I Must be Hercules…

What is up with the folks who say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle?  I mean, even Moses couldn’t handle His mission without losing it, and as a matter of fact?  David deemed himself unworthy for his tasks as well.  Who handles a cancer diagnoses, the death of a child, or even the loss of a career?

Hey, you have the wrong person!!!

We cry out to God, then have the unmitigated gall to suppose that He doesn’t know what He’s doing.  That being said, the world is full of beautiful and very horrible things: the only way, truth and life is literally the only way.

I will be writing about my testimony in an upcoming blog, but for now I want to talk about what we do when our world, as we knew it, comes crushing to a bitter end.  How do we pick up the pieces?  How do we not put a bullet through our skulls, or have the faith that our persecution has a distinct beginning and end?

God will not ask you to suffer indefinitely.  

We need to know that there is always a purpose for trials, persecution.  When I think of how my life has been completely transformed (no, not saying I’m a saint) after a lifetime of abuse, despair and hopelessness?   My gratitude for the peace He has given me knows no bounds.  I mean, I went my entire life without a diagnoses of autism, which looking back?  I still catch my breath when I realize that not one single adult, teacher, doctor or family member caught this?  I grieve for the child and young adult who struggled so badly she turned to drug and drink.   Like my brother says, mom and dad were in the midst of their own struggles, their personal demons.  But how, you ask, how in tarnation can a child grow to become a woman and then some without the skills necessary for a healthy and productive life?

The answer will always be Jesus, no matter the question.


As we drove to church this morning, I thought of my first day of kindergarten.  My golden retriever, Chipper, was so distraught that after she and mom dropped me off?  She ran back to the school and jumped through the screen window-  this happened twice, and after that she was no longer allowed to accompany us.

To my surprise, a tear dropped down my cheek to my chin, from my chin to my poncho.  I believe that Chipper knew full well that her human had some disabilities.  I also believe God sent her for that very reason, to love and nourish and protect.  She was the love of my life, and it is no surprise that her little brother lay at my feet, Jesse Bocephus Happy Hoffmananoff.  His love and devotion to me is not unlike his predecessors, but Jesse is special in a way that defies explanation; and he has been loyal and true and beloved, during the hardest six years of my life.

I slowly succumb to the nurturing only Jesus can orchestrate, my sweetest boy at my side.

I marvel at what my beloved Jesus has brought me through-yet I know that this newest storm will not be the last.  As followers of Christ we will know the pain and isolation Jesus knew at the foot of the cross.

There is a beginning and an end, the pain does not endureth forever.   If we pick up our cross with the foreknowledge that we have the Holy Spirit in the stead of Jesus, and what the power behind that truly is?

We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.

After church I did some researching and finally reached out to a complete stranger on Twitter-I know I was led to him, because he gave me answers to questions that have plagued me for the last few years.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. is dead.

Dwain finds me in the kitchen, regrieving Junior’s death, and beating myself up for my lack of discernment when Jesus whispers-you had hope, there is nothing wrong with hope.

The stranger tells me I should take a break, leave the truther community for a bit.  I am pondering this when my husband runs into the house.

You are NOT going to believe this!!!!

It is 42 degrees here in Pennsylvania.  My husband had given me a set of dragonfly and lights, of the solar variety.  I keep it outside during the day to charge, then bring it inside for the light show at night-red, blue, violet, yellow, red, blue…so surreal.

“Look honey,” my husband says.  “I was getting your light out of the garden and look what flew out of the ground!”

With that said he released the most beautiful red dragonfly.

This is how it has been for years-His presence made visible through the eyes of a child.

The Hurdy Gurdy Man

A little birdy told me that this song was written about MK Ultra. Thanks LP.

I have had it. Literally as done as done could be. Triggered by the information coming at me from every angle-but now is not the time to look away. Now is the time to fight evil, with every ounce of my being I deplore these vipers. I want justice and if my discernment is worth a hill of beans? I know it will be delivered by an extremely angry God.

