Darkness, Then Light


I didn’t like her vibe, at first.  I felt her dark energy-her body gaunt, her eyes sunken, drowning pools of pain.  She smelled of cigarettes, her clothing worn.  I asked if I could hold her hand, she wept and said yes, yes-please stay.  I sensed a chaos about her, a terror so deep and so wide, yet somehow-a will to survive.  A will to go on with things, bleak as they were.

She lost one hundred pounds in one year, when they took her off her meds-psych meds, heart meds.  They all made me fat, she says.  COPD, allergies to everything, and last night, oh sweet Jesus last night-she was awakened by a crushing on her chest.   She was up all evening, the pain got bad enough to force her to seek treatment.

She weeps, and I try, awkwardly, to hold this bag of bones.  My God have mercy on my soul, I did so pity her.  The health and emotional issues she had been suffering through, she was wholeheartedly a New Ager.  A Reiki Master.  A Quantum healer; the list went on and on. I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to teach her the truth.  The one and only truth.  I let her play a video on my phone-it detailed the demonic entities that can and do emerge in the sessions, and around the Reiki Master.  She handed my phone back to me, not commenting on this.

The demons surface.  Anger in her eyes, hostility in her voice:

I refuse to worship Jesus!  He is not GOD, he was a human…..,” the demon raged. 

I crept out of the scene, the whole situation.  I felt such pity knowing that in my gut I knew that she had manifested demons into her life.  I saw it, felt it for my very own eyes.

I beat myself up for not preaching the Holy trinity to her.  She was clearly not hearing me, at all.  And I have to be careful……..not to offend, or harm in any way.

The darkness shook me, and then I am home, in the shower, feeling His presence.  I got busy with Jesus for awhile.

Then came light~