The People Have the Power

My entire focus has changed.  Not even a week ago I lay in the fetal position, doomed to the land of the unheard, the voiceless.

As I always say, first the LESSON, then the BLESSING.

I never cared how many followers I had-some people strive for thousands, but  as for me, I am much happier in life and on social media if keep my circle small.

God has put a new dream in my sites, and that is to bring people together.  This has virtually nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with freedom from government and bringing the masses out of the forced slavery of rhetoric, psy-ops and propaganda.

The truth, as always, will set you free.


What we are experiencing at this very moment has been prophesized in the bible.  The part that speaks about “everything dark and hidden being brought out into the light.”  What if we were to look at the book of  Revelations again through different goggles?  What if the second coming of Jesus is right around the corner, and the separation of the wheat and chaff were done in ways we don’t understand or even comprehend?

I am not suggesting that you put away the bible, on the contrary!  I am asking that you consider the present to be the Tribulation, and that Jesus is real and very present.  Could it possibly be that He is already here, and that the evil in this world is not only being exposed, but the evildoers are being eradicated?


Something to think about as we face the dramatic rectifying of good against evil.

We need one another in this spiritual battle.  Pink hats and camouflage must put down their arsenals and stop the wretched hate.  We are so much stronger together, and like it or not, it’s time to set ourselves free of the Illuminati brainwashing.  We need to return to one another, arms open, hearts afire.