I have nothing left to give, not even to my beloved fur babies. I have reached my quota of ignorant, selfish and deceitful people. Chances are? If you come at me with mocking, hatred or even stupidity?

I will END you.

The truth is reaching critical levels. The repugnant MSM is causing hysteria, the kind that you’d expect at the end of tribulation-not to be confused with the panic one sees in empty toilet paper and hand sanitizer aisles. That’s right-we have no bread on our shelves and they are charging $24 for a regular bag of cat food. The walking Zombies of the Apocalypse of me-me-me are out and about, wearing masks, thinking only of themselves. Wait until they learn the truth.

Awhile back, while on the 8kun channel, I saw a post by Q intimating that 99% of the world would be hospitalized if they knew the truth: only now do I believe it. These people are sick, and they want a way out of taking any responsibility nor ridicule for their crimes against humanity.Who am I kidding, right? I believe that anger is fear unleashed, and while God has taken the spirit of fear away, my anxiety is through the roof. Do you know what it’s like to be this angry, this wounded? I pray not.

You see, my heart bleeds daily-for the underdog, the abused, the bullied. For some time I thought it a sin to be angry or even miffed; I allowed people to perceive my kindness as weakness and I pushed it down, you know-love your enemies.

Spiritual warfare calls for intensity, and pushing down rage is akin to pushing down grief-it will come back up and kill you in the process. Nope, not this girl. I can finally take comfort in the notion that my enemies will be given the full wrath of God. I can no longer afford the pity-or the idiot compassion.

I wrote the following blog last evening, but the “powers that be” shut down my computer, and I didn’t have the strength to fight back.

Now, all bets are off. Just three years ago my life lay in ruins. No family. No friends. I had just relapsed, over the gaslighting dished out by the most evil woman I know. Yet miraculously, I had Jesus and it is because of my beloved Lord and Savior that I survived that period in time. What doesn’t kill you does indeed make you stronger-mess with me and you’ll get burned and badly at that. Fair warning.

The upcoming days will be revealing, revolting and yes, retribution is at hand. To those of you who wish to do harm or delight in the terror and chaos they knowingly create? I have news: the end won’t be for everyone.

Jesus is Coming, Jesus is COMING!”, I found myself screaming at the stranger beside me at the gas pumps at Walmart. He nodded his head, smiled and ran like Pistorius towards the market. I jumped in my jeep.

WHAT. THE. FUCK. JUST. HAPPENED?, read the thought cloud above me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I cared what he thought. As a matter of fact, for a moment I resented him for not throwing caution to the wind and raising his hands to the heavens. But that’s just me.

Earlier in the morning I had called Lynn, my closest friend, to tell her the exact same thing. As soon as she picked up the phone I yelled my delight: I am full to the brim, overflowing with joy. I feel it, I know it. He’s coming. He’s so close, I’m so happy…..

You get the drift.

I want to be comforting, but I want to be honest. You deserve nothing but the truth after the decades of lies, lawlessness and brainwashing at the hands of the people you trusted. They were playing a game, all the while amassing vast wealth and, tragically, the blood of our children.

Waking up was the most painful experience of my life and I did it alone, but I did it with Jesus. It became so harrowing at one point that I asked for mercy, as if I even broached the subject with anyone? I was silenced, rejected or treated as if I was mentally ill.

It was the fucking pits.

Tomorrow’s blog will be what I wanted today’s to be-one of hope and comfort.

Dark to a light so bright it’ll knock your mother loving socks off.

The QSpiracy Theory

After the Field McConnell debacle, dare I even write about truth?  Ah, the truth, in my opinion is that he and his wife take the money and prayers of the vulnerable, the broken.  They tug on their hearts and sense of patriotism, and faith in a way that defies humanity.

These people are evil.

