow:  the idea that I could exist without a one of them had never crossed my mind.  I put my family first, and even, I am ashamed to say, ahead of my own husband.

I hated holidays that weren’t spent with my family of origin.  Instead of loving the ones I was with, I became forlorn and depressed-each and every Christmas, like clockwork.  God has the power to change our hearts, from the very inside out.  When your heart is where it belongs?  That is when the miracles begin!


It isn’t that I don’t love my family, I do.  However, I have learned the hard way that we must exist independently from our siblings and parents.  If we can’t move on, and into the new family you have created, you are putting yourself in an atmosphere of misery and wont.

At some point in one’s life these ties must be, if only temporarily, severed.  Once you become your own person,  strong in your faith and belief system, then you can have a mutually beneficial relationship with them.  Trust me, there is plenty of dysfunction to go around-you aren’t alone in feeling that your family was different.  The fact is, there is no such thing as the perfect family unit.  There is baggage, emotional pain, sibling rivalry and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I made the mistake of believing the enemy’s lie:  that I was somehow less than, not deserving of a loving foundation, and the more I leaned on my family for validation?  Well, the more I realized that they weren’t loving on me the way that I was loving on them.


At some point in our adulthood we need to grow and nurture our relationship with our Creator, as individual beings, with purpose driven lives.  Find out who you really are/want/cherish/believe as an independent agent-free of the burden to be anyone but who you truly are.

No matter what your family thinks you should be.


Ringing The Bell

Now that I finally have the time to sit and write what has been on my head and heart?  I find myself at a loss for words.  Earlier today, I felt the Holy Spirit tug at my heart.  After convincing myself that a few of the YouTube channels I frequent had to go?  I had to admit, the honing of my discernment is pleasing to my soul.  What people just don’t understand?  We are told by God (it’s in the bible, in many a scripture) to be seekers of the truth.

The truth.

Again, it would be swell if WordPress could make my inserts just a TAD smaller.

Okay, zoom this picture as high as you can without distortion.  The person in the very back, with the watch?  That is John F. Kennedy, Jr. himself.  He is alive.  It isn’t a conspiracy theory gone wild, it isn’t a lie, and it isn’t fake news.

JFK, Jr. walks amongst the living.  He has two children, a daughter and a son.  He is the master of disguise, having learned makeup in the Drama department of an Ivy League School.  He shows up in the strangest places, and I laugh each and every time I miss the clue, and then it’s obvious when someone points it out.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. will be running for Vice President in the coming election.  I’d bet good money on this, and the only question is when.  When will he show his gorgeous mug?

There is a battle, a Spiritual battle that is being fought on the frontlines of the Donald J. Trump administration.  Pedophiles and human traffickers are being arrested in droves, more than at any time in presidential history.  That makes sense, as the last four presidents were needy baby, greedy babies.  Demons, if you will.  They sent our men and women to wars that had no reasoning, simply for profit.  They were in the penthouse suites, toasting with the Dom, cheering each other on.

“We fooled ’em again!  We took their kids, their livings, their hope!  Hail satan!!!”

That’s right.  Can you smell what I am stepping in?


But God had more He wanted to show me.  I see how many people are falling for the change in narrative, the subtle whispering that Trump is not winning, that he is to blame for the last two mass shootings (Cabal initiated) or that anything but good things are happening.

There is no room for fear, God anointed Trump for this very time in biblical history.

The epic era in which one third of this world will be eradicated from planet earth.

All evil will come to light.

And then I did my Bible dip and came upon my favorite book, 2 Corinthians.

Finally, brethren, farewell.  Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.

Greet one another will an holy kiss.  All the saints salute you!

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you.

Be still, and know that He is God.

Trading Places

If I could, I’d make a deal with God, so we could trade places.                                                                                                                            -Kate Bush

I just now picked up on the irony.  The thumbnail on this video is a girl with butterfly wings.  MK Ultra and the butterflies-God never ceases to surprise me.  And it was in utter shock that I heard myself unravel earlier today, on the phone with my friend Kat.

My heart was breaking in half for the people who will have their world turned upside down in a matter of days.  My husband, my beloved tribe, and others I cannot claim to be my own.  How will it go over?  Will there be panic?  Will there be martial law?  Will my family be okay?  When will the healing begin…blah, blah, blah.  Where was my faith?  I truly lost my shit, and that hasn’t happened in a great while.

Every word she spoke was a panacea to my soul.  I went from weeping to breathless laughter in a matter of moments.

Wait until they find out about the royals.  Wait until they see their lizard tongues, then our husbands will believe us!”

Good times.

This is a shout out to those of you in my intimate circle, my brothers and sisters in Christ, what little is left of my family-if I could trade places with you, I would.  I take zero pleasure in awakening before you were to do so, believe me.  This isn’t about me, it isn’t about you.  It’s about the children, the charades, the evil on mind blowing levels.  Everything dark and hidden will be brought out into the Light.  And by the Light I don’t mean the New Age, ascended master version-I mean the risen Christ in all His glory.  He is about to eradicate all evil from this planet.

