The Witches of Kleinfeltersville…….

I can remember many Halloweens….of fun, laughter and eating myself sick.  I would actually hoard my own candy, and steal from my brother and sister.  Horrifying…this I know-but I only took Reece’s Cups, Mounds Bars, and Hershey’s bars, with almonds.  I was a very picayune thief.  I also remember the fated day that my mother caught on….

“Why do you have an entire bag of candy left when your brother and sister are finished with theirs?”

Mocking indignation, I vowed to never again GET CAUGHT…..and thus began my career of hoarding-a practice I disavowed a few years ago.  My theory?  I was the oldest child, and I was also a lousy sharer.  As the years went by, my poor husband was subject to every kind of torment-you couldn’t open a cupboard, not if you didn’t want approximately 3,456 bottles of salad dressing in your face, that is.  Recently, due to an amazing God and a fab husband, we have risen above the poverty line.  I find the more money we have, the less I want to spend.  And quite frankly, I look back fondly on the many memories of struggling…..our needs were met, due to kind friends, our church family, and lastly  but certainly not least, Abba.  Name above all names.  Insurance rebates would turn up when we thought we couldn’t meet the mortgage payment, my dear friend Dot provided three trash bags FULL of food, hiking materials and Christmas decorations last year, and I cried like a child when she left-oh how much that meant to me!

This year, you don’t have to go to the theatres to have the life force frightened out of you.  All you need to do is go on the internet, and google Hollyweird.  Troubling to say the least, and I personally think Kevin Spacey should have his balls handed to him on a silver platter.  Cloning, satanic rituals, pedophilia-you name it, they are doing it out in LA.  Mr. Spacey was my favorite actor…..until two days ago.  Not only did he admit to a horrific attempted rape of a minor, but he used this platform to come out of the closet-thereby throwing the entire LGBT community under the bus.  This pisses me off for so many reasons.  My closest friends include many from that group, and they have it hard enough-they have been unfairly connected with sexual crimes of every nature; just because of their sexual orientation.: Boy Scouts, pastors, the military-I am not judging nor condoning-I simply believe we are all sinners, and I am certain that 99.9% of this population was born this way.  They are among the most ridiculed, hated and misunderstood people on this planet.  I don’t use my blogs for political platforms, but I truly needed to get this off of my chest.

Back to the witches of Kleinfeltersville.  I have convinced myself that more than one woman in this town has practiced witchcraft at my expense.  I choose my battles, but I have more than one enemy in a town of 40, count ’em, 40 people.  Which brings me to my point:  the religious fanatics are making vlogs these days about what they presume to be the final days.  Halloween?  They say if your church has a Trunk or Treat show they are courting demons and doing it on purpose.  Christmas is a pagan holiday, as is Easter.

I am so sick and tired of these scary monsters………but I was not put here on this earth to judge.  I try to refrain from it at all costs, but let’s just say I call a spade a spade.  I’m too busy trying to watch my own sinning-by the way, and, at the moment?  Carving a jack o’ lantern to take down to the “Christians” down the road.  I hope it scares them as much as they scare me.