My rage lies in the betrayal at a time the nation is trying to awaken the masses with the truth.  I have come across the best thing known to a wanna be detective, the Kevin Mardsen  channel on YouTube.  He has been working on revealing the true nature and motives of David Hawkins and Field McConnel.  His search led him to abeldanger.net which then led to the realization that Abel Danger has a porn hub.  Nothing to see here folks.  Meanwhile, the fat F*** from Alaska, Daniel Lee, needs a wife by the end of November.  He has abused and terrorized his last five wives, but hey, Yah told him he would have a wife by November 23rd.  Yah also told him that the “rapture” (found not once in the bible, KJV) would be in September of 2017.  So, there’s that.

So, if we put the heinous past behind us and look to life with the eyes of a child, with the help that only the Holy Spirit can give?  If we truly ask for discernment, won’t He guide us in our ways?  That statement led me down a rabbit hole of nausea and rage, as I woke up to the fact that Abel Danger was a bad operation, and when Lestat took over Field’s YouTube channel?  I knew in my gut that the “news” sites I was subscribed to were all involved in a plot to scam Americans while giving nothing to the movement to save our children.  None of these people, including Timothy Holmseth, are what they say they are.  Many are pedophiles themselves, and if that doesn’t sicken you?  I don’t know what to say.16730301_2154735361332389_8260966481023903396_n

I have been speaking to and about this subject for over a year, and I won’t stop until I feel fit to-and believe me, I have no choice.

I am here to tell you that we are going to be okay.

But first we have to look to God and face the past so at no time in history will the enemy be so powerful again.  We cannot allow this to happen again.  QAnon is not a conspiracy.  It is the plan to save the world-not just America.  To ensure our freedoms and God given rights, to bring peace and love and rejuvination.  We are here to help you, please let us.

Guard Your Heart

Nothing better than Lucinda when you’re feeling…why, I don’t know what I am feeling, exactly.  A bittersweet mix of gratitude, prayer and high anxiety, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

It is becoming obvious to me that some of us woke folks are starting to show signs of battle fatigue.  Some are losing their cool, and others (we are all in different stages of discovering the truth) are losing their religion, literally.  When you realize that the Pope is a satanic pedovore, that there is a dungeon in the Vatican, where they sacrifice children to satan-or that Hillary Rodham Clinton is actually in the exact same league?  Not only are you mustering up each and every crumb of courage in your body, but you are being traumatized-over and over again.


Until I met my friend Kat, I didn’t realize just how far removed I have been from society.   Oh, I have a handful of extremely close friends-but I can count on one finger how many of them know the truth.  And she pretends she doesn’t when her man is around, so, yes, I would say I am very much alone, but didn’t fancy myself lonely until today, on the phone with Katherine.

“I saw the picture of the child that Hillary raped and murdered, Sara.  A woman on Twitter sent it to me, and I can’t sleep.  I can’t believe I saw that picture…”

We spoke for over an hour, taking great solace in the company of another soul who sees reality for what it is, and not what they want you to think it is.  Another human who has broken through the programming we have all had aimed at us since birth.  That’s right:  they have brainwashed us via music, movies and news-nothing, and I mean nothing is as it appears to be.


What hurts us both the most?  The cold shoulders, family interventions, wide eyed stares into the abyss-each and every time we open our mouths.  She fought with her husband last night, and her family made her promise not to talk about John F. Kennedy, Jr. again.  You see, she had told her entire brood that he was going to be at the 4th of July festivities, not unlike my experience last Thanksgiving, when I announced to Dwain’s entire family that John would be in the Macy’s Day Parade.

“I’ll never make that mistake again,” I told her.  

Just moments later I realized that I had told you, my 400 followers! that John John would come out in Washington, D.C.-on the fourth of July.



Here’s the deal:  we wouldn’t risk everything in our lives, be it our family’s trust or the job we love, for some whack job’s conspiracy theory.

We know shit.

Things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but there is little we can do to spare you the pain we know so well.  God will do that.

And as much as it irritates the shit out of me?

