Jesus Messiah

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Taken in our yard in 2017, it takes my breath away every time I see this.

The aching in my tired bones,

the broken in my being,

I bled for love,

the kind where you own authenticity,

and by some strange miracle,

unlike most, they cherish

you regardless.

I fought the good fight,

and still-

searching far and wide,

my heart grieved.

On my own, apart from the

Prince of Peace,  I sank deeper

into the black hole of depression.

Times I thought the road to nowhere,

which I had mastered,

a permanent dwelling


In falling snow, on broken leaves

I moaned out loud for just a

breath of Grace, a kiss of peace,

I dared to hope, I called out to the heavens,

Jesus, I need you more than ever~

And somewhere in the whispered wind,

amid the raw of nature,

I heard you call

my name.