It’s about good versus evil, as simple as that.

You will hear bad, very bad things about the so called “elite” of this world.  Household names, famous names.  There will be so much news, coming at once.  Even though I thought I joined the Christian QAnon truther community for this very reason-an awakened world on the same spiritual plane, moving together as one?  I am not relishing the coming weeks and months of disclosure.  People will be thrown into the abyss of unbelief, for sure.

Hold onto the people you love and hold tightly.

There is absolutely nothing to panic about, God has this.

Donald J. Trump and his QAnon team have planned this for twenty years.

Trust God, trust POTUS, trust Barr.

The very best is yet to come-at least for some of us.



Sweet You Rock and Sweet You Roll

The Dave Matthews band-last concert I attended and for good reason.  Santana was due to open and they didn’t, I lost our tickets and I caused a near riot with the traffic control.  It wasn’t until my husband screamed “COPS!!!” that I calmed my indignant ass down, and got back in the truck.

You have been with me through my journey to the other side of despair-and I want to give you my humbled thanks and in return, the love you have shown to me.  God asked me to do a 180 on my life.  He asked me to be my authentic self, speak my mind and be bold in my approach to life in general.  I shed every friend, some family and pretty much society as a whole.  I found it increasingly hard to be amongst the sleeping.  I quit exercise class.  My social life was the grocery shopping-I had become my mother.

Until very recently, I felt quite comfortable in my own, awakened cocoon.  I am so keenly grateful for all that God has blesses us with-a beautiful, Norman Rockwellesque town-complete with chapel.  Less than a mile behind us is the Middlecreek Wildlife Preserve-a panacea for the soul on speed.  

My cup overfloweth. Jesse Bocephus Happy Hoffmananoff

We have each other, Dwain is the biggest gift I have ever been gifted, and as we grow together in Christ?  Our love deepens, he is truly my bestest ever friend.  We have a century old farmhouse that finally feels like home.  I have more years here than I did in my former life in Philadelphia.  But much more than that-the isolation, the sadness and the pruning days have led me to all out rejoice for the time that is now, the time that remains to be seen.  A darkness has lifted, my soul rejoices-I feel lighter, shinier, the most hopeful gal in the room, for sure.

And I have seen the worst of the news to come, have known it for years.  God designed a life for me that enables me the time and resources to write about the greatest time in this nation’s history!  God is separating the wheat from the chaff.  The end will not be for everyone, no-but for those of us who allowed the Holy Spirit to drive us, unflinchingly towards the truth?

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.                                                                     -Colossians 4:2

Well, we are going to experience Heaven on this earth.

Evil will be eradicated.

So, a few months ago I had prayed for a true friend.  As I had walked away from every toxic relationship, my self esteem improved.  After a water baptism, the Holy Spirit felt more vivid and tangent than ever.  I grew impatient with my faults, tried harder and repented.  Hey, I sin each and every day in thought or deed, but I have a Savior who died for my sins-we all do, all we have to do is call out his name.


I asked for one true friend, He gave me so much more.  Abba always gives me more than I ask for-such a loving father is He.  I am not very good at praying for myself, as I said before, but whenever I do?  Jesus comes through in His timing and His will-but I have never gone with prayer unanswered.

I have a community of family, a support system-a tribe if you will.  I have men and women in my life who love me for me, and what more does one need?  Two of my closest friends have resurfaced in my life; we have all grown in small and grand ways-the reunions are joyful.  We know how very rare a true friend is, and because of that we appreciate each other so much more.

And so, at the end of the day, we are all facing persecution.

You simply cannot go it alone, us humans were designed to love and be loved.

It’s going to be so thrilling, so peaceful-just like Heaven on earth.

Faith and Family First-Word to the Wise

I have asked for God’s help in relating this message-and as I flipped through a few videos a few moments later?  I came across this video.  It has taken years of hard work, fighting through the muck and mire of depression and addiction; and for that God has given me an ear for what he may be trying to tell me.  It all began three years ago, when I began finding angel feathers, angels in my back yard (I have proof) and a deep understanding of His love and steadfast guidance.

I simply cannot put the feeling into words:  one of knowing, wishing I didn’t, but almost euphoric that I don’t have to find out like much of the world will-I had time to digest the Q crumbs, y’all will be hit with this all at once.  Rather than even remote cockiness, I feel a deep seated love for my family, and a deep concern for how people are going to react at the coming news.

The Holy Spirit whispers:  tell them, prepare them, pray for them.


I can’t help but remember how stoic and strong my mother was when all hell was breaking loose-fearless.  Yet God forbid she broke a nail, or a neighbor was walking toward the house:

“Steve!!!!  JoAnne Schunder is walking up the road!!!  Tell her I’m not here, I know she just wants to see what state my kitchen is in!!!”