We’ll be here when you need us.


Well folks, we’ve made it to Easter yet still we are picking our noses and wondering what will come of us. People in the grocery stores are fist fighting over toilet paper. If you’re not wearing a mask it’s grounds for outright paranoia, yet still the general public is concentrating on COVID19. And that is how the Deep State Cabal wants it to be.

The World Health Organization, the United Nations and Bill Gates have surpassed the MSM in unlikability-their numbers are off, their predictions ridiculous-and then there’s Biff’s vaccinations. Enough to make you batshit crazy and then some.

I want to live in a civilized society, yet I don’t trust the rules. I am what you would call a rebel and have never, ever liked being told what to do. The way I figure it? If I’m minding my own business and not hurting anyone in the process? Fuck. You.

A few weeks ago I was hiking in our nearby state game lands. I know all of the conservation officers as I hike there daily. I also volunteer on the 2,000 acre property, and drive a 30 year old Jeep Wrangler-let’s just say I am well known: most of them call me the Hippy Chic because they read my blog. Just prefacing the story I am about to tell you.

Three years ago I was walking amongst the dense forestry surrounding the lake. It was Summer and the views and fauna were breathtaking. As I passed a thick Holly tree, I heard the leaves rustle. I chalked it up to my angels, but then I felt the hairs go up on the back of my neck. I was walking a long log, placed over the muckiest, grossest swamp you’ve ever seen. I had done this many times, but I still took my time as the last thing I wanted was to face plant in the disgusting muck and mire.

Suddenly I felt the hairs go up on the back of my neck. I turned to see a half naked man, carrying what I thought to be a crossbow. I don’t have to be hit over the head to know when I am being stalked. I gestured to my golden and we ran; to this day I think it a miracle I didn’t fall off of the log. As I neared the boat launch I saw my angels-in the form of conservation officers doing trail checks.

Annual trail checks.

Long story short, he was caught. As I left the parking lot, my PTSD in full swing, I see the red haired man. I pulled up behind him, and mind you I didn’t know he had been caught at the time. Jesus nudged me to get the license plate, and on a straightaway-doing 90 mph-I followed him to a stop sign and retrieved his numbers.

I didn’t say the officers were smart, but they made up for it with their compassion. Hell, they made up for it by saving my life.

They caught him masturbating but allowed him to throw out the evidence. They let him go with a warning, completely forgetting to run his plates. He was never charged, but officer Graham made sure he knew they were watching him. That episode cost me months of therapy, oodles of outbursts and my husband’s last nerve. But hey, praise God for the divine intervention!

Anyway, so back to my story. My dog and I walked, blissfully unaware of the deer hunters that surrounded us. I looked up to see Officer Graham driving towards me. I didn’t much care for the look on his face.

“Michele, now you know darn well you aren’t allowed to walk here during hunting season. What in the HELL are you doing?,” he barked.

I tried to charm him, but let’s face it-I was wearing three layers of clothing and I’m pretty sure there was snot coming from my nose. My hiking outfits are other worldly, to be kind. I once had a friend refuse to walk with me if I wore “those neon purple tights.”

I plead not guilty, but Graham knew better. Like I said, they know me.

I don’t wear a mask because I know the truth. COVID19 is a parasite. The “powers that be” wanted this to be a mass depopulation exercise. China (always ready to help out, those guys) most certainly did aid and abet the deep state in not only patenting the virus? There was foul play involved, but the Trump administration turned it right back on them.

The above video is a special treat for you to share with your friends and family. Even though I am estranged by my family for telling the truth? I emailed this to my brother. This documentary was released yesterday and it’s the best breakdown of Hellywood I have seen. Liz Crokin is a former Mockingbird Media reporter -she has reported for Entertainment Tonight in the past. Years ago they put a hit on her and she went into hiding. Now she works for us, and yes she is a part of the Great Awakening.

We will pull through this, I have no doubt. Don’t feed into the negativity around you-they feed off of our fear. And don’t forget-this is the end of [them], not us.


