Michele is my name and ending animal cruelty is my game.  Of course I can’t do this on my own, but I can certainly do my part.  For years I have had my heart ripped out seeing the horrible torture and shrinking population of my favorite animal:  The Elephante.   I am a member of PETA (okay, hunters, calm down-the last thing I want to do is stalk you in your tree stands) and the information I have accumulated is harrowing, mind blowing and depressing.

When I was a little girl, eleven to be accurate, my father gave me a necklace for performing a solo in the Christmas pageant held at Belmont Elementary.  I was forty pounds overweight at the time, and I took this extremely hard.  Was my dad telling me that I was fat?  It wasn’t until years and years later that I knew this gift as an act of pure love.  While recuperating at the local hospital-after being hit by a classic edition Harley Davidson and left in the middle of the road on a dark night, crushed bones and bruises……I flew 250 feet out of my sneakers-my husband called my family.  Dad was a mess and he drove the hour and a half to see me, immediately and without hesitation.  He brought me a ceramic elephant named “Slip.”  She had bruises too, and though she has fallen a myriad of times?  She remains with me, twenty five years later.

That explains some of my adoration of this majestic animal, not all.  I was inspired to write this blog because of a picture I saw on Twitter (James Woods) where the trophy hunters are posing by the hunted, dying elephant as they prepare to remove his tusks.

“Why is this necessary?” tweeted Mr. Woods.

And Jesus wept.