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when it’s time kneeling, bowed head nothing uttered all felt … describing life and its merry dance of thieves and joys pockets picked, cheeks pinched the rosy after-glow of loss and gain … shaken out blankets beneath trees mystery of indentations past and present who lay watching nests built careful and with slow deliberation … […]

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HippyChic here.  I had to share her talent, and it is my hope you take as much joy as I do from the magic of her prose.


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This is a reblog from my one of my favorite bloggers.  I am sharing it in hopes that it will touch just one little girl, one mother, one hospital patient.  At seventeen, I was almost hospitalized as I weighed 73 pounds-and that was with hockey pucks stuffed in my socks, underneath heavy sweatpants.

I am hopeful, and keep the faith I have in God that one day I will eat more than one meal a day.  I also pray that we (those with severe eating disorders) can one day look at ourselves in the mirror and see strength, beauty, wholeness.

I will treasure this writing, frame it and place it right next to my floor length mirror~