Those who attack you.

Those who mock you.

Those who cull you.

Those who control you.

Those who label you.

Do they represent you?

Or, do they represent themselves (in some form)?

Mental Enslavement.

The Great Awakening (‘Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).

When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable.

When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.

“Free thought” is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Trust and put faith in yourself.

You are not alone and you are not in the minority.

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.



I was up all night, but sleeping all the same. I have a recurrent dream: I am driving from one end of the country to the other, in several feet of snow-I get lost, I am frightened-I can’t make it to the person on the other side. The person who needs me is there, they are counting on me, I can’t fathom letting them down. Last night, the nightmare du jour was the children laying at the bottom of Gloria Vanderbilt’s pool at Biltmore Estate.


My mission? To save the babies. I was not successful.

This is how anons around the globe are feeling right as we speak. We have been prepared, normies have not. I walk from room to room, asleep yet awake-fumbling for my weed I hit the wall. I go down on my knees, I break before Jesus. My golden retriever comes to my side. Funny, I know I wasn’t making any noise-he is an incredible comfort.

Today the force of what is truly happening around the globe hit me full in the face. My PTSD triggered by an insensitive asshat, I don’t want to be making it worse. Try as I might I just can’t leave it alone. I want to make myself suffer, because they are suffering. For the first time in a very long time I self harm.


I will not allow the ignorance of others banish me to the kingdom of Naught. I have spoken nothing but the truth since word go-the mocking and hurtful behavior will not bring me down. Not this time, because God needs me to be present, fully aware of my surroundings. There is work to be done as the hands and feet of God-once we overcome the shock and despair? That is when you’ll see change, that is when you’ll see miracles. Pray for the medical professionals on the front lines.

If you need help, please reach out-I will try to have the information and phone numbers in tomorrow’s blog. There is no shame in grief, no shame in a broken heart. We are with you.

I hereby declare a bloody war on the next person who tries to fuck with one of His children. I will cut a bitch.

If I have to, that is.

He Heard My Cry

As hard as I may try, I can’t shake the restlessness in my Spirit. Just two days ago I was telling Jesus that I thought myself incapable of crying one more tear. Not so, not so.

My heart is heavy and I don’t want to feel this way. I am a hopeful person, I run from depression at warp speed-I want nothing to do with it, and God knows this. It’s more of a deep seated sorrow. I know too much and not enough. I could no more take my eyes off of the spiritual warfare happening worldwide than I could pull out my eyelashes. This is what we have been praying for, this time. The children are indeed being rescued, and God will punish those who have as much as touched a hair on any child’s head. We must take comfort in that. We must.

I suppose reality is settling in. I’ve known this information for three years, but knowing and seeing are two different things. I am not quite sure if I can possibly prepare you for what is coming in the news-but I can steer you in the right direction. Just when I feel as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders, I look up.

Jesus comes to me and lifts me from the depths of utter despair. And for as long as I can allow myself to cling, I do. I just want to go back to sleep and awaken from this nightmare. I know you all feel the same way, and I am praying for you-prayers move mountains.

I will leave you with the knowledge that you can do ALL things through Christ who will strengthen you.

For when you are weak, only then are you strong.

Not that you asked for it, but my advice is to pray for the victims and medical professionals who are facing this crises. I have heard many are suffering from mental breakdowns and overwhelming grief. Take care of your families-treasure every moment. We shall not be moved.

All Will Be Revealed

If you’ve heard the rumors that Led Zeppelin is ‘satanic” allow me to calm your nerves – their record label was satanic, but the men themselves were not. Yes, Jimmy Page was into the occult. Yes, he did buy a haunted mansion. I don’t know the details, but after watching the band win the Nobel Peace Prize a few years back? Let’s just say that Jimmy kept smiling over at Robert Plant. The smile was not reciprocated.

