Cari Cari

New Music Sundays

I was upstairs, dancing in my bedroom, thinking about just how much music has meant to me-all through out my life, since my earliest memories.  It hit me over the head like an old meatloaf!  Trying to set up a day to do New Music, and it’s gone from Thursdays to Fridays and now, inevitably-Sundays.  My inability to write (for the moment) during the week precipitated this blog.

Cari Cari calls themselves a “DIY DUO”-consisting of Stephanie (vocals, drums, didgeridoo) and Alexander (guitar and vocals.)  Based in the UK, after living in Tokyo, Belgium and other parts of Europe; the song No War was used in the movie “Shameless,” which is also available as a cable television series.  The band  is internationally known, but have not toured the United States as of this writing.

It’s rainy day, thought provoking yet comforting music.  If you’re like me, there is certain music for each new day.  The mood and circumstances du jour have everything to do with what I choose.

Turns out?  It’s also Summer Day in the middle of Winter music. 🙂