Red. Rum.

The woman is this video is Linda Paris, aka Snarky McCallister. I have been watching her videos for some time now, and every word that comes out of her lovely mouth is FACT. Not FAKE NEWS, oh how I wish, but cold, hard facts. She has a resume a mile long, worked with many media outlets, and specializes in True Crime. I adore her, and I respect her mission.

Almost since the beginning of Donald J. Trump’s presidency, there has been an all out WAR on the truth. I follow QAnon, and I am widely known on Twitter as LadyLiberty…I have made friends in this arena, and many of them are vets, wounded warriors, or just plain PATRIOTS.

CITIZEN JOURNALISM We write the real news, and try not to be swayed by popular thinking, propaganda or what the Mockingbird Media would suggest you believe. As a victim of PTSD, I find it unthinkable to be snuck up on, in any way, fashion or form. God has led me on a wild ride, this life of mine: oh, such freedom I find in Christ. My discernment (oh, back in the day I could be swayed every which way) has been taken up a notch or twenty-everything about the Deep State and DJT has been prophesized in scripture. The MSM wants you to believe their smack, and I am warning you now: do so at your own peril.

May I recommend Mark Taylor’s book and movie: The Trump Propehcies? You see, Abba doesn’t lie, he doesn’t cheat or steal. Everything happening now is happening because Satan runs this earthly realm.

Rise up, Rise up!