When I wrote my blog last evening, I told you about the Ten Days of Darkness and how, against my better understanding, I gave into the idea after seeing so many Anons talk about the subject. I remember seeing a tweet from Praying Medic clearing up the notions.

I see Anons on the boards and Twitter speaking about the ten days of darkness and they have it all wrong. The ten days…was when Q went dark in 2018.

Praying Medic, Twitter

This is a great place to make my point that you should ALWAYS do your own research. Don’t believe a word I say until you can back up my data. I learned this lesson last evening-as it turns out? They were all wrong. I did not lol at this information this morning. I was ticked off at myself. It turns out that none of us understood until this morning what ten days of darkness meant. The next two weeks will be painful, yes, but for the Cabal, not us. That was my gut, but when John F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted a picture of the white house with the caption-“looks Dark” I incorrectly correlated that with confirmation. He was confirming what the president said while addressing the nation last evening, that the next two weeks would be PAINful. Frankly? I wish I could watch them cower.

And speaking of cowering, how will the narcissists of the world cope with the biblical times we are in? Well, there is so much material about this in the bible. I know in my case I go back and forth between having compassion and wanting nothing but my comeuppance. The pain that we targeted individuals feels at the hands of these psychopaths’ toxicity is a worldwide epidemic. In my opinion they have two choices-turn to Jesus and repent by telling the families and friends they ripped out of your lives the truth. Or suck it up buttercups, ’cause baby the wrath of God is coming down upon your perfect heads.

I was honestly looking forward to the break, but then again?

It would have been pure torture not to be able to write to my people, my tribe. I want to give my heartfelt gratitude to the precious souls who read my work-love to you all around the globe.

Your devotion means everything to me. 🙂 I’m out~

Ten Days of Darkness

Oh my dear Snarky McAllister-how will I make it through the day without your wit?

Well, the Zombie Apocalypse is here folks. It will never be what [they] wanted-to create deadly bio-warfare via Covid19-but Trump turned it around on them, and the rats are running, every which way.

I wish I could tell you differently, as I have been in denial for days-hoping against hope that Ten Days of Darkness meant anything but the internet shutting down for ten days. Vincent Kennedy confirmed my worst fears today-and now I am relaying the news.

Once I get over the shock, I start thinking about the amazing opportunity we now have to get back to God, back to the things that matter. I can actually read a book, get into my gardening-even get closer to the man of my dreams. The possibilities are endless, and I need a serious break from the grim reality that is my research.

I have realized that my job here is not to awaken you; that realization came after seeing an anon speak on the matter. Those of us who know, who have known? We were chosen for a reason. We can handle the truth, but the fact is that we will be looking at hundreds of thousands of psychiatric and medical emergencies due to the nature of the news. When Trump speaks about all of the hospitals being built, the medical equipment coming in-he is speaking the truth. Throughout the country thousands of trained professionals will be facing unprecedented panic: they will need us when this is over.

There will be survivors of SRA and satanic cults-not to mention the children we have rescued from the deep underground military bunkers-many of them found in cages. This is it-and we as a nation have a choice in the matter. We can sulk and hide, throw the blankets over our heads? Or we can pray for all of the addicts, victims and children who will be facing a deprogramming from MK Ultra.

We can be the hands and feet of our spectacular Lord and Savior. We will live to see the glory of the risen Christ-at least that is my fervent prayer.

So, I was thinking about the word Glory. And as it so often happens to a Hippy Chic like myself-it reminded me of some pretty awesome music.

See you on the other side. 🙂

Rising he justified, freely forever-one day He’s coming. Oh Glorious Day.
Drinking and drugging won’t help. You are needed, please stay straight. 🙂

The Cabal Fall Down

Folks, I want to preface this blog by asking that you do your own research. I am seeing so many vloggers, bloggers and Twatters-some that I have followed for years-put out faulty and even dangerous information as of late. It angers me beyond the point of reason-many of these so called Patriots are raking it in-and they’ll do anything to get you to notice them; including clickbait, which I find absolutely deplorable.