Heavy sigh, I am just like my mother-in many, many ways.  I am not saying that I sailed though the last two and a half years carefree.  Quite the contrary-when we went on vacation in 2017 I was convinced the world was ending.  I was a hot mess in hiking boots and may I say that I handled absolutely none of it well?  I wouldn’t have had it any other way, looking back, but I had not one soul to speak to.  My husband would cup his ears and run from the room.  I haven’t spoken to my sister or her family in two years.  My friends made it perfectly clear that I was wrong, wrong, WRONG and that everything I said was, in fact, fake news.

Okay, let me get to my points:

We never landed on the moon.  Francis Ford Copula directed the production, and if you watch the shining you can see the little boy wearing an Apollo sweater-long story, but no-we were in a rush to beat the Russians to the Mr. Moon.  I am not sure there were altruistic reasons for this production, but I am telling you the truth.

Police officers given the “insurance” file left on Anthony Weiner’s laptop both vomited and fainted after watching HRC and Huma Aberdeen raping, torturing and then drinking the adrenochrome (blood) of a small child.  To this very day there have been suicides-we are not quite sure, but most of these NYC cops are believed to have been “suicided.”  The fact that both of them are still walking this earth is a fact I can’t face-and more than a few times I have cried out to God-how?  How could this possibly be?

The Pope is a pedophile, arrested years ago and still presiding over every Catholic in America.  He is satanic, and he and others wear red shoes-made from the skin of children they have brutally tortured and murdered.

John McCain was executed after a military tribunal, as was Poppy Bush and quite possibly G.W.  Soon, there will be a station dedicated to the military tribunals at GITMO.  I have no idea if I will be able to stomach the drama, I feel as if I’ve lived this horror forever.

Much, much more will be coming out in the weeks and months ahead.  My advice is to keep your family close and your prayers continuous.  This is a biblical battle, spiritual warfare is very real.  If you are attending a place of worship that doesn’t address or believe in demons or satan?  Please, please run as if your hair is afire.  The New Age movement is the “Great Deception,” and no matter what anyone tells you-it is an abomination to God.


We are in the fight of our lives, but God is winning.

You have nothing to fear, lean on Jesus-you will need God, no matter what you think at this moment-you will need Him.

I am here to answer any questions I can, and to encourage and comfort you.  We are witnessing the systematic destruction of the Deep State globalist agenda, but we need the public to awaken.  There is strength in numbers and we are much stronger together than apart.  [THEY] want nothing more than your money, your children and your country-add to that your freedom of speech, right to a safe country and [THEIR] endgame has always been Socialism and mass depopulation.

Don’t believe me?  Look up Georgia Guide stones.


The above “models” were runaways, abductees and unaware that they were being sold as sex slaves or satanic sacrifices.  All of this has been thoroughly documented, this isn’t a game.  These abominations have been going on for hundreds of years, but we didn’t know this because MSM was busy brainwashing, or MKUltraing our psyches.  It is not your fault if you have no idea-Trump is in a full out war with the Mainstream media, and I can tell you for a fact that the likes of CNN, Fox and MSNBC are soon to be extinct.  They are an integral part of the CIA Project Mockingbird-look that up as well.

We are all here to help those who are just now learning that they have been lied to their entire lives.  The information is frightening, and you should be alarmed-you should be FURIOUS.  And when most of us have some degree of awareness, that is when the news will be taken over by the Patriots, and everything will be public knowledge.

I recommend the following YouTube channels:  The Patriot Hour; McCallister TV; SGT Report; You are Free TV and Patriot1943.  

Whether you choose to believe it or not, it’s non-negational-these are the facts.

We all need to grow up, stand up and fight for our freedoms.  This is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a new start for all of God’s people.

Those who are on the other side?



A Passionate Man, Sainted Anon

Good afternoon!  My ADD has won, I give up.  I’m done trying.  Sweet Mary, Mother of God have I had my head up my bottom!  Literally.

It has been a day, but a good one indeed.  Why, you ask?  Because the good guys, the Patriots, the White Hats-at the direction of our beloved Donald J. Trump (who has accomplished amazing and terifically brave things in the fight for our lives and country back)  There is no opinion other than that, and that isn’t being a Socialist-it is about being a pragmatist.

Google, Facebook, and soon the MSM-they will answer for the censorship and in extremely expensive ways at that.  There has just been a lawsuit filed, don’t quote me but I believe it represents all conservatives who have been silenced and shadowbanned.  Let’s face it, the past two and a half years have been debilitating.  Shunned by a society that worships the AntiChrist, simply for voting for Trump.  A hellish few years, but we are experiencing the literal TAKEDOWN of evil at its absolute worst.

There is a film, I have not watched it-I don’t want to.  I think it’s illegal to do so, but I am not sure.  This snuff film caused grown men to cry, vomit and seek therapy.  No one is going to sue me for saying this, they are the facts:  Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedein raped, tortured and then consumed a child.  For Adrenochrome.  FACT.

As Juan (or, as some including myself believe-JFK, Jr.) would say, this country needs to “Grow The Fuck Up.”

I wanted to share this vid to show you that my information and sources are credible, and that I do a great amount of research before I come to any conclusions.

Sainted, baby, thanks for the mention!