Speaking of Deplorables-Trump has ended the mainstream media. Rachel Madcow crying, on live television, was worth the wait. The very same asshats who screamed ORANGE MAN BAD are the ones who have something to hide-and trust me, it ain’t good.

It is my staunch opinion that these are the end of days under the festering, murderous regime of literal vampires who stalk their prey right out in the open, as if they are untouchable. Believe me when I say their days are numbered. Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, Courtney Cox and even Julia Louise Dreyfus-you can see them on Twitter, disheveled and withdrawing from Adrenochrome. Harrowing I know, but let’s look at this from a sane perspective.

I am not trying to frighten you, that is the last thing I want to do. Fear is a liar, and it will get you nowhere fast. The best thing you can do right now is have faith that we are in a biblical time in which God is wiping evil off of the face of the earth. You are safe in your homes. God is using this to turn his children to Christ. The Plan (qmap.pub) has been in place for years. Trust Donald J. Trump, trust the military. They will not let us down, this I know for sure.

So what can you do? I am getting my house in order, literally. Cleaning and organizing gives you a sense of control-desperately needed in times such as these. Check in on your elderly neighbors and family, reassure them with the knowledge you have gained-ask of their needs, and play nice with others. I have seen some ugly things over the past week, and although I put myself in the middle of more than an argument or two? I am now focusing on loving the crud out of people who appear to be unlovable. The general population (especially the normies) are frightened. Fear is often hidden by anger-you know how you felt when you first woke up-lost at sea. Find a way to love and comfort those around you.

Americans are overworked, overscheduled and exhausted. Here are a few ideas to help you keep hope alive.

  • Play outdoors. Not only will this give you a much needed break from stress, the oxygen the trees and fauna give off are rejuvenating.
  • Break the rules-eat that donut, take an extra piece of pie-go for the shot of tequila. Not every day but some days. A little self indulgence is liberating.
  • Journal-you’re living in the most amazing time in the history of the world-next to Jesus’ overcoming the grave. Beautiful things are happening all around us-perhaps a gratitude journal? It helps us to see just how well God has provided for us.
  • Reignite your sense of humor-playful people have more resilience.
  • Do nothing. We are not meant for unrelenting stressors. The very act of doing nothing is important.
  • Activate your vagus nerve-the key to calming down. The vagus is the longest of the 12 nerve fibers emanating from the brain. A cheap way to do this is by cold-water face immersion. This reduces your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Take a hike! Pay attention to God’s creation wherever you are-refigure your relationship to everything around you.
  • Learn a new skill. Always wanted to learn a new language? Paint? Each time we acquire a new skill we strengthen our brains.
  • Get more sleep! According to a new Gallup pole, 40% of Americans report getting less than the recommended 7 hours per night. You may just see a dramatic difference in your physical abilities in three to four years.
  • Emotionally connect with family and friends. Mood follows action. Call an old comrade, send a cheery note to your great Aunt Jane-you get the drift.
  • Get your hands dirty. Exposure to biodiverse soil is good for your microbiome-scientists correlate this with improved mood and sleep.
  • Ask your physician about CBD oil for anxiety. Be wary if a product claims to cure anything-you may be eligible for a prescription for medical marijuana if you have one of several medical conditions. I was diagnosed with CPTSD-there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to wax profane on its ability to help me cope.
  • Focus on one thing, one day at a time. Multitasking is a myth-it simply doesn’t work.
  • Want to relax? Learn how to knit. There are many websites devoted to teaching skills we never had the time to learn before.
  • Try Tai Chi-again, a marvelous way to center yourself.
  • Plan a dream vacation. You may not be able to book it, but the dream of better days ahead is a panacea to the soul.

And last but never least-pray. Read the Psalms, the New Testament, any scripture you find brings you solace.

Read Psalm 91-not only my favorite, but a Psalm for miracles-

For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.